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I Lost My Illamasqua Virginity And It Wasn’t A Faux Pas!

A while ago, I attended the launch of Illamasqua’s Theatre Of The Nameless collection.  During the event, we were told that the nail polish collection were inspired by the Berlin Boot Girls in the 1920’s era.  Their boots were colour-coded according to their “specialty”…if you know what I mean *wink wink* – and the great thing is that the nail polish follows the colour and has a waxy rubber finish too.  I had never tried any Illamasqua products before this event, so I was jumping with joy when I left with a goodie bag and it had one of the nail polishes – Illamasqua Faux Pas.

Illamasqua purple nail polish

Illamasqua Faux Pas is a beautiful deep violet and I have received plenty of compliments from wearing this.  Seeing as I’m a nail polish noob, it took me a couple of tries before I learnt how to apply it without it looking patchy.

The waxy rubber finish is so cool…but I wanted it to be chip-free for days so I used a top coat over it which made it look pretty too.

purple NOTD

For some bizarre reason, capturing the true essence of the purple was really difficult so don’t trust the shade you see here.

If you want to see the entire nail polish collection, let me point you in the direction right here.

To ogle at other products, check out Illamasqua’s website.

And keep your eyes open for the other beauty I got in the goodie bag.

Guest Review On boa Relaxing Bath Milk

A while ago, Botanics Of Australia sent me a generous package (you may remember, I reviewed their face mask, shower cream and face cream) and in amongst the loot was boa Relaxing Bath Milk With Tasmianian Blue Gum Honey.  I couldn’t use it (find out why later) so I handed it to my fab girl-friend Minda who is a BBC (British Born Chinese) like me, living life in Melbourne.  She’s a food blogger and at the time of writing, her blog is ranked #16 in the urbanspoon Victoria leaderboard.  Woop woop! 


All You Need To Know About Brazilian Waxing In One Book

My name is Ling and I am 31 years of age and I am still a Brazilian waxing virgin.  This is largely due to fear of not knowing what to expect, followed by my low pain threshold.  However, after reading Confessions Of A Brazilian Waxing Queen by Svetlana Burckhardt, I feel like I’m ready!!!  Allow me to share…

This is a book which got me hooked from start to finish.  In fact, I read the entire book on the same evening I got sent it for review.  For a Brazilian waxing virgin like me, it provides a helpful insight in what to expect if I ever decide to get a Brazilian wax.  And for those who get this done an a regular basis, they can identify and chuckle along to all the stories Svetlana shares in the book.

A Brazilian wax, also referred to as the full monty will remove all visible hair from the bikini line, pubic area, labia and anal area.  A client can opt to leave a small strip or triangle of hair on top of the pubic bone, or can choose the Hollywood Wax trend where all hair is removed, every last strand.

Easy to read – check.  Funny – check.  Helpful – check.  Ready to book a Brazilian waxing appointment with Svetlana – check…except she is based in Sydney!  Gah!  Never mind, because I got to ask Svetlana a few questions…


Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box – Review & Swatches

Second date!  Second date!  Second date with Urban Decay…as promised last week!  My Urban Decay Fairy Godmother presented me with Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box and I swooned when I saw the cool packaging.  The palette is in an awesome wooden box which slides open on the top left hinge.  Now, that is just genius!  It’s like none of my other eyeshadow palettes so yeah, the packaging impressed me before I even looked at what it contained!

There’s definitely no disappointments with the contents of Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box.  10 eyeshadows – great colours and many combos to be created with them.  There’s also a brush and side mirror to help you if you’re out and about with this palette.  I didn’t actually put the brush to the test but let’s be honest here; it’s not gonna be a killer brush but it’s adequate for touch-ups on the go.

UDPP Is Magic

And ooh la la!  How cute is the mini Urban Decay Primer Potion?!!!  If you have oily eyelids and you haven’t tried this yet, you are sorely missing out!  Not only does it make eyeshadows pop, it also prevents them from creasing so easily.  (*whispers* But don’t worry, I have a UDPP giveaway coming up in a couple of weeks for my loyal readers…hushhh!!)

BTW, according to Urban Decay, Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box is eco-friendly so woohoo, if you’re an eco-lover!

From left to right : YDK (bronzed mocha with golden microglitter), Flipside (electric teal with blue sheen), Grifter (sheer lavender with lots of silver microglitter), Uzi (metallic silver with big iridescent sparkles), Twice Baked (brownie brown with gold glitter), Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (golden beige with bronze, gold, & silver glitter),  Flash (bright iridescent purple), Oil Slick (black with silver glitter),  Kiddie Pool (ocean blue with iridescent glitter),  Half Baked (subtle, lustrous bronze)

Likes :  10 shades to choose from, comes with mini UDPP, mini brush and mirror, fab eco-friendly packaging
Dislikes :   Mini UDPP runs out pretty quickly and if you’ve already got other UD palettes, you’ll realise that there are some repeat shades
Overall :  I love it!  But then again, I’m totally biased because I am a sucker for packaging and a sucker for cute dinky products like the mini UDPP.


So I totally suck at swatching…and I somehow lost the photo but here’s one of them of the top row…

If I was a better beauty blogger, I would not publish this post until the swatches were perfect…but alas, it is 2am in the morning when I write this and I am tucked up in bed…so nah, but you just have to trust me that the eyeshadows are amazing…but they only popped when swatched on top of UDPP!!  Without UDPP, the eyeshadows lose its vibrancy and do not stand out at all.

Anyway, if you really, really, really want me to swatch better, let me know in the comments and I’ll update it when I have time.

Where To Buy

For US readers : Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box can be purchased on the Urban Decay website $36 USD.
For UK readers : Urban Decay Sustainable Eye Shadow Box can be purchased in Debenhams for £27 GBP.
For Aussie readers :  Sadly, there are no Urban Decay stockists in Australia, but there are parcel-forwarding services if you desperately crave Urban Decay.

For the third and last Urban Decay eyeshadow palette review – same time, same place, next week?  It’s a third date!  And on the fourth date, I’ll let you know how you can win a UDPP!!!

Generous ABBW 2011 Sponsors + My Sydney Haul + Food + Friends

It’s Monday morning so I thought I’d come up with a light and easy post today…

Many thanks to the generous sponsors at ABBW 2011.

A girl-friend (not a beauty blogger) suggested that I sell some products to make money.  And I repelled in horror at this suggestion.  Beauty bloggers should know that you NEVER EVER sell anything a brand gives you for review.  I wouldn’t dream of it.  And I would also like to point out that I wouldn’t even know how to do it.  I am clearly old-fashioned as I never go on ebay and I rarely go online shopping.  Obviously, I cannot use everything there and that is why I will be giving love packages to friends, in exchange for reviews for the blog.  (Speaking of which, I have one coming up soon…)

And these are my purchases in Sydney…

At IMATS, I bought Ben Nye Coral Red Blusher ($10), 2 x OCC Lip Tars (2 x $14), Beauty Pod Airbrush FX Sponge ($10) and a Royal & Langnickel Bent Eyeliner Brush ($4).  Total spend at $52.

As mentioned in my ABBW post, I had dodgy sushi and diarrhoea was spurting out of me so my Husband was thoughtful and bought me Gastro-Stop.  While I was at ABBW enjoying myself, the Husband wandered around Sydney on his lonesome and bought me all the Hello Kitty cutesy goodies – UNO cards, make-up bag, keyring and stickers.  As you all know from my haul on Wednesday, I love Hello Kitty!  And I love my Husband!!

I also sneaked in a pair of pale pink Wittner shoes – perfect for Summer.

We stayed on in Sydney another night after ABBW, but the next morning I woke up feeling like I had the biggest hangover in town, hence the ibuprofen to get rid of the headache.  Anyway, we met other beauty bloggers who stayed on another night as well – Jeneara, Celeste and Stacey.  And we were all going to the same place – Adriano Zumbo in Balmain – so we jumped on a water taxi together.

And after they left, Hubby and I enjoyed eating our way around Sydney whilst meeting friends along the way.  Did I tell you I lived in Sydney for 6 months before moving to Melbourne?  I love Sydney!!!

Enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll speak to you all tomorrow.

10 Reasons Why I Love : Rodial Boob Job

Quick Introduction

Rodial Boob Job is a gel with a concentrated formula that claims to help improve the look of the bust and décolleté area. It is based on a natural phytosterol, derived from an Asian root that has no hormonal activity and works on the skin and the layer beneath it.

Product Ingredients

I got sent this for review and after trialling it for 4 weeks, I am ready to give you…

10 Reasons Why I Love Rodial Boob Job

1.  It’s such a great name for a product!  I chuckled to myself when I told my Husband, my sisters, my girl-friends (and basically, anyone who would listen) that I was getting a “boob job”, but I actually got a boob job without having to do plastic surgery!  Yes, I am easily amused!!

2.  Sleek, sexy packaging with the hygienic airless pump always gets love from me.

3.  There’s something soothing and musky about the smell –  I suspect it’s the inclusion of myrrh (which is added to “enhance fat storage in the bust area”).  My nasal passages give this the tick of approval.

4.  As you already know, my boobs are flat pancakes so I don’t need a lot of product to cover the area.  Two pumps.  For both breasts.  Not each breast.  I know, right?!  But hey, a bottle of Rodial Boob Job will last me a good few months.  Bargain!

5.  I feel like I’m doing something naughty when I massage my breasts every night with Rodial Boob Job.  I love how I can “feel naughty” even if I’m in my thirties!  (Warning :  If done in the presence of your partner, they may mistake this as a “Come hither” move and other naughty activities may ensue!!)

6.  There’s nothing worse than waiting for a product to absorb, especially when you have your puppies out on a cold night.  But fear not, because with Rodial Boob Job, there’s limited waiting time as the gel is lapped up by your chest area and doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue or any unwanted sensations.

7.  It is recommended that you use Rodial Boob Job twice a day, but I still saw results with my once-a-day application.

8.  After 1 week of usage, I noticed softer skin around the bust and décolleté area, due to the moisturising effects of the gel which contains micro fibres and wheat proteins.

9.  With continued usage, I have noticed that my breasts are looking plumper with a lifted appearance.  I cannot confirm whether it is due to Rodial Boob Job alone or because I started doing push-ups at the gym or it’s a combination of the two, but whatever it is, I love it!!!  I am not imagining things because my Husband (the boob-lover) who knows my breasts better than I do, has confirmed these changes.  No, my boobs haven’t increased in cup size, but they fill out the cups in my 32A bras better.  What a result!

10.  I believe that Rodial Boob Job would suit breasts of all sizes – big or small.  Simply because it would moisturise the bust area which would help with fine wrinkles, but also, after continued usage, your breasts may look more toned and lifted – nobody wants saggy boobs, right?!  Of course, it’s natural to be skeptical.  But all I can say is, it worked for me.

Hello Kitty Has Arrived In Priceline And Here Is My Wee Haul

Ladies, ladies, ladies!!!!!  *squee squee squee*  I know I blogged earlier today, but you know, I had to blog again because guess who’s arrived in Australia?  Hello Kitty make-up!!!!!!

Hello Kitty lipstick, Hello Kitty face powder

OMG!!!  I so could not resist and I had to buy!!!  Especially if you buy 2 items and you get a free plush toy!  WIN!!!!

The Hello Kitty make-up range starts from $9.95 to $14.95 and there were eyeshadows, nail polishes, blushers, powders, lip glosses and lipsticks.

Okay, so before you stomp down to Priceline, let me tell you what you HAVE to buy.  You HAVE to buy the Hello Kitty Compact Powder that is for sure!!!  Because why?  Look….

Hello Kitty make-up at Priceline

ZOMG!!!  So adorbs!  A Hello Kitty embossed in the powder!  I am never going to use it!!  The metallic pink packaging is to die for!!!!

And here are the lipstick swatches if you are interested – from left to right : 07-01, 07-03, 07-05 (I bought this one), 07-06, 08-01, 08-02, 08-04.  The 07 ones are from the Shine & Kiss lippy pink packaging range whereas the 08 are the matte shades and they are packaged in black.

The lid of the lipstick tube has a beautiful Hello Kitty engraved on it.  It’s numbered with 07-05 but it’s actually called Baiser Volé.  BEAUTIFUL!

The range at my Priceline in Doncaster must have just been newly launched today because none of the testers had been touched on the shelves so I happily swatched away till this lady barged in front of me and took over.  Erm, excuse me?!  Clearly, she is not a Hello Kitty fan!  I was decked out with my Hello Kitty handbag and Hello Kitty phone.  Pfft!!

Anyway, I wanted to buy Hello Kitty make-up items that I can take out in my Hello Kitty handbag, so forget the nail polish.  Next on my wishlist are the eyeshadows and glittery lipglosses.  Ooh, and there’s also another Hello Kitty plushy in a Hawaiian skirt.

Okay, if you buy anything, let me know!!

And before you ask, I aint gonna use these babies.  They are just too pretty!

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