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Beauty Bites Featuring Rimmel London, Oscar Oscar Salon, Illamasqua, Kate Middleton & Braids!

As you may already know, my life has been consumed by my 4-day working week so daily beauty blog posts are a thing of the past.  Hopefully, I can find the right balance soon to summon my inner energetic goddess and learn how to blog and work together like birds of a feather.  Meanwhile, I present to you a new series called Beauty Bites with short and sweet morsels of beauty goodness to tickle your fancy.  (Sorry, I have been reading Fifty Shades of Grey so the vocab has rubbed off on me…rubbed…oo-er! :P)

Rimmel eyeshadows, Rimmel Glam Eyes HD quads

Rimmel London Glam Eyes HD : Yes, they are very pretty to look at with their Union Jack patterns…as for practicality with those tiny triangles and shapes of eyeshadow, well…it’s like using an iPhone to type an 5000-word essay…it gets rather annoying especially if you have clumsy fingers which go everywhere!  (I don’t even know if this metaphor makes sense!  Yup, I have definitely been infected by the Fifty Shade Of Grey author, EL James!!  Read and you’ll get what I mean!)

Katniss braid

Katniss Braid : I read The Hunger Games trilogy and I got inspired to braid my hair because apparently Katniss wears a braid.  I was very much Team Peeta…until I watched the movie and realised that the Peeta actor has funny teeth so I was verging on Team Gale…but then I realised that in real life, he shacks up with Miley Cyrus… and need I say more?

Fishtail Braid :  Speaking of braids, the MBBE (Melbourne beauty bloggers) got shown how to do all types of braids at an Oscar Oscar Salon event in their Chadstone salon.  Hair belongs to Tina (who is leaving for Taiwan soon – noooo!!!), hands belong to one of Oscar Oscar’s many hair gurus, Jacky Chan, and the babelicious babe smiling in the background is Shizuka.  Go say hi and tell ’em I sent ya 😉

ghd Curls :  Still talking about hair, we were also shown how to curl hair using ghd straighteners.  Amy did my hair and we love camwhoring.

Illamasqua lipstick, Illamasqua purple nail polish, Illamasqua palette

Illamasqua Love :  These beauties arrived on my desk a few weeks ago and *swoon* – don’t they look amazing?  However, I am currently hating my eyes because my eyelash extensions are looking not-that-hot anymore so I am waiting till they all fall out before testing the Illamasqua Neutral Palette.  And the pinky nail on my swatching hand decided to commit suicide last night so will have to swatch later.  As for the lippies, yes, I found time to remove my ‘tache this morning so will be testing them out soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Kate Middleton’s Teal Dress :  My jaw dropped when I saw Kate wearing this gorgeous Jenny Packham dress.  It is stunning.  Absolutely stunning.  And look, she has braids too!  I think I have Braid Fever!!!!
(image from :

Me :  And just because I can, here is another photo of me; unedited might I add 😛  I have been using plenty of wonderful skincare products lately so I will share about them later.  Thanks to all those who have been supportive of my beauty blog and mucho apologies for being absent these days.  I promise I will try and get on track ASAP.

And do let me know what you think of Beauty Bites.  Is it something you like or do you prefer my old tried and tested format of beauty product reviews?

Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer SPF 30++

Missha concealer, Missha BB cream, Missha no 23

Missha is an affordable Korean beauty brand and I love their BB cream, lipsticks, eyeshadows, nail polishes…heck, I love everything in that shop!  Hence, when my girl-friend Hannah asked me for concealer suggestions, I whisked her away to the nearest Missha store in Box Hill and she walked out later on with Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer SPF 30 ++.

Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer is a gorgeous pot of concealing goodness and comes with a cute little concealer brush.  The concealer comes in shades No 21 and No 23 (just like their Signature BB Cream) and it boasts of ingredients like collagen, glycerin and botanical butter which helps it blend beautifully masking imperfections like dark circles and red blemishes.  And even better, it has SPF properties – what a winning combination!

Missha Signature range, Missha concealer, Missha review

Hannah’s verdict :  She loves it!  Great buy at under $20!!!

I also gave her my Missha BB Cream in No 23 to try and if her skin doesn’t break out, she’s going to head back to buy that too.

I love living vicariously through other people’s make-up purchases especially when I have a big helping hand in the purchase.

What make-up items have you helped friends and family members to fall in love with?

Party Idea : Manicure Corner

basketball cupcakes

Last weekend, we celebrated my Husband’s 30th birthday party with his nearest and dearest.  It was a roaring success with chips ‘n’ dips, Nando’s, jelly, basketball-themed cupcakes, dance games on the Wii and a Manicure Corner!

Nail polish collection

The Manicure Corner was squee-worthy!

I brought out 80% of my nail polish collection and laid it all out on a table.  I also added the nail necessities such as nail files, nail polish remover and my nail dotting tools.  And of course, I had to add some sweet chocolate treats in the middle so you could eat that whilst waiting for your nails to dry.

All the girls, aged from 5 to 50+, had their nails painted that night.  And the more artistic girls got to try out their nail art techniques.

It was so much fun!  Yep, a Manicure Corner is definitely a great party idea because now the 5-year-old girl has asked her Mom if she could have a Manicure Corner for her birthday party in October.  Guess who’s bringing the nail polishes to that party? 😛

The guys played with the Wii and had awkward guy chat…but I could see them looking on and wishing that they could get their nails done too!  LOL.

What do you think of the Manicure Corner?  I think I want to throw a Girly Party next time and have the Manicure Corner, a Face Mask Corner and a Makeover Corner. 

HELP! I Found Something Dodgy In My Husband’s Pocket!

You know that movie scene where the wife is doing the laundry and empties out the pockets of her husband’s jackets and finds something incriminating like a red lipstick or some other woman’s underwear or a love note?  Well, something similar like that happened to me today and I am ready to share because I need your help in analysing the situation…

My story goes like this…

I had just got home after my disastrous haircut (more on that another day) and was frying some bacon and eggs.  The oil was splattering everywhere so I didn’t want to dirty my top nor did I want to put on some frumpy apron (FYI : I don’t actually own an apron).  As luck would have it, my Husband’s hoody was lying nearby so I grabbed that and put it on.

The pockets of his hoody were jangling so I took out all the crap in there.  Keys, spare change…and then this!

best beauty blog

Yes, a sample of Guerlain Issima Anti-Ageing Creme Foundation!!

What on earth?  What does it mean?  Why would he have that in his pocket?  I haven’t visited the Guerlain counter since…FOREVER!!!  Has he been secretly wearing foundation??  Does it belong to another woman? Is he having an affair?  Is he planning to buy me foundation??  Does he even know what foundation is???  So many questions…not enough answers!

I am uber confused.  My Husband has a lot of explaining to do when he gets home!!

Meanwhile…I have a little problem!  The pressure cooker (which he usually uses) has just thrown a big hissy fit and soup has exploded all over the gas cooker!!!  Oh dearrrrrr!!!  He can clean that up while he explains to me the mystery behind the foundation sample.

I will update this so stay tuned…only 45 minutes till he gets home…hmm…

What do you think is the worst thing to find in your other half’s pockets?  I think that I would be very disturbed if I found my Mum’s bra in his pockets…so good thing it’s just foundation I found today.

UPDATE : He claims he found it in one of my beauty drawers and that he thought it was lip balm!!!  I don’t recall having any Guerlain samples EVER!  But I shall watch him closely for the next few days…to see if he IS wearing the foundation LOLOL.  And no, I know he won’t be cheating on me because he spends all his free time with me and he only works with a bunch of guys and obviously, because he loves me! 😛  Maybe he’ll buy me some Guerlain foundation…??

So Much Love For Lancome Vernis In Love : 105M Corail In Love

coral nail polish, Lancome nail polish, Lancome Vernis In Love swatches

I am currently wearing and loving a beautiful nail polish from Lancome’s new nail polish collection, Vernis In Love, in 105M Corail In Love.  I was at the Lancome Rouge In Love launch a few weeks ago and I found this beauty and a lipstick in the goody bag.

nail polish blog, Lancome nail polish swatches, Lancome coral nail polish, Lancome Vernis In Love swatches

105M Corail In Love is a coral peach shade which is classy for any occasion.  It’s my first time trying a Lancome nail polish and I am pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to paint my nails with the wider-than-expected brush.  However, it took me 3 coats to achieve full opacity so it’s not a one-coat wonder.

Lancome nail polish swatches, Lancome Vernis in Love swatches, coral nail polish

It’s been 3 days now and even with no top coat, the wear on the tip of my nails has been so minimal!!  Super impressed with Lancome Vernis In Love’s chip-free and streak-free formula!

Lancome Vernis In Love swatches, Lancome nail polish

And just because I can, here’s another close-up of Lancome Vernis In Love Corail In Love. Ahhh, so pretty!!!

Famous Last Words
Lancome Vernis In Love comes in 22 shades and are $29 at your nearest Lancome counter.  Go check them out because you won’t be disappointed!

What’s on your nails this weekend?

Shopping Haul : I Spent My First Pay Cheque Before I Even Got Paid

Just in case you didn’t know, I started my new job a couple of weeks ago and basically, I spent my first pay cheque before I even got paid!  Please don’t judge me…but I was born with the spend-a-lotta-money gene and if I go on a spending ban, I will spontaneously combust!!

Anyway, enough rambling and let’s check out what I spent my $ on.

The Beauty Shizz

shopping haul, best beauty blog, Melbourne beauty blog

When a beauty blogger repurchases a beauty product, it’s guaranteed to be winning products!  And that’s why I bought the following again :

Max Factor nail polishes, best beauty blog

I bought a couple of cute and dinky nail polishes from Max Factor.  These are Max Effect Mini Nail Polishes in Diva Violet and Red Carpet Glam.  They were less than a $1 each so I couldn’t resist.

lipstick storage, nail polish storage, top beauty blog

4 x Models Prefer Lipstick & Nail Polish Organisers ($5 each) : These are a steal and will look pretty awesome once I fill them up with my lipsticks and nail polishes!  They were originally around $20 each but I saw them on sale in my local Priceline.  Bargain!  *pats myself on the back*

The Non-Beauty Shizz

antibiotics, chlorophyll drink, Melbourne beauty blog

The immune system of my mouldy bra is stronger than mine!!  I am feeling extremely poorly and my doctor prescribed me lots of pills (which cost me around $16) and I thought I’d try some health-boosting vitamins which came in the form of Swisse Chlorophyll Detox Health Drink.  I bought it because it was half-price at $11.  I haven’t actually drank any yet but I bet my gag reflex will have a party!!

I recently devoured The Hunger Games trilogy and it revived the bookworm in me.  I bought Fifty Shades Of Grey ($10) and I heard it’s an erotic read.  I haven’t read erotic books before so I am a little bit afraid.  What if it turns me into some sexy raging horny beast?  My husband can only hope!!  LOL!!  And of course, reading is no fun without a good cuppa tea and that’s why I bought this cutie chihuahua The Dog cup ($8).  It kinda reminds me of Legally Blonde…

The Non-Pictured Shizz

I couldn’t be bothered taking photos but I bought a 40″ Sanyo LCD TV for the boy’s 30th birthday.  It was $399 from Dick Smith.  That shop kinda creeps me out with all their “Dick” jokes!  Anyway, the TV is now in our bedroom and I can’t stop watching the damn thing while I munch salt and vinegar crisps in bed!

I also spent stupid money on new crockery and cutlery.  It’s for all the imaginary dinner parties that I host.  *cue awkward giggle*

Anyway, what have you recently splurged on?  Do you spend faster than you can earn?  What did you spend your first pay cheque on?  My first ever pay cheque as a dentist (around 8 years ago) was spent on La Mer products…and I didn’t even finish using the bottles of expensive goodness because I didn’t think they were all that!!  True story.

Manicare Retractable Make-Up Brushes & I Are Going On Holiday Together!

Manicare brushes, kabuki brush, foundation brush, concealer brush, make-up brushes

A few weeks ago, I received a few Manicare make-up brushes in the post.  They were part of the Retractable range and included the Kabuki, Concealer and Foundation brushes.  These brushes would fit in beautifully with any travel make-up kit.  Or if you like to touch-up your make-up during the day, then it’s great to have these compact-sized brushes.

make-up brushes, Manicare

Seeing as I have no travel plans in the near future *sad face*, I used these Manicare brushes as part of my normal make-up routine and they did a fantastic job.  Some synthetic brushes are really harsh and scratchy on my skin but that wasn’t the case here.  I was very impressed!

My favourite brush had to be the Kabuki brush because of how multi-functional it is.  It can be used for powder, bronzer, blusher and is dense enough to be used for mineral make-up too.  LOVE!

Famous Last Words

Manicare, best beauty blog, Australia beauty blog

If you’re looking for affordable, good quality make-up brushes, I would happily point you in the direction of Manicare.  They are so confident in their products that they even have The Manicare Guarantee – where if you are not completely satisfied, you can return your product and get a replacement free of charge.  Not that I would return my Manicare brushes because I am completely satisfied…

Now all I need is to book a holiday!  Yay!  Oh wait…I need to save up first and stop spending.  Yes, I have been spending a-plenty lately so stay tuned for tomorrow’s haul post 🙂

What is in your travel make-up bag?  Have you used Manicare brushes before?  Where’s your next holiday destination?

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