After being a beauty blogger for months and subjecting to everyone of my daily postings, I can thoroughly say it has been a fantastic experience.  Before I ventured into it, I debated for months on end if I could take on this role…simply because I had formed some weird preconceptions about what attributes one must have to become a beauty blogger!

Here is what I thought was the unspoken Beauty Blogger Commandments :-

1.  Thou shalt wear make-up every day and applyeth it with professional skills
2.  Thou shalt knoweth everything about skincare ingredients
3.  Thou shalt never be seen in publiceth with chipped nail polish
4.  Thou shalt moisturise thine entire body from head to toe
5.  Thou shalt carry a make-up bag with hand cream in your handbag
6.  Thou shalt carry hand sanitiser because thou is a germophobe
7.  Thou shalt washeth make-up brushes every time after using
8.  Thou shalt chuck out mascara every 3 months
9.  Thou shalt never applyeth make-up testers onto thine face
10.  Thou shalt be able to recommendeth a beauty product at all times
11.  Thou shalt never have a bad hair day
12.  Thou shalt always wear sunscreen and reapply every 2 hours
13.  Thou shalt never have lipstick on your teeth
14.  Thou shalt do face / hair / eye masks  every week
15.  Thou shalt know the release dates of all make-up collections
16.  Thou shalt not have hair anywhere else except head, brows and lashes

And guess what  It’s NOT TRUE!!!  There are certain etiquette to follow with the act of beauty blogging…but as for being a beauty blogger, anyone can do it as long as they have a passion or desire to do so.

I’m not saying that my beauty blogger friends don’t follow some or all of the above commandments.  Gosh, they’re perfect!

But I’m NOT!!!  HAHAHA!!!  I follow none of the 16 Commandments listed!  But you knew that already!  I actually took a day off yesterday from doing any beauty blogging and turned to my camera and did some vlogging…  Forget beauty blogging, I think I should immerse into the Weather Reporting World!

I can imagine the headlines…”A Beauty Blogger has taken the Weather Reporting World by Storm!”  Okay…such a failed attempt at being funny with my pun!!  Anyway, have fun watching the video of me being a doofus…and think about subscribing to my channel…and if you do, just remember, that qualifies as one entry into my Urban Decay Giveaway!  YAY!


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