The countdown is on!  There are now 3 weeks till Mother’s Day in Australia so you better get your skates on if you are planning to surprise your mama (or the mother of your child(ren)) with a gift or two.

Or maybe you need these gift ideas to drop BIG HINTS to your loved ones.

mother's day gift ideas 2015

Here are 15 gift ideas to help you out :-

Medik8 Skinrolla Kit*

This is a skin needling device with medical grade titanium and stainless steel needles.  Its main use is to allow for better penetration of active ingredients in skincare { I can feel it working for sure! } which in turn helps improve the appearance of stretch marks, wrinkles and blemish scars.  And if you’re wondering, no, it is not painful at all.  I’m a wuss but this did not hurt at all.

Sticky9 Photo Magnets

Create magnets with your mama’s favourite photos.  They come in a set of 9 and are great to stick on your fridge.  There are also other personalised goodies like phone cases, etc.

Get 15% off Sticky9 using my code : FRIENDZS74 and buy here.

ghd opal v styler

ghd V opal styler*

This is a stunning limited edition ghd hair straightener.  ghd stands for ‘good hair day’ and I believe every woman deserves that!  It doesn’t just straighten but it also smoothes out frizzy hair and you can use it to create waves too.  What I love most about it is that it comes with a protective plate guard!  I’ve gone through 3 ghd’s since 2004 and none of them had that!  LOVE IT!

Prepera iPrep Tablet Stand

Props up your iPad { or whatever tablet you use } horizontally or vertically to make it easier to follow cooking recipes online.  It’s fantastic because before I got this, I used to get my iPad Mini dirty from all my baking ingredients flying everywhere.  It also makes it easy to watch YouTube whilst I’m cooking a big pot of stew.


Everyday Rainbow Umbrella*

My lovely blogger friend Kerri also sells a range of umbrellas at Everyday Umbrella – they are trendy, chic and the Cow one is soooo cute!  I love this Rainbow one because even if it is raining outside, at least I don’t feel so miserable with this colourful umbrella!


luxcurly review, luxcurly curling iron, self-rotating curling iron

Luxcurly Lux Classic*

I’ve previously reviewed this self-rotating curling iron before and I think it’s a great gift for those who cannot use a hair straightener to curl their hair.


Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals Cookbook

I LOVE Jamie Oliver { no I don’t fancy him } and I love his down-to-earth approach to homecooked food.  This is a fantastic gift for mums who are time poor but still have to cook.


Estee Lauder Beautiful Perfume*

Perfume is pretty difficult to buy for someone because you don’t know their taste.  I chose to share Estee Lauder Beautiful because it’s a classic, feminine scent and I love the name of it too.  All mamas are indeed beautiful!


L’Occitane Immortelle 28 Day Divine Renewal Program*

L’Occitane promises ‘divine renewal’ in 28 days and from the raving reviews I have read online, it totally delivers!  I have yet to try it myself as I am in the process of a few skincare trials { #beautybloggerproblems } but I’ll be onto it within the next couple of weeks as I am attending a wedding in Sydney next month so I want my skin to be glowing!

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

Now that Urban Decay is sold in Australia, all the products are on my wishlist!  Their makeup range is vast and has colours that are suitable for neutral everyday looks to wild in-yer-face shades.


Ecoya Candles

Gotta love a good candle to relax and unwind at the end of a long day.  Now that the temperatures have plunged at night, I’ve been going through my candle stash and I almost can’t bear to light up this beautiful Ecoya trio kindly gifted to me by my amazing girlfriend Minda.  Thank you dearie!  Shall light one tonight.

bhave smoothe, bhave smoothe keratin treatment, bhave smooth, bhave smooth plus,

bhave Smoothe Keratin Treatment*

Avid readers will remember that I blogged about having a bhave smoothe keratin treatment earlier this year.  Basically, I could wash my hair and go without having to straighten it.  It was THAT good.  Unfortunately, it’s not a permanent smoothing treatment so I’m back to my frizzy poofy hair again.  It’s perfect for those mamas who are extremely time poor, can’t be bothered with using hair straighteners anymore and deserve a hair treat.


Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Getting Started Kit*

Remember last year on Mother’s Day when I was a mama to a newborn and didn’t want any materialistic gifts?  Well, this would have been a fabulous gift, not for the mama, but for the newborn bubba.  It’s also a good gift idea for pregnant first-time-mamas-to-be on Mother’s Day as it’s an exciting time.

Netflix Subscription

Not pictured, duh.  But yeah, this would be a great gift for all the mothers who love to binge watch tv shows.  I know I do, haha!  And not only that, it benefits the entire family too so it’s a win-win!

Just A Little Something

So my Mama has never wanted materialistic gifts from us { there are 7 of us! }.  Even now, she is just happy receiving a handmade card or a store bought card with a lovely written messages wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day because that is my Mama – she treasures those things more than materialistic things.

So yeah, maybe your mama is like my mama and never wants anything materialistic but it’s good to acknowledge them on Mother’s Day.  Maybe you can make her breakfast, take her out for a meal or just give her a big cuddle.  Just a little something to make this day a little bit more special than usual.

As for me, it’s my second Mother’s Day with Bunty and this year, I WANT EVERYTHING!!!  Haha, just kidding.  I would like a big Bunty kiss, thank you very much.

If you have any more gift ideas you would like to add to the list, please feel free to do so in the comments section below 🙂
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  1. My mum is very similar to your mum. There’s not that she doesn’t want that she can’t buy herself. So in the more recent years for mothers day and her birthday we’ve given her experiences rather material things. E.g gold class experiences, cooking classes, theatre and degustation at a nice restaurant.

    • Experiences are lovely gift ideas! Even better if you get to spend time with them doing the experience too 🙂

  2. I have only just found this blog – I particularly like the Ecoya candles and the Netflix subscription idea!

    My Gifts4Good blog has gift ideas you can buy for mum and give to charity for free at the same time.

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