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Confessions Of A Beauty Blogger : The Moving House Edition

Confession :  I abandoned my beloved beauty blog for 10 days and blamed it on moving house.

Yes, I did move house but my Husband did all the moving stuff.  He is a star.

But while that was happening, I started a new job (demanding and stressful), had some health issues (I am ALWAYS ill!) and some family sh!t happened ALL AT THE SAME TIME!  So you can imagine that playing with beauty products and blogging about it was the last thing on my mind.

Confession :  I’ve neglected my skincare routine and I can sorta blame it on moving house.

I can’t find any of my potent potions and lotions as they are hidden amongst the sea of boxes.  Today is my first day off in ages and I really don’t feel like unpacking though.

Confession :  I literally peed my pants on the first day at the new house!!

The Husband and I were rushing out to go to the laundrette before its closing time so that we could wash our bedding so that we would have a freshly-cleaned bed for our first night at the new house.

“Wait!  Let me pee first.”
“Okay, hurry up!”

So I go into the toilet and I eye the toilet suspiciously.  I have weird toilet habits so stay with me as I tell you this…

  • For public toilets, I layer toilet paper all over the seat, chuck some toilet paper into the toilet and hover over it to pee.
  • For non-public-but-in-a-friend’s-house toilets, I layer toilet paper all over the seat and hover over it to pee.
  • For my house toilets which aren’t exclusive to me (i.e. visitors pee there too), I layer toilet paper all over the seat and I will sit on the toilet-papered seat with no skin touching the toilet paper (which means that I will use my knickers / jeans / leggings / skirt as a barrier between my skin and the toilet paper).
  • For my own en-suite toilet, I will layer toilet paper all over the seat and sit on the toilet paper with skin contact.

Are you confused yet???  It makes sense to me anyway 😛

So, anyway, as I was saying, I went to the toilet in my new place.  A toilet I had never used before so I layered the seat with toilet paper and used my leggings as a barrier and peed.

I pulled up my knickers and leggings and SQUELCH!

My bum was all warm and wet from my pee.  Yes, I peed my pants!!

I yelled to my Husband…

“OMG!  You won’t believe this!!!”
“I peed my pants!”
“What?  How did you manage that?”
“Don’t ask!!!  Where are my clothes?  I need pants!!!”

He rushed off to go through the bags and boxes of clothes and found bras, dresses, pyjamas…

“Here!  I found some trackie bottoms.  Wear them!”
“Uh…I need pants!”
“They are pants!”
“Huh?…DOH!  Not pants pants, but knicker pants!”  (FYI : Aussies refer to pants as trousers!)
“What?  You wet your knickers too?!  How on earth??”

…so I told him my weird toilet habits and he looked at me as if I was a complete nutter!!

Now that I have confessed, please forgive my impromptu blog break and I shall try and get back on track with beauty blogging because I have so much to tell you.  Anything you wanna confess?  Any weird toilet habits or is that just me?

Australian Sample Beauty Boxes : Bellabox & GLOSSYBOX

Last year, I wrote a post about how Australian sample beauty boxes are not my cuppa tea based on my experience with Lust Have It boxes.  Basically, I wasn’t wowed by the products and I felt that the sample sizes were too cute to be used so I was wasting my money.  Well, what do you know?  Like many other Aussie beauty bloggers, I was sent the March edition of both Bellabox and GLOSSYBOX by the respective PR’s, so I won’t bore you all with the exact contents of the box (- it is so last month anyway :P).  Instead I’ll let you know my initial impressions of each beauty box – purely based on that one box alone.

My Initial Impressions Of Bellabox

Australian beauty samples boxes, Bellabox contents

First up, I love the vibrant turquoise blue parcel of the Bellabox.  Pat on the back to whoever chose the colour!  I admired it for ages before I opened it.  Sometimes the best part of a parcel is unwrapping it; rather than what’s inside!  And that’s where I slightly stumbled…  My expectations were raised and sadly, the contents didn’t exactly push my buttons…and I was sad to see that there wasn’t a box but a drawstring bag.  I love collecting boxes!

I’m not entirely sure, but I believe Bellabox has a theme every month and for March, it was the “Bare Faced Beauty” theme.  And with that theme, there were mostly samples of natural skincare products.  The star of the box was the tinted lip balm which was the closest to a make-up item.  And the dud of the box would have to be that muesli cookie – I took one bite and gagged.  But that’s because I am a fussy-eater and I don’t do raisins, sultanas and all that dried fruit nonsense.

My Initial Impressions of GLOSSYBOX

GLOSSYBOX Australia, beauty sample boxes

With GLOSSYBOX, I loved the box within the box concept.  And the box that was within the box can be put to good use to store my bits and pieces.  I also loved that it was beautifully wrapped with the samples placed accordingly.  Another great thing is that I recognised many of the brands in my box.  Sadly, there wasn’t one single make-up item in there.

The problem with providing so many skincare samples is that everyone has different skin types and not every sample provided will be suitable.  I know that I won’t let that Proactiv Cleansing Bar touch my dry/sensitive skin…but on the other hand, I am looking forward to try the Avene Eau Thermale.

Famous Last Words

The sad truth about beauty sample boxes is that you cannot exactly pick and choose what you get.  Some items are winners and some items are losers.  Some people see it as a good thing to test different brands and some see it as a big no-no.  You just can’t win ’em all.

For more information, please head to and

P.S.  I saw sneak peeks of the April boxes for both brands and the products are more my cuppa tea this month.  Gah!!!!

Let me know your thoughts on beauty sample boxes.  Are you a big fan of them?  Or would you rather spend your money on full-sized goodies?

Experimenting With Brow Stencils

One day, a Melbourne beauty blogger called Ling decided to buy a pack of brow stencils from one of her favourite Asian stores, Sasa.

eyebrow pencil

Of course, you can’t use an ordinary pencil with brow stencils so she also bought a light brown eyebrow pencil, Brows Up Eyebrow Pencil.

It cannot be that difficult to redefine brows with a brow stencil, right?  WRONG!  As you can see, Ling had great difficulty positioning the brow stencil upon her brows and ended up squishing her eyeballs.

She actually quite liked the eyebrow pencil because it had a lovely shade which wasn’t too harsh.  However, when she removed the brow stencil, she ended up with this…

…thick caterpillar brows!!  BAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!

The End.

LOL!  Clearly, I need help!  How on earth can I redefine my brows??  When I draw them on, it looks terrible.  When I use a brow stencil, it looks even worse!  HELP!!!!  How do you do your brows?

Current Skincare : Morning & Night Cleansers

Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Gel Wash, Be in Awe Gentle Cleaner, skincare blog, beauty reviews

It should come as no surprise that I use different skincare products in the morning and at night.  Today I am going to share with you the current facial cleansers that I have been using.

Morning Cleanser : Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Gel Wash

This lime-green gel-based cleanser is a delight to use because I LOVE the smell!!!  It smells of green tea; very similar to the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea EDT that I love.  It is just so refreshing in the mornings!  I am a tea addict and this is a great fix without ingesting caffeine!

I don’t ask for much for a morning cleanser – just as long as it’s gentle on my skin and leaves it feeling ready to take on the day.  Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Gel Wash does this well – but my only gripe is the dispensing lid which gets clogged up easily with dried-up cleansing gel.

I believe Cellnique is a brand based in Malaysia so it isn’t readily available in Australia.  There is a price tag on the bottle at RM 119.00 and this was sent to me by PR.  For more details, head to

Evening Cleanser : Be In Awe Vimala Gentle Cleanser

Avid readers may recognise this brand from a previous post I did with a mini interview with the Be In Awe founder, Rebecca Powne.  I was delighted to be sent another Be In Awe product to use and this Vimala Gentle Cleanser has not left my bathroom since I started using it.

I love Be In Awe Vimala Gentle Cleanser because it’s free from a lot of nasties – SLS, parabens and harsh chemicals.  This also contains green tea, but sadly, it doesn’t have the green tea smell that I love.

It is great to use after a long day and leaves skin feeling lovely and soft; there is no tight feeling if I don’t apply my serums and moisturisers straightaway.  An added benefit is that I can use it around my delicate eye area without any stinging whatsoever.

Be In Awe is an Australian brand so it isn’t readily available for my international readers.  The cleanser has an RRP of $39.90 and for stockists and more information, please head to

What are you using for your current morning and night cleansers?

Girl Crush Of The Week : Nina Dobrev

I have decided to start a new series on the blog entitled “Girl Crush Of The Week” not because I have changed my sexual preference – I love my Husband forever!  But because I thought it would be great to highlight the beauty of girls I admire.

To kickstart the Girl Crush Of The Week, I have chosen Nina Dobrev; otherwise known as Elena from The Vampire Diaries.

The funny thing is… I only started watching The Vampire Diaries yesterday…and I started watching Season 2 first…so I got VERY confused!  But hey, it wasn’t the vampire brothers that kept me interested – it was Elena who is also Katherine and who is the actress Nina Dobrev!!!  (Yes, very confusing so that’s why if you don’t watch it, get on it!)

She is so pretty!!!  Flawless skin, gorgeous brown eyes, luscious brown hair and a figure to die for!!!  I really really really like her slim arms!  I look at my podgy ones and think, “Dammit!!!”

Very girl-crush-worthy, dontcha think?  Now I’m off to catch up on Season 1 so I can follow the story better.

Do you watch The Vampire Diaries too?  My sister asked me which brother I think is hotter…and I THINK I like Stefan better…but at the end of the day, Elena AKA Nina Dobrev wins!!!  

[image source : 1 2 3]

Shu Uemura Point Cealer Gives Me Trypophobia!

Shu Uemura Mark Cealer, Shu Uemura concealer

My beloved HG (= Holy Grail) concealer Shu Uemura Mark Cealer was on its last legs, but by the time I got to my favourite Shu Uemura store in Hong Kong, it was all discontinued.  (FYI, I know David Jones in Australia sell Shu Uemura but I like to buy all my SU stuff in Hong Kong because I get my brows done at the same time which is redeemable on 2 SU products and in that particular SU store in Sha Tin, I am a frequent spender every time I go to HK so they load me up with plenty of samples.)  Anyway, I ended up buying the Mark Cealer replacement, Shu Uemura Point Cealer.  And to cut a long review short, I don’t like it!

Shu Uemura Mark Cealer, concealer, sponge tips

First of all, look at the way the concealer from Point Cealer extrudes out of the sponge tip!!  It’s like worms coming out of holes.  *shudder*  I have a phobia of round spherical holes in sponges, cheeses, plant pots and other stuff!!  It’s called trypophobia!  (<== click on that link if you dare but be warned, there’s a lot of holes!!!)  My teeth are clenching as I think about this and my whole body has goosebumps!!!  (BTW, my kids better now grow up liking Spongebob Squarepants otherwise I WILL disown them!)

Anyway it’s not so yukky after the sponge tips gets all dirty and the sponge holes become less noticeable.  However, that’s when it’s party-time for the bacteria!  Sigh!  Can’t win, can I?

Shu Uemura

Pushing all phobias – sponge holes and germs – aside, the texture of Shu Uemura Point Cealer is stickier and a bit thicker than the Mark Cealer – and I find it much harder to blend in.  Sigh.  The concealing properties aren’t that great on my dark circles.

shu uemura swatches

It may be due to the fact of the shade differences in the Point Cealer (left) and the Mark Cealer (right).  I tend to follow the Shu Uemura SA’s advice on shade matches because they seem to know their thang…but maybe this time, they got it wrong??  I mean, how can I be 7YR Medium with Mark Cealer (which is perfect match) but with Point Cealer, they got me 5YR Light…??

Famous Last Words

I have been extremely loyal to Shu Uemura for years.  I love their stuff from their primers to eyelash curlers to cleansing oils.  Shu Uemura Point Cealer is the first rogue product I have encountered.  *sobs*  Why did they have to discontinue my ultimate favourite concealer in the world???

P.S.  After I wrote this review, I tried to google up Shu Uemura Point Cealer but I can’t find it on any of the SU websites!!  Maybe it has been discontinued already…??!!!  What the…??

Has a similar thing happened to you?  Did you discover a miracle Holy Grail product; only to discover that the brand have discontinued sales?  The replacement products are just never that good.  Anyway, I am on the lookout for a new HG concealer so any recommendations are greatly welcomed.  Thanks.  And out of curiosity, what is your biggest weirdest phobia?

Look Like A Pretty Little Liar With Remington Perfect Curls

pretty little liars hair, wavy hair

If you haven’t watched Pretty Little Liars before, you need to get on it ASAP!  I love it!!!  It’s an American teen drama mystery / thriller TV series where there are no vampires nor werewolves (yay!) and it’s not as shallow as Gossip Girl and it’s younger than Desperate Housewives.  Whenever I watch an episode of Pretty Little Liars, I always wish that I could be a Pretty Little Liar too!  I want to have their immaculate make-up!  I want to wear gorgeous clothes!  And I want to have their luscious locks!

Imagine my delight when I discovered that I was one step closer to becoming a Pretty Little Liar.  No, I can’t replicate their flawless make-up…I can’t afford nor fit into the newest hottest dresses in town…BUT I have discovered the secret to gorgeous wavy locks.

3 words – Remington Perfect Curls.

Remington curling tong, Remington hair tools, Pretty Little Liars hair

Remington Perfect Curls has amazing features :-

  • Sexy in pink
  • Suitable for hair tong noobs
  • Say ciao to future curling iron burns
  • Guaranteed the same perfect curls every time

The only thing which didn’t work so well for me was due to the thickness of my hair, it took forever to curl all my hair.  The clip which clamps the hair to the curling iron only holds a small amount of my hair each time.  Boo!!

BUT if I curl my hair with Remington Perfect Curls while I watch an episode of Pretty Little Liars, time just flies and by the end of the episode, I know I am one step closer to becoming a Pretty Little Liar.  LOL.

Remington Perfect Curls review

For a bit of va-va-voom (ie. volume) at the roots, I use Pantene Nature Fusion Root Lift Mist or KMS Hot Flex Spray and then  to make my curls last longer, I top it off with some hairspray – the one I’m currently loving is Aveda Air Control Hair Spray.

FYI : All hair products mentioned here were PR samples or from goodie bags.  All opinions are my own – I speak no lies even though I want to be a Pretty Little Liar! 😛

Anyway, have you tried Remington Perfect Curls?  What curling iron are you using?  And do you watch Pretty Little Liars?  Who is your fave character?

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