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Must-Have But Under-Used Handbags

I am sure that there are many women out there who feel the same about what I am going to share.  Picture this scene :

You are out shopping when you see the most gorgeous handbag ever.  You admire it from afar and slowly, walk towards it.  You gently caress the material and your fingers are in lust.  You pick up the handbag and go to the nearest mirror and your reflection shows it all.  You MUST HAVE that handbag, regardless of the price.  You pay for it and there is no guilt because it is a MUST HAVE.  You go home and pack it away.  Often, you look at it and admire its beauty.  But for some bizarre reason, you never find a good opportunity to use it.  Yes, dear readers, this may be a Must-Have Handbag, but it is severely under-used!

Please allow me to introduce one of my Must-Have But Under-Used Handbags.

handbags, white, studs, fresh-out-the-bag

This is a lovely handbag I bought when I was in Venice in 2007.  It caught my eye immediately.  It is white with a creamy leather strap and sprinkled with studs.

handbags, studs, white, lock-and-key, leather
Back then, there were not many handbags with the lock and key feature so I think that’s what made it special for me.  I don’t remember how much it cost but I do remember that it burnt a little hole in my purse.

The colour easily goes with many of my outfits.  It is of a good size.  When I look at it, I still think it looks beautiful.  Yet, I have used it for only a few occasions.  I don’t understand why because I feel that it can look good with casual wear and evening wear.  Sigh.

handbags, expensive, studs, white leather

What is your Must-Have But Under-Used Handbag?

Shu Uemura UV Under Base

Every make-up addict knows that the key to long-lasting foundation is a good make-up base.  I used to be clueless about this and did not understand why foundation would peel off like dry skin!!  Anyway, I absolutely loved my Shu Uemura Under Base Cream, but when it ran out, I decided to try Shu Uemura UV Under Base

Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse, Shu Uemura UV Base Mousse
Product Description (in my own words)

Make-up primer in mousse formulation with SPF 17

Shu Uemura Mousse
My Opinions

  • I like the idea of having SPF in my make-up base
  • The mousse formulation is fun!  I like ‘scooshing’ it out of the aerosol can
  • The mousse is lightweight and froths away and absorbs easily into skin
  • Make-up glides on easily afterwards and has staying power
  • However, I feel that my cheeks look oily in photos (whereas, when I used Shu’s Under Base Cream, this did not happen)
  • A satisfactory 8 out of 10 (but for the Under Base Cream, I give it 10 out of 10)

I normally buy Shu Uemura products when I am in Hong Kong.  There is a new Shu Uemura UV Under Base with SPF 30 and also, it is available in fluid form too.  Well, I will be going to Malaysia at the end of the year so I will be doing a lot of shopping then, methinks!

Shu Uemura Base, Shu Uemura UV Base Mousse

In conclusion :  Shu Uemura UV Under Base, you’re good, but I prefer your sister, Shu Uemura Under Base Cream.

OPI Quarter Of A Cent-Cherry

Today is a new day and I am going to write about something more cheerful.  One of my girlfriends bought me this delightful red nail polish, which was part of an OPI Anniversary Collection, hence its name – OPI Quarter Of A Cent-Cherry

OPI red polish, OPI red creme, OPI
Product Description (in my own words)

A classic cherry red colour which looks sexy

OPI red polish, OPI red swatch, OPI swatches
My Opinions

  • First of all, I just love the names of OPI nail polishes!
  • This cherry colour is beautiful with my Chinese yellowy skin tone
  • It makes me feel sexy and sophisticated when I wear this colour
  • One of the best things about this OPI nail lacquer is that one coat is sufficient
  • I have used other red nail polish from other brands, but to get a rich red colour, I would need to apply 2-3 coats
  • I believe that OPI nail lacquer is of a high professional standard because the nail polish does not chip easily and lasts long
  • The only thing which is a bit annoying is when I do remove the nail polish, the red colour leaves behind stains…but it’s probably my fault for not putting on a base coat
  • And also, why can’t nail companies make nail polish smell nicer?  Imagine if this nail polish smelt like cherries too!  YUM!
  • A highly recommended 9 out of 10

In conclusion :  OPI Quarter Of A Cent-Cherry, you are red hot!

Skin Benefits Anti Wrinkle Under Eye Gel Patches

Today is a really sad day for me.  My maternal grandmother passed away last night.  I have been crying uncontrollably for a few hours and I barely slept last night.  It is especially difficult because my family are so far away and I feel so useless being here; unable to do anything to help.  I know that this is a beauty blog so I shall refrain to divulge more information, but if you want to know more, you can read about it here.

I wasn’t sure if today would be a good day to blog here, but I just really need to do something to take my mind off this sad news.  Anyway, my eyes are feeling really tired and puffy, so I went into my box of treasures and dug out something to soothe my eyes – Skin Benefits Anti Wrinkle Under Eye Gel Patches

Skin benefits, eye gel patches, anti wrinkle

Product Description

Soothing hydrogel eye treatment patches which re-balance the skin’s natural moisture levels and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness and dark circles on the under eye area

I can’t remember when and where I bought this, but I’m glad I had something to help soothe my eyes.  I have also heard that cold teabags help too.

Anyway, I put on the patches and closed my eyes and somehow, drifted off for a wee nap.

before, during & after, eye gel patches
My Opinions

  • Extremely cooling effect
  • Felt slightly itchy when I woke up from my nap
  • Difficult to say whether there was any improvement in fine lines after one use
  • But my eyes did feel slightly less sore afterwards (but maybe because I had a nap??)
  • An above average 6.5 out of 10

In conclusion :  Skin Benefits Anti Wrinkle Under Eye Gel Patch, you’re kinda cool

Rimmel Lasting Finish Minerals Loose Powder Foundation

In June this year, the Hubby and I signed the marriage register in Melbourne and we had a small party with family and friends (whereas the big Church wedding was held in August in Scotland).  To cut down on costs and save for the bigger wedding, I decided to let my sister do my make-up.  She arrived 2 days before the special day and we went shopping for a new foundation as my usual Shu Uemura one was a shade too dark and more suitable for the summer months.  We tested a few foundations for shade compatibility and photogenicity (is that a word?) and we settled on Rimmel Lasting Finish Minerals Loose Powder Foundation in shade 100 ivory at RRP $19.95.

Rimmel, mineral foundation

Product Description

A loose powder foundation, with a mineral-enriched formula, that provides the coverage of a fluid foundation and the texture of a loose powder, leaving you with a matte finish that lasts up to 12 hours. The provided kabuki brush ensures a buildable application.

When I went shopping that day, I seriously thought I was going to buy an expensive foundation from a designer brand.  I mean, hello, I was kinda getting married.  But we both felt that the shade of this loose powder foundation was the closest match.

Rimmel, mineral foundation, loose powder foundation, colour match

Rimmel, mineral foundation, loose powder foundation

My Opinions

  • I felt that the kabuki brush they provided was too small for my big face, so I used my usual Red Earth kabuki brush instead for application.
  • But the small kabuki brush is very handy to put in the handbag for touch-ups during the day.
  • The coverage was light and my skin didn’t feel caked with too much foundation.
  • Blended in very well with my skin colour
  • Skin looked amazing in photos (ahem, complimenting myself here)
  • Face started to go less matte after 10 hours and needed a touch-up
  • Affordable with fabulous results 9.5 out of 10

In conclusion :  Rimmel Lasting Finish Minerals Loose Powder Foundation, you made me look amazing on a very special day!

Priceline Basic Care Hand & Nail Cream

As I am from Scotland, I usually go to Boots or Superdrug to buy my cosmetics and skincare products at affordable prices.  I have discovered the Australian equivalent which is Priceline, and it does special offers and has a loyalty reward card scheme too.

Anyway, I went browsing and on a whim, decided to buy some hand cream – Priceline Basic Care Hand & Nail Cream (100ml) for $2.00AUD.

Priceline Hand Cream, hand cream, Priceline cream
Product Description

Priceline Basic Care Hand & Nail Cream is enriched with keratin to help strengthen nails and prevent splitting while moisturising and softening your hands.

My Opinions

  • Has a pleasant light flowery scent which is not too overpowering
  • Cream absorbs relatively well and does not leave a greasy film
  • But as for strengthening nails to prevent them from splitting, I am not too convinced about that because all my nails seem to be splitting recently
  • I’m not a snob but the packaging does look a bit basic (i.e. cheap)
  • Above average 6.5 out of 10

In conclusion :  Priceline Basic Care Hand & Nail Cream, yes, you are cheap, but there’s not really much more to say about you…

BTW, Priceline has 20% off all marked prices for skincare and cosmetics (excluding sun care) for 2 days only – 27th and 28th October.  Guess what I will be doing tomorrow?

Equip Earrings On Sale

When I was younger, I went through a rebellious stage – who doesn’t? I went a bit crazy and got multiple piercings on my ears and my belly button. Altogether, I had 7 ear holes! My Mum was none-too-pleased! And worst of all, the 2 ear holes on the helix of my ear got infected and it was painful and grew into a large ball and I had to see a skin specialist in the hospital. The specialist advised no more piercings

After all that hoo-ha, 4 of the ear holes closes up and nowadays, I only wear one pair of earrings. I think that earrings can really brighten up an outfit. I like long dangly statement earrings because I tend to wear a minimalistic necklace of a bunny (gifted to me by my Hubby) and I need some bling to stand out.

earrings, sparkly, bling

Imagine my delight when I walked past Equip accessories store the other day.  My eyes always zone in for the Sales section.   I love bargains.

I found these gorgeous blingin’ earrings. Sparkly, pretty things. Originally, they cost $19.99AUD, but they had been reduced to $4.95. I snapped them up.  I think they will look good for this wedding I am attending next weekend.  Wait till I show you what I will be wearing!

If you want to look at their range, they have a website or go and visit your nearest store and pick up a bargain pair of earrings too.

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