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Asian Beauty : What is Asian Skin and How does it Compare to Caucasian Skin?

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I have decided to start an Asian Beauty series because well, hello, I’m Asian and I am a beauty….blogger ūüėõ ¬†So what does it mean? ¬†It means that I will feature more Asian beauty products and introduce you to more Asian beauties.

Anyway, today I’m going to talk a bit about Asian skin.

What Is Asian Skin?

Totally stating the obvious here, but Asian skin is skin of Asian people, i.e.  Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc, etc.

Asian Skin vs Caucasian Skin

1.  Asians tend to have a thicker and denser dermal layer of the skin and there is a higher concentration of collagen, which means age-related skin changes are not as marked as Caucasians.

So true!  Asians have a tendency to look younger than their real age!

[Asian Skin 1 : Caucasian Skin 0]

2. Asians have a more compact epidermis (top layer of skin) which tends to reduce the absorption of skincare substances when applied to the skin.

This probably explains why Asians pile on more potent potions and lotions and the Koreans have developed a basic 5 step skincare routine but that can probably double up to 10 steps easily!

[Asian Skin 0 : Caucasian Skin 1]

3. Asians have darker skin than Caucasians.  The absolute number of pigment-producing cells (melanocytes) are similar between the Caucasians and Asians, but Asians tend to produce more melanin which tend to be distributed more towards the surface of the skin, thus the darker skin.

Yeah, isn’t it funny how most Caucasians love to tan their skin whereas most Asians love to whiten their skin.

 [Asian Skin 0 : Caucasian Skin 0]

4. Asian skin responds differently to sun exposure than Caucasian skin.  Asian skin tends to tan more and burn less, which means chronic UV exposure tends to produce more pigmentation-related problems for Asians.

I have freckles and sunspots all around my cheeks and nose, thanks to the strong Aussie sun!  GAH!

 [Asian Skin 0 : Caucasian Skin 1]

5. Asian skin reponds differently to trauma (physical, surgical, chemical or light). They tend to produce more post-inflammatory/traumatic hyperpigmentation, which leaves patchy brown marks on the site of skin injury and this does not resolve easily.  This is often seen in people with minor scratches or something trivial such as an insect bite.  This is also seen in individuals receiving cosmetic laser skin treatments, but end up with paradoxically worse pigmentation after the treatment.

Hyperpigmentation can kiss my a$$!

 [Asian Skin 0 : Caucasian Skin 1]

6.  Asians have a higher rate of unsightly scars, e.g. keloid and hypertrophic scars.

I can definitely vouch for that because I have stupid forehead scars from a car accident when I was 18.  Boo!!!

 [Asian Skin 0 : Caucasian Skin 1]

Who wins?

Well, it depends who’s reading this? ¬†

  • If you are Asian, you will rejoice because you look young for your age and you need to spend a bit more on potent skincare products and you must avoid the sun, unless you like the polka dot pigmentation face look.
  • If you are Caucasian, you probably didn’t read this far because you don’t give two monkeys about Asian skin and it’s not as if your skin will lose Cauc anytime soon to turn you Asian!
These findings were derived from Google research on Asian skin. ¬†Of course, I trust everything I read on the internet!!! ūüėõ ¬†Anyway, let me know what your thoughts are on Asian skin! ¬†And what do you think about this pilot post of the Asian Beauty series? ¬†Do you want to read more?


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Wordless Wednesday : Lips

This is a shameless plug for Lip Stalker, my lip beauty blog.  Go and subscribe even though I update less frequently there than I update this blog!

I also really like my lips and teeth in the photo named cor4.jpg!  Who knew coral lipsticks could make teeth look that white?

And if there’s any lipstick you want me to post up ASAP, let me know in the comments on this post.

10 Things You Did Not Know About Me

I am back, back, back! ¬†I had an unexpected mini blog break but I am recharged and ready to blog once again. ¬†Sometimes I get bored of reading beauty blogs because there’s only so many product reviews I can read before my eyeballs pass out. ¬†And because of that, I declare this week to be Product Review Free Week and I do solemnly swear that I will not review any beauty products this week on the blog. ¬†So what the heck shall I write about?? ¬†I shall write about me!

Here are 10 things you did not know about me :-

1. ¬†I like to pick out the toe jam from my toe nails and slightly sniff them. ¬†It stinks but it’s a familiar stinky feet smell that reminds me of my childhood. ¬†Yes, I had a weird childhood!

2. ¬†I never used to like geriatric old people because they smell like “old people” and they kinda creep me out. ¬†But since I started working in the community health clinic 2 years ago, I have become more compassionate towards old people, people with special needs, people with mental illnesses, drug addictions, etc. ¬†And for that, I am thankful for my job…even though it stresses me out loads!

3.  Filling out forms freak me out.  It overwhelms me.  It also annoys me when the forms have those small squares to write one letter in each square because my email address is sometimes too long to fit into the squares!!!

4. ¬†I always say inappropriate things that are really “dodgy” or verging on TMI (too much info!) – it is very obvious on my Twitter and Facebook accounts…oh, and my previous post too! ¬†ūüėõ ¬†But if you meet me and I don’t speak and act all shy, it means that I am too scared to speak in case I blurt out inappropriateness in your sophisticated / intelligent / wise / mature presence. ¬†Hence the reason why I never say more than 2 sentences in front of my in-laws!

5. ¬†My phone doesn’t have a ringtone. ¬†It is forever silent. ¬†Another irrational fear of mine is talking to someone on the phone. ¬†I have to really psyche myself up to call someone and speak to them. ¬†Yes, I am weird!

6. ¬†The first thing I do when I wake up is check my phone though. ¬†No, I don’t check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Whatsapp first. Instead, I read my favourite celebrity blog first and see what the newest celeb news is.

7. ¬†Before I decided to beauty blog, I contemplated starting a celebrity gossip blog. ¬†Oh my gosh, I’ve never told anyone that before. ¬†*blush*

8. ¬†I am an insomniac and I spend most of the night wondering how many hours I will sleep. ¬†Not only that, but when I do sleep, I am a light sleeper…which means every time my Husband farts, it wakes me up!

9.  I love subtitles.  I like reading them.  Also, if I have time, my brain imagines where the letters are on a keyboard so I type out the words in my head.

10. ¬†One of my favourite beauty pastimes, other than squeezing zits and blackheads, is to fish out gunk from my eyeballs!!! ¬†I love it when I have an eyelash swimming around my eyeball because it’s fun to try and remove it! ¬†In fact, I often peer into the mirror just to look into the corner of my eye, pull my eyelids up and down looking for gunk and eyelashes!

If you have made it this far, you may think that you kinda know me a bit better. ¬†It is true. ¬†You kinda do. ¬†But I have more weird and wonderful habits that I shall share with you another day! ¬†LOL. ¬†Tell me more about you and your weird habits please ūüôā

5 Products To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

Sorry for being MIA for the last few days but when work gets crazy busy, the last thing I want to do is blog. ¬†Another last thing I want to do is…well, dare I say it?…no, I can’t…but let’s call it “bedroom activity”; although it isn’t constrained to just the bedroom, if ya know what I mean ūüėõ

With regards to beauty blogging, motivation for me to blog is the lovely comments you lovely people leave me. ¬†With regards to “bedroom activity”, my Husband is well pleased that¬†I have discovered 5 products which give me motivation to engage in such activities. ¬†Yep, they really spice things up in the bedroom and I am prepared to share that with you all today! ¬†How awesome am I? ¬†*pats myself on the back*

1.  MOR Candied Vanilla Almond Fragrant Candle

Get into “boudoir” mode by lighting a scented candle as it creates a lovely ambience. ¬†It’s also easy to hide any flab and cellulite with this dark lighting. ¬†Just be careful that you don’t get too frisky and knock over the candle and burn the house down! ¬†You have been warned!

2.  Yellowglen Spritz Chilled Blush

My favourite alcoholic drink du jour is Rekordelig Strawberry & Lime Cider, but we ran out so any bubbly alcoholic drink will do. ¬†It tickles my tastebuds and the bubbles go straight to my head which means it brings out my naughty side *wink* ¬†You can have fun pouring this on and licking this off your partner’s body parts too! ¬†Maybe place waterproof bedsheets under your normal bedsheets to prevent the mattress from getting drunk too ūüėõ

3.  Fifty Shades Of Grey

Release your “inner goddess” and read aloud some erotica. ¬†For me, Fifty Shades Of Grey is really difficult to read as it is full of bad writing and grammar, but my Husband and I skip to the sex parts. ¬†It¬†won’t turn you on, but it will get both of you giggling, which will loosen you up. ¬†If reading this book does turn you on, then…I have no idea what to say, but really??!!!

4.  Shiffa Sensual Body Oil

Indulge in a sensual full body massage with this glorious rose-scented massage oil.  Too easy!!!  This was in the goody bag from the MBBE event last year and can be purchased from Miss Fox.  Like OMG, it is divine!!!  Highly recommended!

5.  Four Seasons Personal Lubricant

Now before you judge me, this was a gift from my bridal shower over 2 years ago. ¬†As you can see, the tube is still full as we have had no need to use it – but I just wanted to show you guys because the tube glows in the dark. ¬†And the word “lubricant” or “lube” or “lubrication” makes me giggle. ¬†Such childish humour, right? ¬†LOL

So…now that I’ve shared my 5 products, what are you waiting for? ¬†Grab your partner and get onto it! ¬†Also, do let me know what products do it for you? ¬†

LA CLINICA Gly C Refine Body Refining Micro Dermabrasion Kit

La Clinica Skin Care, La Clinica reviews

A few weeks ago, I came home from a long hard day at work to find a lovely surprise package from the wonderful people at the Melbourne-based certified organic skincare brand, La Clinica.  I literally had a *squee* moment when I saw that it was the LA CLINICA Gly C Refine Body Refining Micro Dermabrasion Kit.

La Clinica skin care, La Clinica Dermabrasion kit

The products in the LA CLINICA Gly C Refine Body Refining Micro Dermabrasion Kit are :-

  • Gly C Refine Body Wash Gel Glycolic Acid 8%
  • Gly C Refine Body Moisturiser Glycolic Acid 10%
  • Gly C Refine Micro Dermabrasion Body Scrub Glycolic Acid 14%

As it is Winter in Melbourne, I have plenty of dead flaky skin all over my arms and legs so after taking photos, I whisked away the products and took them into the shower that night and I have been using this every second day for the last few weeks. ¬†I don’t think I can use it every day because I am worried that the glycolic acid is too abrasive for my skin.

La Clinica skincare, La Clinica review

Gly C Refine Body Wash Gel Glycolic Acid 8%

This lavender-smelling clear gel is pretty nice on my skin, especially when I use it with my awesome Kuu Konjac sponge. ¬†It doesn’t foam up though which is a shame because I love a good foamy shower. ¬†Also, the pump dispenser is a tad small for my liking for a body wash which means it is a little troublesome.

Gly C Refine Micro Dermabrasion Body Scrub Glycolic Acid 14%

So after using the Body Wash, I use the Body Scrub and it’s my favourite product in the kit. ¬†There are tiny microbeads in the Body Scrub which exfoliate away all the dead flaky skin on my body and it reveals all the nice soft skin underneath. ¬†It’s a gentle exfoliant which doesn’t leave my skin feeling raw and sore. ¬†LOVE IT!

Gly C Refine Body Moisturiser Glycolic Acid 10%

This isn’t any ordinary body moisturiser because it contains glycolic acid. ¬†This means that it continues to refine skin whilst hydrating my skin. ¬†Apparently, with continued usage, it can help with stretch marks and discolourations. ¬†Genius!

I can definitely see an improvement in the texture of my skin as it is a lot smoother and softer to touch, especially on my arms. ¬†As for refining skin in terms of stretch marks (I have some on my inner thighs – NO IDEA how they got there), I will update this if or when I notice any improvements there. ¬†Thanks again La Clinica for this lovely gift. ¬†If you want to purchase the¬†LA CLINICA Gly C Refine Body Refining Micro Dermabrasion Kit¬†AU$90 to try for yourself, then please head to and let them know I sent you ūüôā

NP Set Eye Primer Does Not Light My Fire

Happy Saturday ladies! ¬†I need your help in deciding next week’s blog theme. ¬†Please head on over to our Facebook page and vote now. ¬†If there are no votes, I’ll be going on a blog break next week ūüėõ

Anyway, I was clearing out my blog drafts and came across this review I did on NP Set Eye Primer AGES ago which I haven’t posted up yet. ¬†The photos and writing aren’t great but instead of binning it, hopefully it will be helpful for those looking for a review of NP Set Eye Primer. ¬†– 14/7/12

Last year (I wrote this in October 2011), I went into a mad last minute make-up haul frenzy as I frantically searched around for cosmetics for my wedding.  To save money, I did my own wedding make-up  with a helping hand from my sister.  If you have oily lids like me, you must use an eye primer.  It acts a base for eye make-up to maximise pigmentation of eyeshadows and to prevent smudging and creasing of make-up.

I had run out of my HG eye primer (which is Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer Рa Korean brand which is impossible to find anywhere!) and with no Urban Decay in Australia, I went hunting in David Jones.  I went to the Lancome counter as Michelle Phan had been banging on about a Lancome primer she uses, but they had nada.  The sales assistant pointed me in the direction of NP Set and without even testing it, I purchased NP Set Eye Primer.


Nude By Nature Powder Brush Gives Me A Make-Up-Brush-Gasm!

Nude By Nature Powder, natural make-up

Do you know what my favourite make-up brush is? ¬†It is a big fluffy powder brush! ¬†Why? ¬†Because I love how the big soft fluffy bristles feel against my face and how it delicately tickles my not-so-delicate flat Asian nose. ¬†No other make-up brush gives me that much satisfaction. ¬†It’s like a make-up-brush-gasm (i.e make-up brush + orgasm)…if there is such a thing. ¬†No? ¬†Okay, it’s just me then…

Anyway, this will explain what happened when I received a Nude By Nature care package… ¬†In the box, I immediately noticed a trio of lip glosses – which I promptly reviewed – and a couple of make-up items which I ooh-ed over…and THEN I SAW THE POWDER BRUSH!

I tested the bristles on my hand and I knew that this Nude By Nature Powder Brush was a goodie. ¬†It was lovely, fluffy and supersoft. ¬†INSTANT LOVE and that make-up-brush-gasm I was talking about earlier…ahem…

Anyway, my care package included the perfect accessory to road-test the Powder Brush and that was in the form of the Nude By Nature Mineral Finishing Veil.

Nude By Nature mineral review, Nude by Nature powder

Nude By Nature Mineral Finishing Veil is a finely-milled translucent finishing powder AKA “Oily Face Police”. ¬†I like it but I don’t love it. ¬†But that’s because of the packaging fault of the holes. ¬†The powder just gets EVERYWHERE! ¬†Up my nose, down my throat, on my bathroom floor…you get the picture!

So yeah… go and test out the Nude By Nature Powder Brush¬† ($14.95 AUD) and see if it gives you a make-up-brush-gasm too. ¬†As for the¬†Nude By Nature Mineral Finishing Veil ($39.95 AUD), it’s a better-than-average powder but it’s not perfect, in my opinion.

Have you tried Nude By Nature products? ¬†Is it just me or are the photos I took for this post looking really good or what? ¬†Also, I wonder what Google hits I will get from this post as it contains dodgy words like “nude” and “orgasm”. ¬†Let me write “sex” too – just for the heck of it ūüėõ

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