Month: November 2010

VO5 Ultimate Hold Weather Resistant Hairspray

Sometimes, I revert into my cutesy girly mode and I love all things pink and shiny.  This is how I ended up buying VO5 Ultimate Hold Weather Resistant Hairspray

VO5, hairspray, ultimate hold, pretty & pink
Product Description

Hairspray with 5 vital benefits :-
1.  All day hold that brushes out easily, leaving hair soft to touch
2.  Weather protection provides a shield against humidity for 24 hours, preventing frizz
3.  Ultra-fine fast-drying spray, with no sticky residue
4.  Healthy shine to finish your style
5.  UV filter to help protect against environmental damage

My Opinions

  • Handy travel size which fits into my handbags and does not weigh a ton
  • Has a nice pleasant smell (unlike some hairsprays)
  • I like it because my hair doesn’t go rock hard and have that frizzed out hairspray look
  • I use it all the time on straight hair to tame flyaway ends and on wavy hair, to hold the curls
  • Closely matches the product description and delivers the 5 vital benefits
  • Highly recommended 9 out of 10

VO5, hairspray, ultimate hold, curls, trio of pics

In conclusion :  VO5 Ultimate Hold Weather Resistant Hairspray, you had me from hello!

My Shoe Collection

shoes, shoe collection, big pink shoe

Building up a shoe collection does not happen overnight.  It takes years.  Although, I am not the biggest shoe fan, I know what pretty shoes look like.  If you didn’t know already, I recently migrated to Australia and I have only managed to take over a few pairs of shoes and boots from my collection.  As for the rest of my shoe collection, I had packed it all away before I left Scotland.

I returned to Scotland last week for my Gran’s funeral which will be held tomorrow.  Today, I discovered that my Dad had binned my entire shoe collection!!!

The worst thing is that he did not donate my shoe collection to charity.

Instead, he put my entire shoe collection into a bin bag…and left it outside in the garden!!!  He didn’t leave it out for the rubbish collection.  He didn’t take it to charity.  He just left it to get wet in the rain!!!  WHAT’S THE POINT?????

Why not just leave my shoes in my room???!!!  Why leave the shoes outside in the rain????

I just went to see if I could somehow rescue them.  I opened up the bag…and saw mouldy shoes.  Yes, my entire shoe collection is mouldy!!!

shoe collection, mouldy, shoeaholic,

I am really annoyed.  Extremely annoyed!!!!  ARGH!!!!

I confronted my Dad and this is what he said :-

“They were mouldy already!”
“Okay…well…just wash the mould off and wear them!”

…and then he left!  ARGH!!!!

Revlon Beyond Natural Blush & Bronzer

Sometimes I look at my Hubby and I get envious.  Why?  Because he has lovely rosy cheeks.  (Aww…how I miss him…only 19 days till we are reunited!)  As for me, I only have rosy cheeks when I am majorly embarrassed or when I have done exercise (which has been zilch recently – oops!).  Thus, I like to fake a healthy rosy complexion with Revlon Beyond Natural Blush & Bronzer

Revlon, blush & bronzer, make up, Revlon blush, cosmetics
Product Description

Revlon Beyond Natural Blush & Bronzer can be blended together or used separately to create a naturally sun-kissed look. The sheer, silky formula gives skin a soft glow of natural colour and the shade names co-ordinate with all products in the Beyond Natural range in order to determine the most suitable shade for skin.

Revlon, blush & bronzer, arm swatch, Revlon blush
My Opinions

  • I love the subtle shades which suit my skin perfectly
  • Looks very natural and gives my complexion that sun-kissed glow
  • Does exactly what it claims
  • Simply the best 10 out of 10

Revlon, natural blush & bronzer, Revlon blush, cosmetics, make up

In conclusion :  Revlon Beyond Natural Blush & Bronzer, you are perfect for me!

RRP $27.95AUD
Available at Myer, Priceline, Target, Big W and selected pharmacies

Primark Shopping Haul

So I made it back to UK in one piece after the epic 30+ hour journey.  I am severely jet-lagged – bleh!  Today, I hit the shops.  Shopping in Australia is unbelievably expensive so I am going to take advantage of shopping in UK and buy, buy, buy!

Primark is my favourite shop in UK.  It is an Irish clothing retailer known for selling clothes at the budget end of the market.  The American equivalent is J.C. Penney.

I did not go shopaholic crazy in Primark today because there were just too many people in there and I dislike shopping when there are hordes of people.  I wanted to try out the new cosmetics range in Primark and picked up a couple of things there.

My Primark shopping haul consisted of :-

  • Long sleeved tops (x4) and a T-shirt (for the Hubby) = £17.00
  • Vests (x2) – pink and navy = £3.50
  • Black velour tracksuit bottoms = £5.00
  • Tights (x3) – 40 Denier = £2.50
  • Lilac nail polish = £1.00
  • Eyeliner set – black and dark green with a sharpener = £1.00
  • Primark Shopping Haul TOTAL = £30.00

Primark, shopping, bargain, men's tops

Primark, shopping haul, bargain, nail polish, tights, vest tops

I will be back for more Primark shopping! The best thing is that I can wear Primark goodies in Australia and no-one else will have the same! I shall try out the eyeliner and nail polish later and see if they are any good. If they are, I will stock up. Anyone in Australia want anything from Primark?? Let me know…and I shall see what I can do.

My Travelling Beauty Kit

I have been an avid traveller since I caught the travel bug a couple of years ago.  Last year, I went to Hong Kong, Seoul, Taiwan, Malaysia, all the way up the west coast of Australia, Brisbane, Sydney and New Zealand.  Today, I am making my 3rd trip back to UK from Australia in this one year!  It is 25 hours on the plane and 5 hours in the airports = 30 hour journey!  One way!!!

All this flying is really bad for my skin.  But I have my travelling beauty kit.

travel kit, beauty kit, miniature, travel size In my travelling beauty kit :-

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss (remember, I am a dentist!)
  • Baby wipes which are handy for lots of things – wiping sticky fingers, sweat around your neck, removing make-up, etc
  • Eye cream – I am a bad sleeper on planes so to de-puff my eyes, I must have my eye cream
  • I have travel sizes of cleanser, toner, serum and moisturiser to ensure the skin on my face is well-cleansed and moisturised
  • I also carry SPF cream – even though I am going back to Winter in UK, SPF is still essential to prevent ageing spots and wrinkles from UV damage
  • Body moisturiser – this isn’t really to keep my body moisturised – it’s just for something for me to do when I get bored!!!  I have the driest, cracked skin on my body ever!  I shall take photos and show you one day.  It’s because I am ultra-lazy and putting moisturiser on my body is too time-consuming for a bum like me.

Anyway, I was hoping to update this blog daily…but I will be in the air tomorrow…so I shall get back to beauty blogging ASAP.  I know I am going back to UK for a sad occasion – my gran’s funeral – but at the same time, I am glad that I can go shopping for beauty and skincare products.  Aussie prices are really expensive!

Wish me safe flight.

Nicole By OPI Yellow It’s Me

To be honest, I had never heard of the nail polish brand Nicole by OPI until last week.  Nicole by OPI is the little sister of OPI and was designed to target the younger fashion forward audience.  (No wonder I had never heard of it then!)  Check out their website.

Like OPI nail lacquers, Nicole by OPI have funky names for their colours, e.g. First Crush Blush and Ink a Dink a Pink.  Today I am wearing Nicole by OPI Yellow It’s Me

OPI, yellow, nail polish, Nicole, shimmer
Product Description

Shimmering yellow

OPI, yellow, Nicole, shimmer, nail polish

My Opinions

  • The colour is absolutely gorgeous and very apt for summer in Australia
  • Really difficult to capture the pinky orangey shimmer in photos
  • Unfortunately, to recreate the colour, you need layer upon layer of nail polish which gets a bit tiresome if you’re in a rush to get ready
  • I had to do 4 coats before it started looking like the colour on the bottle
  • A generous 6.5 out of 10

Nicole, OPI, yellow, nail polish, shimmer, step-by-step

In conclusion :  Nicole by OPI Yellow It’s Me, you look absolutely fabulous, but you’ve let me down by needing so many coats!

Available to buy in Terry White chemists at RRP $14.95AUD

(This product was sent to me for consideration)

Bourjois French Manicure Kit

When I tell people I am unemployed, sometimes, they give a look of disapproval.  But hello, it is not by choice!  I am currently living in Australia on a tourist visa which does not allow me to work.  My work visa will come through at the end of November…which will coincide with my return to Australia.  I am leaving on Thursday to head back to Scotland for my gran’s funeral.  Unfortunately, my Hubby is also unemployed!  His last employer was unprofessional and did not pay him the hours he had worked, etc.  Long story, but what I am trying to say is that we are extremely tight for money so I cannot afford luxuries, like going to the beauty salons.

Usually I get French manicures at salons but in our current situation, it’s all DIY, baby!! This caught my eye the other day and I thought I would give it a try – Bourjois French Manicure Kit

Bourjois, nail polish, french, DIY, beauty salon at home
Product Description

All you need to create a perfect French Manucure effortlessly! This kit contains all you need to create a beautiful French Manicure polish from the comfort of your home.

Step 1: French Manucure Blanc Raffine – using the ingenious curved brush start by appling the white to the tips of your nails. For the perfect result apply to half the tip and turn the brush over to cover the second half.

Step 2: Then paint a coat of Very Vernis Rose Lounge all over the nail and let it dry.

Step 3: Finally apply a coat of Fixant Brillant to ensure a shiny, long lasting result.

Bourjois, nail polish, white tip, french, DIY, beauty salon, manicure
My Opinions

  • I was sucked in by the “ingenious curved brush” to paint the white tips.  The brush was useless!!!
  • The white nail colour was horrible and gloopy
  • The pink colour and the top coat were nice though
  • Was not pleased with the end results at all and I just removed it after taking photos
  • Turns out that I am not the only one with a bad review
  • Poorly 2 out of 10

In conclusion :  Bourjois French Manicure Kit, you’re a major turn off!

Bourjois, french manicure, DIY, nail polish
Available at Priceline, Target, KMart (but I wouldn’t bother if I were you!)

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