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OPI Pink Shatter

OPI Pink Shatter – I have swatches!!!!!  I had read the press release on various beauty blogs and I had lusted after it, but I never expected to get sent this for review.  A big shoutout to Lisa, the lovely Australian PR for OPI – you rock!   Please note that this will be a biased review because pink is my favourite colour!  When you look at the amazing colour combinations which can be achieved with OPI Pink Shatter, I guarantee that you will fall in lust too.

For those of you who don’t know how shatter nail lacquers work, where have you been? simply apply a base nail colour of choice and then apply the shatter on top and watch it transform into a shattered effect.  (Check out my other nail shatter blog posts with OPI Black Shatter and Missha Leopard Print .)

OPI Pink Shatter


Bad Hair Romance

I’m stuck in a bit of a hair rut.  I had a bad haircut in Malaysia in January…all I wanted was to get my long hair permanently straightened, but the hairdresser hacked it off ABOVE my shoulders and gave me a fringe – it was NOT what I had requested but it was too late.  I couldn’t express my anger because she’s my Mother-In-Law’s friend…(and yes, lesson learnt – never go to a hairdresser your MIL recommends!  And erm…hopefully, she doesn’t read this blog…)  So anyway, I bought a hair salon deal thing a while ago (you know Zoupon or Groupon or whatever it is…) but I phoned up the other day and the next available appointment is in September!!!!  I knoooow, right?  I’m going to have plenty of bad hair days till then.

Meanwhile, I have been checking out celebrity hairstyles and well, something’s up in the celebrity hair world!  The new hairstyles and colours some celebrities have been debuting are not my cuppa tea.

(Please note that these are MY opinions only.  They are not meant to hurt or upset anyone.  Apologies if I do.)

Katy Perry

Katy Perry, blonde, red, black, hair
Katy Perry has a figure to die for!  I think her boobs look great and I wish mine had grown when I was 13…but sadly, mine remain as flat as pancakes.  Anyway, I think she looks the best with the dark ebony hair colour as it goes well with her skin tone.  I was a bit iffy about the copper shade…but then I saw the blonde brassy tresses she currently has…and well…yeah…

Katy, if you’re reading this, I think you look better with dark hair.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens, short hair, soccer mom

I am not a fan of Vanessa Hudgens but that’s because I am not a High School Musical fan…heck, I don’t think I’ve ever watched an entire episode of Glee.  Anyway, I think she looked quite pretty with the long, wavy hair, but I never had a girl crush on her…and especially not now with that haircut!  It has really aged her!!!  Maybe she needs to style it better or put some highlights in it.   I read that she had it cut for a film role which is admirable instead of using a wig.  But turns out that she doesn’t like it herself…so I hope she can somehow get it fixed…  Hair extensions?

Vanessa, if you’re reading this, I wish you never cut your hair.

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole, new hair, blonde
Cheryl Cole is stunning.  I like her style and I liked her on The X Factor in UK.  Her music is a bit hit-and-miss, but she can dance really well.  I know she has had cosmetic dental work (even though her publicist denies this!) and I suspect she has had a boob job too.  Oh wait…I’m supposed to be talking about her HAIR…lol.  I have always liked her with the brown wavy hair and the caramel highlights….but then she had to go blonde with an asymmetric bob cut.  I don’t hate it but I think she suits her old style better.  What do you think?

Cheryl, if you’re reading this, your old hair style suited you so much more.

Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church, hair, redhead
Charlotte Church is featured here because my jaw almost dropped open when I saw pictures of her with the fiery red hair.  I was like, WTF?

Charlotte, if you’re reading this, please return the fiery red hair dye to Rhianna.


What do you think?  Does Katy suit blonde?  Should Vanessa get extensions?  Does Cheryl look edgier with her blonde bob?  Does Charlotte suit red?

(All images taken from Google)

b collection by bloom Magic Wand Makeup Remover

If you didn’t know already, b collection by bloom is the little sister of Bloom cosmetics, which was created exclusively for Target (pronounced Tar-jay by Aussies; as a joke.  No, I don’t get it either…).  When I was offered the opportunity to test out b collection by bloom Magic Wand Makeup Remover, a recent winner of the Shop Til You Drop Genius Awards, how could a girl say no?

b collection by bloom Magic Wand Makeup Remover, eye makeup remover


What b collection Say

b collection’s Magic Wand Makeup Remover is the perfect tool for precision makeup removal. The fine tip removes stubborn makeup without disturbing your look.

My Opinions

b collection Magic Wand Makeup Remover is basically a marker pen with makeup remover as its ink (if that makes any sense at all).  Because of it’s Q-tip-sized nib, I find it useful for removing smudged eyeliner or mascara fibres on eyelids, without messing up the rest of my eye make-up.  It has become a permanent fixture in my handbag’s make-up bag.

The germophobe in me is not too happy with the transfer of bacteria, especially when I use this a lot around my eyes.  It can also get a bit streaky from previous uses.  But fear not, as I have found a solution.  I see no wrong in giving the tip a quick wash under the hot water tap.  Still works well afterwards.

I have no idea how long this nifty tool will last me but as it retails for RRP of $14.95 AUD, it’s not exactly breaking the bank.  For a cheaper (and more hygienic) alternative, you can use a cotton bud dipped in make-up remover – but if you’re on-the-go and need to get rid of smudged eyeliner pronto, don’t use your grubby fingers to rub, get a b collection Magic Wand Makeup Remover and let it do its magic!

8 Beauty Tips For The First Date

I met my Husband in Sydney and 180 days later, we got married!  What was the secret?  A successful first date!  First dates are nerve-racking – you want to look your best to impress.  So here are 8 beauty tips for the first date :-

1.  You had me at…Hello Hairy??!!

You don’t want to be making out when he lifts up your top to find hairy armpits staring back at him!  If you are going to wax, please make sure to do this a few days before your date to allow your skin to settle down.

(Ling says – I defuzz unwanted body hairs with this Schick razor.  It has my Husband’s stamp of approval!!)

2.  Let it linger with the right lingerie

Don’t wear your greying granny pants!  You may have a “No sleeping with the guy on a first date” rule, so there may be no chance that he will see your undies, but wear something that doesn’t make you feel like a granny!

Also, if you are like me and have flat pancakes as boobies, you may be tempted to stuff your push-up bra with chicken fillets – but please remember, that a guy should like you for you and not because of how big your boobs are.  And think how disappointed he will be once he does get to see you naked and realise that you faked it with all that padding.

(Ling says – I didn’t sleep with my Husband till we got married…and he has never seen me in sexy lingerie before because I like greying granny pants…and erm, I wore padded push-up bras all the time so yeah, I am sure he feels a tad cheated!!  LOL!)

3.  You are what you wear

I am most comfortable in my PJs but no, of course I won’t wear that on a first date.  But I know that I won’t wear 6-inch heels because although I will look leggy like Gisele, I will most likely trip and fall as I do not wear heels usually.  Wear something that accentuates your figure.

(Ling says – Do as I say, not as I do – I like to throw on random items of clothing and I just end up looking trashy and clashy!)

4.  Skin saver

I have desert-dry skin so to ensure my skin is in tip-top condition and glowing, I will exfoliate, pile on the face masks and hydrate skin with my miracle HG skin products.  If you do breakout with a stress zit, do NOT pick at it and apply whitening toothpaste to calm the redness.

(Ling says – My favourite exfoliator is by Alpha-H and BIOEFFECT EGF Serum is my new miracle skincare product.  For concealing zits, I like to use Shu Uemura.)

5.  Make-up or break-up?

If you are a radiant natural beauty with no need for make-up, I hate you  you are blessed.  I need make-up to hide my flaws and enhance my features.  The “no make-up” make-up look seems to go down a treat.

(Ling says – Please don’t try “something different” for your first date.  I tried something different and scared my postman!!)

6.  To fake or not to fake?

This can apply to fake eyelashes, fake nails and fake tan.  If you are accustomed to faking it, go ahead.  But if you’re feeling slightly uneasy, don’t do it!

For example, if you wear fake lashes once in a blue moon, then it may not be the best idea to wear it on a first date.  What if your lash glue fails you?  He might think you have a spider in your soup when it’s just because your faux lashes decided to take a swim!

(Ling says – My Revlon lash glue has never failed me and ARDELL lashes are the best!)

7.  Smell like you’re winning

Avoid dousing yourself in perfume, but go for something light and refreshing.

(Ling says – Going on a date can be sweat-inducing.  Choose a deodorant that is suitable to your needs.)

8.  Take my (bad) breath away

Don’t knock out your date with halitosis.  If you haven’t had a dental check-up, do it ASAP.  Tooth decay or gum disease can make your breath stink.  I do not recommend mouthwashes as some can dry your mouth out, making it smell even worse.  Brush your teeth well and don’t forget to brush your tongue, and you must floss!  As a last resort, pop in some sugar-free mints before going in for a kiss!

(Ling says – I’m a dentist so I know what I’m talking about!  You think your teeth are clean?  Think again.  Use this baby and check out all the dirt.  How do you know if your breath stinks?  After flossing, smell the piece of floss…and be prepared to recoil in disgust!)

The Bottom Line

The first date is always a big event for both parties.  It’s important to make an effort but it’s also important to relax and enjoy yourself.  If it works out, great.  If it doesn’t, then look forward to your next first date with someone else.

Hopefully, all these tips have been helpful and if you have any other tips to add, please share them by leaving a comment.

My Hooded Eyelid And A Review Of Daiso Eyelid Tape

My name is Ling and I am Asian and I have a stupid eyelid.  Before I tell you more about my stupid eyelid, please allow me to give you a quick intro on Asian eyelids – there are the monolids (one type) and the double lids (many types).  If you have monolids, you will most likely desire double lids (please correct me if I am wrong) and if you have double lids, you will be happy and you will not desire monolids (again, correct me if I am wrong).  However, it’s not that simple…because your right eyelid may not be the same as your left eyelid!  As a result, Asian eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is the most common facial surgical procedure amongst Asians.

(In fact, I was speaking to a girlfriend today.  She has just returned from a trip to Singapore and she got her eyelids stitched there for $1800 AUD and it looks AMAZING!  I WANT!!!!  She said it hurt like Mother F when local anaesthetic was administered to the inside of her eyelid.)

Types Of Asian Eyelids

a) Asian eye with single eyelid, no crease (aka : monolid)
b) Asian eyelid with crease (aka : double lid)
c) Asian eyelid with broken or non-continuous crease
d) Asian eyelid with partial crease
e) Asian eye with multiple eyelid creases
f) Asian eyelid with nasally tapered crease and some widening on the outer end
g) Asian eyelid with parallel crease
h) Typical Caucasian eyelid crease (semi-lunar) (Note : non-Asian)





My Hooded Eyelid

Now I was born and blessed with double eyelids – both of type f).  But in recent years, my right double eyelid has turned from an f) into a d) and if you add the ageing process and gravity into the equation as well, you will notice that my beautiful right double eyelid has indeed turned into a stupid hooded right eyelid!!!

This hood makes my eye look tired and droopy.  My upper lashes don’t curl up as well.  *cries*

Instead of jumping on the next plane to Asia and paying a top Asian surgeon to give me eyelid surgery, I went to my local Daiso store (Daiso is a Japanese store and every product is $2.80 AUD in Australia) and bought a packet of their eyelid tape.  Obviously I would prefer the former option, but we have no moolah for such luxuries – sigh!!

The packet comes with 30 pairs of eyelid tape and a white plastic stick (which is used for pushing, apparently).  I followed the instructions as best as I could…( read : I did NOT wipe my eyelids and I did NOT measure my eyelid and cut the tape as instructed.  I just took out a piece of tape and stuck it on my lid and poked my eyeball with the stick!)

Trust me!  It looks more difficult than it looks to use eyelid tape.  It was my first attempt and because I did not follow the exact instructions, the tape didn’t stick on so well at the edges…even though it was a bit of a fail, I could see an improvement already.  Check it out!

I googled the use of eyelid tape and some recommend using it on top of make-up and some recommend a thicker type and some recommend a different brand.  There’s a whole new world on eyelid tape on the internet!!!

I just need a bit more practice to perfect the eyelid tape placement…but at the same time, I’m a bit apprehensive about using it in public.  I mean, it’s pretty hard to conceal…and what if it started unpeeling at the edges…hmmm…??  Time to start saving for eyelid surgery methinks!!!

Have you used eyelid tape before?  Or have you had your eyelids stitched?  Please share your experiences or recommendations.

The Future Of #bbloggersoz


#bbloggersoz, twitter chat

EDIT :  Anytime you have any beauty blogging questions, feel free to email me thebestbeautyblog[at] or tweet me @Xyling  I promise I will NOT bite!

Hello ladies,

Some of you may (or may not) be wondering where the usual Tuesday #bbloggersoz summaries and the usual Thursday #bbloggeroz topic reveals are this week.  Well, Celeste and I have been moderators of #bbloggersoz from the start (with a helping hand from Jade) and we felt that it was time to let go.

No, before you go into panic mode, we are NOT ditching #bbloggersoz!

We have had amazing feedback from lots of bloggers as they feel that they have learnt many new things from our weekly Twitter chat.  It’s great how we have connected with so many bloggers from around the world, and not specifically Australia!

We just feel that #bbloggersoz does not need moderating anymore and that we do not need to stick to specific topics every single week – but we should let it run free on Sunday nights, like an open forum.  Feel free to ask any beauty-related or blog-related questions with the #bbloggersoz hashtags on Sunday nights 8-9pm AEST.  However, every first Sunday of the month, Celeste (@becbeautiful) or me (@xyling) will choose a topic for #bbloggersoz – so please look out for that.

Consequently, this will be the last official blog post on #bbloggersoz – which may be a relief for our blog readers who do not participate in #bbloggersoz and are not interested in it at all.

For those, who may have missed all the #bbloggersoz summaries, here are all the links :-

1.  How Should PR Agencies Work With Beauty Bloggers?
2.  Photography Tips For Beauty Bloggers
3.  How To Gain Readership
4.  Balancing Blogging Life
5.  How To Keep Content Fresh
6.  How To Deal With Negative Comments
7.  Social Media Platforms For Beauty Bloggers
8.  Disclosure Policies For Beauty Bloggers – I would like to disclose (see what I did there?) that there was no official summary for this topic due to time constraints this week.  Totally entirely my (Ling’s) fault.  But basically, I was there for the whole #bbloggersoz chat and even though it’s not legal requirements to disclose on non-U.S. beauty blogs, the majority preferred transparency and honesty – which will result in blog readers respecting you and your blog.

Please remember, it’s NOT the end!  It’s only the beginning…

Thank you for everyone’s support in #bbloggersoz and we will see you on Twitter!  Tweet tweet!!!


Last month, three of my Scottish friends came to visit me in Australia and they brought along some presents my Mum gave them to pass to me.  I was handed 2 boxes of BIOEFFECT EGF Serum and I didn’t think much of it till I phoned my Mum to thank her.  She said, “Have you started using the BIOEFFECT EGF Serum yet?  Use it now!  It’s AMAZING!!!  Remember the patch of dry skin around my eyelids?  I started using this serum and it’s totally cleared it up…”  I was like, “Yeah, chill out Mum.  I have plenty of skincare goodies still to use…”  She said, “No, you have to believe me!  It’s REALLY GOOD!  And it costs £125 per bottle!”  I was like, “WTF??”  (Okay, I didn’t actually say that because a) I don’t cuss and b) Mum wouldn’t understand the acronym)  Yes, dear friends, my Mum spent £250 on 2 x 15ml bottles of BIOEFFECT EGF Serum for little old me.

A quick Google search revealed that BIOEFFECT EGF Serum, a product from Iceland, had been launched in Europe a few months ago and a lot of British beauty bloggers were singing praises for this miracle serum.  Incidentally, this review coincides with the launch of BIOEFFECT EGF Serum in Australia today.  Yes, Aussie readers, you can go and buy this product today at their website (and eventually, David Jones) – it’ll cost you $180 AUD.  Is it worth it?  Well, read on for my detailed review…(it’s a long one today)….


BIOEFFECT EGF Serum is a next-generation anti-ageing serum that improves the appearance and health of your skin by encouraging the skin to repair its own cells. Its key ingredient is Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), a substance which occurs naturally in human skin and which has the ability to speed up the rate of cell turnover within the skin.

Cellular activators are proteins that are vital for the maintenance and repair of skin cells. With age the level of these cellular activators within our skin decreases. Our skin renews itself less frequently, and begins to look less radiant and more wrinkled. Regular, once or twice daily use of BIOEFFECT EGF Serum reverses this process and gives visible dramatic improvements within weeks.

Product Ingredients

Glycerine, Aqua, Calcium chloride, Sodium hyaluronate, Tromethamine, Hordeum vulgare seed extract, Alcohol (less than 0.9%), Sodium chloride, EGF (Transgenic barley sh-oligopeptide-1)

Directions For Use

Apply 2-4 drops evenly to face, around eyes and on neck every night on clean skin.  The serum works best while the skin is resting.

How I Use It

Because this serum is so expensive and there’s only 15 ml of it, applying it was like a precise military operation!!!  You cannot just slather it on all over your face!  I found that putting the droplets of serum onto my palm too difficult to distribute around the face and also, I was concerned that my palm was receiving more of this serum than my face was…so I came up with my own precise method of application, which I shall share with you :-

Every night before heading to bed, I’d bring out the bottle and use 4 drops in total of BIOEFFECT EGF Serum and apply them in the following manner :-

  • 1 drop on the forehead including temples and eyelids
  • 1 drop on the right cheek, right half of the nose, right half of the chin and right undereye area
  • 1 drop on the left cheek, left half of the nose, left half of the chin and left undereye area
  • 1 drop on under my chin, on my neck and decolletage

I would recommend that you dispense one drop at a time onto a fingertip and quickly distribute the serum around the area you are working on with your fingertips.  If you’re too slow, the serum will start absorbing – because remember, it’s only a small drop…and every drop costs!

My Opinions

Let me sum up my feelings for BIOEFFECT EGF Serum in one sentence : It’s potent, miracle shizz in a glass bottle!!!

BIOEFFECT EGF Serum is definitely the most expensive skincare product I have ever used – if you consider it per ml.  There is no fancy schmancy packaging – just a plain green white striped cardboard box (which got a bit battered from its journey from UK to Oz) and a plain glass dropper bottle.  It does not scream luxe, but I kinda like that – because I was more interested in whether the product would deliver for being so costly.

At first, I felt strange about not having my usual evening skincare routine which consists of layering different types of products onto my face, but then I loved it.  I didn’t have to cleanse+tone+serum+face moisturiser+eye cream+body lotion (for neck).  I just had to cleanse+BIOEFFECT EGF Serum.  Pure and simple!

BIOEFFECT EGF Serum is an unscented, clear serum with fast absorption.  For the first couple of days, I didn’t notice any changes in my skin tone or complexion.  My skin did feel surprisingly moisturised from just a few drops of serum.  But then after the third day, BAM!

I have no idea how or why but when I wake up in the mornings, I look brand new!  Even my Husband, who would not notice if I grew a third nipple (okay, he would definitely notice that)  eye, caught me off guard and suddenly said to me, “Your skin is glowing.”  When I asked him to elaborate, he shrivelled away but then added, “It reminds me of when I first met you…”  (Yes, ahem, I have somehow let myself go since marriage…)  I can confirm that my Husband thinks this miracle product has reversed my age.

As for me, I have noticed that my skin tone has evened out.  I have a brighter, more radiant complexion.  I look more fresh.  And get this, my pores appear smaller!!!  (I have never ever found a product that has successfully minimised the appearance of my pores.  You can read through all my skincare reviews but none of them have ever made me write that statement!)

It is still too early to tell whether it has any effects on the fine lines on my face – “Yes, I’m talking about you, nasolabial lines!”

I have used this serum for over 2 weeks, but I will update again later if I notice any more changes.  Initially, I was worried that I’d use up 15ml of BIOEFFECT EGF Serum in no time, but because I only use 4 drops per night, it will last longer than I expected.

:  Potency of product, simplified evening skincare routine, minimised the appearance of my pores, made my skin “glow”, skin feels soft, supple and nourished

Dislikes :  Cost per ml

Is It Worth It?

BIOEFFECT EGF Serum is highly effective at rejuvenating my skin, but it’s expensive.  However, I can justify repurchasing this because I know my skin loves it and it has annihilated the need for all the other layering skincare products I use at night.  In my case, it is worth it!

***I have another post with updated findings of BIOEFFECT EGF Serum!***

I would like to end this post by thanking my Mum for her generosity.  She’s the best!!!  <3

For more information, please check out or


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