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Yesterday, I was happy sad.  My baby girl Bunty turned 6 months.  It was her “half-birthday”.  I spent the day singing an improvised “Happy Half-Birthday Song” to her and filmed a video of her so she can watch it in the future.  I thought about baking her a wee cake…but that’s all I did – I just THOUGHT it.  Yep, it’s the thought that counts right?  And then in the evening, I had a beauty blog event to attend so she had a Daddy Daughter Dinner Date.

Anyway, I thought it would be a great time to reflect and share about 10 things I have learnt in the first 6 months of motherhood :-

[ WARNING :  There are elements of TMI ]

1.  Giving birth was traumatic but it is true what they say – it is worth it in the end!  Must remind myself this when I have my “internal” physio appointment next week. What happens you ask? Umm…she makes me do pelvic floor exercises while she sticks her finger up “there” for a good solid 20 minute session!

2.  Nipple pain. It exists and it really effing hurts!  And wow, nipples can really be streeeetched!!

3.  It really is true love!  No, I’m not talking about the natural mother baby bonding kinda love yada yada…  But it’s the “true love” from my Husband.  My hair is a mess, I may or may not have brushed my teeth in the morning, my boobs stink of breastmilk, my heavily stretch-marked belly is hanging out and still, whenever he can, he will come over for a kiss, cuddle and he will want even more…if ya know what I mean!  Okay, okay…it sounds like I am referring to the male thing that they all suffer from –> “I’m horny!” <— but I prefer to think of it as “true love” so don’t burst my bubble!

4.  I have finally perfected the fake smile.  “Oh yes, I love changing dirty exploding nappies!”  Flash that fake smile!  “Oh, your baby could walk AND talk by the time they turned 6 months?!”  Flash that fake smile…and then discreetly roll your eyes!

5.  Be afraid of baby fingernails!  At first, I was scared of cutting those teeny weeny cutesy nails…but now, I cut them and a few hours later, they have grown already into little claws which should be classified as Weapons of Mum Destruction!

6.  Suddenly, mummy blogs (and forums) are interesting to read!  If I have offended any mummy bloggers, I am genuinely sorry…but back then, I could not relate.  And now, I can’t get enough…to the point where I have started writing mummy blog posts too.

7.  We have joined the non-existent Pram Awareness Society.  The Husband and I play “Name That Pram” and we get really excited (like wetting-my-pants-excited!) when we see someone with the same pram as us. We have an Uppababy Alta and it is an awesome pram btw!  But..ahem…I don’t even know how to assemble / disassemble it yet!

8.  My typing and reading speed has increased tenfold!  I will Google the sh!t out of Google whenever Bunty displays any signs and symptoms of being ill.  Yes, I am a paranoid parent!

9.  Paparazzi should be renamed as “Mama”-razzi because I have turned into a crazy photo-taking momma!  Not only that, but I insist on being another one of those mothers who flood social media networks with photos of their child.  If it’s not photos, it’s never-ending tweets / status updates!  I also answer to MUM-ZILLA!

10.  Call me Bruno Mama Mars!  I would definitely catch a grenade for Bunty.  Sorry Hubby, you weren’t even close! 😛

Of course, there are plenty of other things that motherhood has taught me which I haven’t listed in this post…but that’s because there is NO TIME!!!

Bonus Extra – 11.  Time becomes truly precious!    Free “me” time is limited.  And when I do have free time, I still spend it doing baby-related things!  Also, I wish that time would slow down because she is growing up so fast!

Happy 6 months Bunty!  Our life is so much better now that you’re in our world.  I can’t enough of your cute baby fat rolls, cute baby giggles and cute everything.  Love you xxx

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    • @Raylene Barton, We are so blessed to have our wee darlings aren’t we? And thanks for the heads up about you being a mummy blogger – I have now subscribed and can’t wait to read more about your gorgeous Ariel xxx

  1. 6 Months already! Wow, how time flies!

    Love the pic…and I have to laugh at some of these snippets! The internal physio sounds PAINFUL though, and terribly awkward!

  2. My little girl turned 10 months old yesterday and I can absolutely relate to your post! Even the first point…unfortunately! And made me remember what a pain breastfeeding is! The time goes by so quickly. Sounds like you’re enjoying every moment. x

    • @Anna, Awww, how sweet! Not long till your baby has her first birthday! And yeah, the days are long but the months are short…or something like that… Hope you are loving every moment too x

  3. You seriously don’t need to have a baby to get excited about strollers and prams XD Cause I used to work in the babies section at Toys R Us, I would take notice of every baby item I see and ask questions from the parents about how their products are working for them XD Mom got worried since I was only 20 when I started working at Toys R Us haha.

    So happy you’re enjoying motherhood and seriously cannot believe Bunty is 6mths already! I’ll start crying if the next time I see her is when she’s walking and talking… Then we’ll be chasing her everywhere D: xoxo

  4. Just came across your lovely blog! Can so relate to these, very funny! I’m blogging about life in Dubai with a newborn if you fancy a read

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