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FOTD : Going Green

If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I was nervous yesterday as I was getting my photograph taken for the local newspaper for being “green”.  I was interviewed and was asked about my views on carbon tax, reducing carbon emissions and recycling.  I’m not exactly the greenest person but I try and do my bit with recycling paper, plastics and metals.  I switch off unused lights and rarely leave my laptop on standby.  This is really disgusting but I don’t flush every time I pee, but I’ll wait for 2-3 pees to accumulate before flushing!!  But it’s okay because most of the days, I’m home alone while Hubby is working anyway, so no-one has to see my big puddle of pee.  LOL.  Small changes can make a big difference.

For my FOTD, I wanted to play on the “green” theme hence the eyeshadow and I was also suffering from the biggest red throbbing zit known to mankind – plonk right in between my brows – so I needed a thick coverage of concealer.  But concealer can only conceal so much so I decided to use a distraction tactic and draw attention to my red lippy.  Smart thinking huh?  LOL.

Products Used

Shu Uemura UV Under Base
FACE OF AUSTRALIA Anti-Ageing Stick Foundation in Outback Beige*
Australis Liquid Concealer Pen
FACE OF AUSTRALIA Translucent Loose Powder*
FACE OF AUSTRALIA Pressed Bronzer*
MUA Blusher Shade 1

NP Set Eye Primer
Etude House Eye Brow Kit
NYX Book of Eyeshadows (selection of shades)
FACE OF AUSTRALIA Liquid Eyeliner*
Naris Up Wink Up Lasting Gel Liner
Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive
Daiso Fake Eyelashes Volume Cross Type

CoverGirl TruShine in 500
Prestige Lightshine Lip Gloss in Red Glitter

Products marked with * were sent for consideration

#bbloggersoz Summary : How Should PR Agencies Work With Beauty Bloggers?

The first #bbloggersoz Twitter chat went  really well. Thank you to my co-hosts Jade and Celeste and everybody else who participated!

To recap, the topic of the night was – How should PR agencies work with beauty bloggers?

Here are some of the wise words shared by everybody.  To read the entire twitter chat, please do search for #bbloggersoz on twitter!

1.  When PR and bloggers work together, it can be a mutually beneficial relationship and will be fantastic for the beauty industry as beauty bloggers give the average girl a voice.

2.  The ultimate advice in dealing with PRs is to be true to your blog and your voice. The rest will take care of itself

3.  Bloggers have to be strong with their beliefs, be honest, and write what products are, no more than that.

4.  A personal and friendly PR approach makes for a happy beauty blogger

5.  Some bloggers generally only write about products they like. No need to bag a brand if it’s not the right product for you.

6,  Some bloggers disclose by making it known in the post if it’s been provided but also put disclose at the bottom too to be completely clear

7.  It can be beneficial to give the PRs your lead time and/or commit to a date for a review. That way, there is certainty for all.

8.  PR releases with staggered timing can be good as long as it’s well staggered. As some bloggers might get upset if they receive theirs last.

9.  If you are sent items you don’t like or doesn’t suit you, consider giving it to a friend who does like it and is happy to guest post for you.

10.  Space out your parcels, PR companies! Bombardment leads to boredom

11.  If your reviews are gushing with praise from 100% PR sent products, your blog will not have authenticity. You’ll lose reader’s trust.

12.  Most importantly remember that other bloggers and PR representatives are also human beings. Treat others with the same respect you would like in return

13.  PR companies: Do not tell a beauty blogger that you’ll send products when you don’t intend to.

14.  99% of bloggers don’t do this for a living. Don’t waste your courier: make a quick call to see if we’re home first!

15.  Companies do not get to dictate /how/ a blogger reviews their items UNLESS there is an editorial agreement between both parties

16.  Don’t just send impersonal press releases and expect bloggers to advertise for you.

17.  Introducing yourself to a PR company is fine, just dont go begging for freebies.

In Conclusion

There were many good points that were raised during the one hour conversation and it was an incredibly enlightening session.

I can’t wait for the next #bbloggersoz chat next Sunday!  The topic will be posted up on Thursday.

If you have any suggestions for topics, please do let us know. We are always open to new topic suggestions!

Missha Leopard Nail Polish In LBL03

Today I am going to review Missha Leopard Nail Polish in LBL03 (RRP :  $6.90 AUD) which is a dark blue shade, I bought a few weeks ago.  After falling in love with OPI Black Shatter, I find shatter or crackle nail polishes really fun to play with as you can never predict what the end result will be.

What I Like : The brush design is really good and coats my nail evenly with one stroke, the formula is easy to work with. affordable price for a shatter/crackle nail polish

What I Dislike :  Unsuccessful attempts at getting a leopard print finish with it – more like random stripes

Missha Leopard Nail Polish Vs OPI Black Shatter

Although I prefer the formula, brush design and the price of Missha Leopard Nail Polish, OPI Black Shatter has a much prettier shatter / crackle effect.  But saying that, I am open to the idea of purchasing the new pink and purple colours in the Missha range.  I can buy both of them and it will still be cheaper than one bottle of OPI in Australia.

Anyway, I decided to play around with some colours to see which would look the best with this dark blue shatter.

So we have Nicole by OPI Diva Into The Pool*, ulta3 Bottle Green, China Glaze Limbo Bimbo*, FACE OF AUSTRALIA Molten Metallics Gold*, NYC Colors Snazzle.

Missha Leopard Nail Polish gets a 7.5 out of 10 from The Best Beauty Blog.

In your opinion, which colour looked best with Missha Leopard Nail Polish?

For more information, please check out Missha website.

MUA Make Up Academy Nail Polish Shade 13

I am addicted to green tea.  I drink it every day.  It’s so good for you.  Unlike coffee.  It makes my pee smell.  Anyway, swiftly moving on…  Check out my nails today – they’re a lovely shade of emerald green from MUA nail polish range shade 13.  Only £1 from Superdrug!  Pity they don’t have Superdrug over here in Australia.

P.S. – Please make sure you visit The Best Beauty Blog for the next few days as there will be a giveaway for Aussie readers (2 x $100 vouchers) and an international giveaway (lipglosses galore).  YAY!  I love giveaways!

mua 001


Credits to Celeste for the #bbloggersoz logo!

What is #bbloggers?

#bbloggers is a beauty-blog-related twitter chat that was started up by the fantastic Fee from Makeup Savvy a couple of weeks ago.  It has been very popular amongst all the UK beauty bloggers as it provides an opportunity to share, learn and know more bloggers in the beauty blogging community.  I was keen to participate but due to the time difference, it was impossible – there’s no way I am getting up at 5.30am to tweet because I need as much beauty sleep as I can get!!!  LOL.

Anyway, I found out that fellow Aussie beauty bloggers Celeste and Jade also wanted to join in – so after discussing it with Fee, we have decided to start our own #bbloggers chat – and that’s how #bbloggersoz was born.


Here are the details for our very first #bbloggersoz chat.

Date: Sunday 29th May 2011
Time: 8pm
Duration: 1 hour
Hashtag: #bbloggersoz
Topic :  How should PR agencies work with beauty bloggers?

This is an interesting topic considering the recent publication by Val from Ponikuta with regards to beauty blogging no-nos when it comes to dealing with PR agencies.

Quick Rules
1. Have fun! We are sharing opinions, not arguing who’s opinion is better or worse. This is a discussion, not a debate.
2. No link-spamming, no self-promoting. This is a fun chat for everybody, not for self gain!
3. Some of you may like to RT what others have said. Please remove the hashtag if you are RTing within the hour of the chat to ensure that the main #bbloggersoz stream stays clear of repeats.

My twitter name is @xyling.  Celeste is @becbeautiful and Jade is @jadegrrrl.

You don’t have to be Aussie to join in!!  All you need is a twitter account – and if you haven’t got one, do it now because it’s the best thing since Facebook!!  LOL.

Spread the word and I hope to see all of you tweeting up a storm on Sunday!

Wishlist Wednesday : Scarlet Fever

Last week, I was dreaming of peach pastel colours and this week, I have Scarlet Fever…well…kind of…Auntie Flo is in town, if ya know what I mean!

Anyway, red is one of my favourite colours and I think it’s a colour which suits every skin tone!  Red is definitely a traffic-stopper!  (Okay, enough with my bad jokes!!)

Dorothy Perkins polka dot dress
45 GBP –

Jane Norman ruched dress
32 GBP –

Hello kitty tee
$25 –

Hi top
22 GBP –

Lanvin double breasted trench coat
$1,985 –

Mimi Holliday by Damaris red bra
45 GBP –

Mary jane high heels
$50 –

Stuart Weitzman high heel boot
299 EUR –

Jimmy Choo platform heels
$665 –

Mini shoulder bag
155 GBP –

Swarovski chain necklace
$35 –

Ruby diamond ring
$195 –

Red glove
$17 –

FOTD Challenge : Cleopatra

The lovely Sara-May has been doing a FOTD Challenge on her beauty blog and all of the looks she has created has been amazing.  A number of other beauty bloggers have participated in this too.  Today’s FOTD Challenge is Cleopatra – it was my suggestion so it is only right that I participate, although I did struggle with it.  I kept jabbing my eye!!!  I’ll never be a make-up artist but it’s still fun to play with make-up!

Here’s my take on Cleopatra :-

When I think of Cleopatra, I think of strong brows, bold eyes with thick black eyeliner, sculpted cheeks and red lips.


The eyelashes are from KKCenterHK – EYE’S CHIC 816 Bird Of Paradise Fake Eyelashes*^.  The inner half is criss-cross and the outer half is outrageously long.  They are pretty cool but not suitable for everyday use.

Products Used


FACE OF AUSTRALIA Mineral Therapy Liquid Foundation in Beige*
Australis Liquid Concealer Pen
FACE OF AUSTRALIA Translucent Loose Powder *
FACE OF AUSTRALIA Pressed Bronzer*


NP Set Eye Primer
Etude House Eye Brow Kit
ZARA Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Esther’s Baby
MAC eye shadow in Trax Velvet
MUA Eye Shadow Shade 15
FACE OF AUSTRALIA Pressed Powder in Bronze*
FACE OF AUSTRALIA Opulent Eyes Sapphire Desire*
Rimmel London Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil
Naris Up Wink UpLasting Gel Liner
Australis IntensifEYE Liquid Eyeliner in Blackest Black*
Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive
EYE’S CHIC 816 Birds of Paradise Fake Eyelashes*


No7 Deeply Moisturising Lipcare
MUA Lipstick Shade 4

Products marked with * were provided for consideration.
^ denotes an affiliate link

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