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Goodbye 2011 & Hello 2012!

Wowee!  Can you believe 2011 is drawing to an end?!  This year has flown by so quickly!!  2011 has been a rollercoaster year for me.

Highlights of 2011 include : my Scottish family and friends came to visit me | getting into beauty blogging and making videos | meeting and befriending lovely beauty bloggers from ABBW and MBBE | my 1st year wedding anniversary – we did it! | launching another beauty blog – Lip Stalker | falling in love with plenty of beauty products | birth of my new niece | going to Hong Kong – which is where I will be when 2012 comes along in a few hours

Lowlights of 2011 include : chronic back pain | not being able to find a suitable job which means being poor | the biggest lowlight of all was discovering that the Mr and I both have alpha thalassaemia minor which means that we have a 1 in 4 chance of having a dead baby…!!!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to bigger and better and more beautiful things in 2012!  I will be MIA for 2 weeks until my return…but you may catch my occasional tweet so follow me!!  I cannot wait to show you the shenanigans I got up to in Hong Kong.  Till then, take care and…

Happy New Year!

A Review Of American Crew Trichology Hair Recovery Products For Receding Hairlines

Do you have a chilled-out and laidback brother / boyfriend / guy friend / husband / father?  Well, here’s a phrase which will scare him, “Hey, your hairline’s receding!” and watch him scurry to the nearest mirror and pull back his hair and analyse his hairline in every angle possible.

Note :  This will only work on non-bald guys!!!

Anyway, my Husband genuinely has a receding hairline because his hairdresser, who he has been seeing since 2004, told him so and because his father (my FIL) is semi-bald…but he does that combover thing that old guys do…you know the one I mean!  I actually bought some seaweed gooey stuff to make a DIY hair thickening product, but before I got all the ingredients together, an interesting email landed in my inbox…and to cut a long story short, my Husband got 3 American Crew  Trichology Hair Recovery products – Shampoo, Concentrate and Patch – to try out and review for my blog.

So for this beauty blogging hair adventure, he was supposed to use the 3 products together to maximise the effectiveness.  Wash hair with the Shampoo and then massage the Concentrate into scalp, before waiting for hair to dry and sticking the Patch on areas of recession and sleep with it overnight.

The following is a review I had to write on behalf of him.  He’s like a typical guy with answers like “nice” and “good”.  Yep, completely useless, right?  But I did get squeeze some answers out of him and here is the review…

American Crew Trichology Hair Recovery Shampoo

Contains a proven formula that nourishes and expands the life of the hair and stimulates, soothes and helps heal the scalp.
RRP $27.95

His Thoughts

  • Smells good, lathers well and a manly shampoo.
  • Would definitely repurchase again.

American Crew Trichology Hair Recovery Concentrate

Fuller, thicker and stronger hair; prolongs hair life.
RRP $59.95 for 12 ampoules

His Thoughts

  • One ampoule per application seems rather excessive and as there’s only 12 in the box, can make the stuff last longer by using half an ampoule instead
  • Slightly oily and absorbs well
  • Rather unpleasant smell (Ling : Sorry, but I have to agree.  He jumped into bed one night and I scrunched up my nose and I was like, “What’s that smell?”)  – but it fades away once it has dried
  • May consider repurchasing again

American Crew Trichology Hair Recovery Patch

Releases selected ingredients overnight to boost strength and thickness
RRP $119.95 for 60 patches

His Thoughts 

  • For the first two nights I used it, I got a headache; but after that, it was okay.
  • Easy to apply and requires minimal effort
  • Pricey but would repurchase when I earn big bucks

Overall Experience

So, one question on everyone’s mind is, “Did it thicken your receding hairline?” and being a guy with limited words in his beauty blogging dictionary, he said, “I think so…” and turned back to play his iPad 2.  Le sigh.

To be honest, in my opinion, it’s difficult to comment on hair thickening after 4 weeks of usage.  But it appears he had a pleasant experience with this hair regime and good thing he found a manly shampoo he likes because he can stop using my hair stuff!  😛

Guest Post : Review Of TK’s Lashes

In case you haven’t heard, I am currently on my way to Hong Kong and I will be deciding where to shop and eat when I get off the plane!  YAY!  I put a call out for anyone wanting to guest post as I didn’t want the blog to get neglected and unloved while I was away and Rachel kindly offered.  Enjoy…

Like Ling, I am a complete make-up minx. I can spend hours in make-up departments opening, smelling and trying on every tester.  I love the scents, packaging and dreams associated with this department and I am always on the look out for something new and different.

This week I hit gold while my 8yo daughter was having her hair cut at a local hair and beauty salon.  My 6yo daughter and I slowly slunk over to the shiny, colourful make-up stand.  Standing up right, taking centre stage of the stand was a small but powerful black box – TK’s Lashes.

The brochure beside this box made promises.  Surely, it couldn’t follow through with the promise of making lashes up to 300% longer.  I cannot resist a challenge.  I was going to test and scoff at this and I was going to use my innocent little 6 year old as my guinea pig to do it.  Feeling like I was participating in an episode of Myth Busters, I opened the black box and inside were two tubes.  First you use the larger gel tube to brush onto the lashes. Then you use the smaller tube to brush on the fibres, then set again with the gel brush.  Seriously, UNBELIEVABLE results.  My daughter looked like the cutest little drag queen with her lovely, long lashes.

Now, I love mascara and I use it daily.   For special occasions I use to get the individual lashes put on.  Recently I discovered lash extensions and I love them, but can’t afford to keep them permanently.  The TK’s Lashes are something else.  They truly do make your lashes look ridiculously long, but still natural and you can wash them off.  I think this is a must have in any make-up stash.

You can’t get these everywhere, I purchased mine from Beautiful You Hair and Beauty in Margate you can buy them online for $79. There are a few other supplies around Australia and New Zealand and you can find them on the TK’s Lashes website.

Photographic Evidence


Rachel Wernicke is a 38-year-old married mother of two girls.  After working as a paralegal in Brisbane for 14 years, she left life in the big city to focus on her family. Once the kids were both in school, it was time get back to work. In a four-person house with five computers, two iPads, two iPhones, two iPod touches and half a dozen cameras there seemed only one direction to go. Rachel decided to learn more about the the world of blogging and indulge her passions for style and life on the Redcliffe Peninsula.  In October 2011, she started Redcliffe Style as a place to write about and photograph the things she enjoyed.  Redcliffe Style is a light-hearted blog about lifestyle, fashion, beauty and food.
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Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moist Mist

Did you know that there is a Black Hole in the Beauty Blogging World?  It is where all the un-blogged beauty products go.  They lie there unloved and neglected; when all they want is to be used and caressed by their owner.  Only the lucky ones get to pose in front of the camera and feature on beauty blogs!  Every time I peer into my beauty shelf looking for the next product to blog about, they all scream and shout, “Pick me!  PICK ME!”  If any beauty bloggers are reading this, please assure me that I’m not the only one who experiences this!!!  😛

Anyway, I didn’t have my usual, “Hmm, what product should I blog about today?” procrastination because it’s a reader request for a product review.  Woohoo!  It’s long overdue, I tell ya!  Many, many, many moons ago, I hauled a bunch of Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid products and promised to review them…and uh…I kinda forgot about Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moist Mist.

Hada Labo products, Hada Labo blog

What Is It?

Hada Labo SHA Moist Mist is a facial spritzer packed with nano-sized hyaluronic acid which is 1/100 of regular-sized hyaluronic acid.  It’s a great way to hydrate dry skin throughout the day and when used over make-up, it helps to make it last longer.  Like all other Hada Labo SHA products, it is free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol and colorant.

Why Did I Buy It?

Uh…I don’t know.  It looked kinda pretty with its simple, fuss-free packaging.  I envisaged myself using it to cool myself down during hot Summer days.

What Do I Think About It?

  • Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moist Mist has a stupidly long name but it is a pretty cool product.
  • It comes in a 45ml handbag-friendly size and it’s a great pick-me-up when you’re feeling hot and drowsy from a sunny Summer’s day.
  • When  I use it on my face, I have to hold the bottle really far away so that I get a light spritz which dries easily and doesn’t ruin my make-up if I’m wearing any.
  • I don’t just use it on my face, but I also use it on my shoulders when I’m wearing a sleeveless top because it gets exposed to the sun and burns faster than any part of my body.
  • As for helping make-up last longer…I didn’t think so…

Why Do I Like It?  

I like it because it keeps my skin hydrated and refreshed.  It doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue and it’s fragrance-free.

And it’s also fantastic for occasions when someone asks, “Do you use a facial spritzer?” and I can confidently say, “Yes, I’ve used the one by Hada Labo before.”  It’s better than when I say, “No, I don’t…” and they reply with, “Huh?  And you call yourself a beauty blogger??!!  And what did you say your blog is called again?”  And I’d whisper quietly, “…The Best Beauty Blog…” and then they’d snigger…

(And oh dear…I sound like a looney bin with beauty products which scream “Pick me!” and imaginary conversations…with myself…um…yeah…)

Would I Buy It Again?  

To be honest, no.  It’s not an everyday product for me.  I don’t give it as much love as I should.  And when I finish using it, I can probably reuse the container and fill it up with mineral water or something.  Yes, I am a cheapskate.

You can buy Hada Labo products from

Have you tried any Hada Labo products before?  Do you have any requests for product reviews?  And what beauty products are in your Black Hole? 

The Cutest Eye Masks Ever!

Happy Boxing Day!!!  If you have been up all night celebrating Christmas and had way too much alcohol and little or no beauty sleep, then you may need something to soothe those swollen eyes before heading out for Boxing Day sales…and this is why it’s good to have eye masks in the beauty cupboard!

pig, cat, eye masks

Aren’t these the cutest eye masks ever??!!!!  I bought these last year when I was gallivanting in Hong Kong.

There’s like a fluid pack contained within the eye mask.  I say fluid because I don’t know whether it’s water or saline…but who cares?  The instructions were written in Korean but I recognised a Chinese word which said “ice” – so I assumed it meant that you can put the masks in the fridge or freezer.  And ahhhh when I put it in the freezer, it’s AMAZING!  They are fantastically cooling and relaxing when my eyes are tired or slightly swollen!!

“Oink oink!” and “Miaow!”

Cuties huh?  Anyway, since I am going to Hong Kong in 2 more sleeps, I’ll keep an eye out (pun intended) for more cute eye masks.  Let me know if you would be interested in a giveaway for cute eye masks and if there’s enough demand, I’ll buy a couple!

Miller & Moore Luxury Footspa Set Review

Miller and Moore Foot Spa

I thought I got a bargain when I purchased the Miller & Moore Luxury Footspa Set at 50% off at $20 in Coles…but then the next day, it got reduced even further to $15.  Pah!!  I am sure a lot of women will be getting this for their Christmas so being the dutiful beauty blogger, I have tested it out and here’s my review.

What’s In The Miller & Moore Luxury Footspa Set Box?

  • The footspa massager basin with a non-removeable electric cord (which is annoying when it comes to pouring out the water)
  • Miller & Moore Peppermint & Almond products – Foot Soak Crystals, Foot Cream and Foot Wash
  • User manual (not pictured)

What Does The Footspa Massager Do?

  • There is no heating element so it doesn’t keep the water warm – bummer!
  • It vibrates…gently.  And there is only one control setting.
  • Massage nodules on the floor of the basin and in the middle (green circular part)

My Opinions

  • It is not a massager!!!  I’ve had plenty of foot massages before and it’s just not a massage…but once I got over it, I enjoyed my experience more.
  • Yes, there are massage nodules which you are supposed to run the base of your feet over and it is supposed to mimic reflexology…but it doesn’t provide the pain and the relief afterwards.  It just feels slightly ticklish…
  • The vibration is mild and it helps relax my feet.
  • The Splash Cover is pointless as a splash cover – but it’s good for resting my feet on top of it after soaking and waiting for it to air dry.
  • As for the products provided, the Foot Soak Crystals don’t do much.  The Foot Wash softens my the hard skin on my feet – LIKE.  And the Foot Cream is cooling and soothing and absorbs well.


The Miller & Moore Luxury Footspa Set is my first foot spa set type thing so I have nothing else to compare it to.  But let’s get this straight – it isn’t exactly luxury…it’s a good and sizeable foot soaker with mild vibrations for a product under $20.  However, if I had to fork out the original price of $40, I would not be that impressed.

Did you get this for Christmas?  Have you used footspas before?

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