Month: October 2012

Beauty Bites #10 – Bewitching, Blood, Back-ne…

blood, split head Hello beauties, blog posting this week hasn’t exactly gone to plan because if you stalk me on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram, you will know that I head-butted a table corner whilst taking lipstick swatches!!  LOL.  Yes, literally, blood, sweat and tears go into my beauty blog!!!  { full story here } 

Anyway, I thought I’d do a quick Beauty Bites post till I can put my blogging hat back on *wink*…


iSwatch : Rimmel London BB Cream

Rimmel BB Cream, Rimmel BB Cream 9 in 1

I’m rolling out a lot of new tester posts this week with Tried & Tested Trio, Initial Impressions and today I give you – iSwatch.  iSwatch is basically  swatches of beauty products taken with my iPhone – see what I did there?  *winks*  The photos won’t be the best quality and there won’t be in-depth product reviews but it will just be swatches and basic product info.  Today’s iSwatch is the new Rimmel London BB Cream which has just landed in Australian shores.


Initial Impressions : Lime Crime Alchemy Collection

Lime Crime purple box, Lime Crime packaging, unicorn sticker, purple unicorn

I got unicorn mail!!!  I was so excited when I saw the Lime Crime purple box in my mailbox this afternoon.  I snapped some quick pics to show you all the beautiful Lime Crime Alchemy Collection I ordered.  I am super impressed with the Lime Crime packaging from the cardboard box to the contents as it’s funky and bright and it made me feel all happy and warm and fuzzy inside!  Yes, product packaging does that to me!!!

Okay I’m going to shut up now and let you feast your eyes upon the Lime Crime Alchemy Collection


The Best Beauty Blog Turns 2!!!

Wowee!  2 years ago, I bit the bullet and finally posted my first beauty blog post.  You see, I had bought the domain for over 6 months but didn’t think I could handle beauty blogging…but whaddya know?  2 years later, I’m still at it and I LOVE IT!  It has been fun, fun, fun…with lots of hard work behind the scenes – it’s a hard life playing with make-up, dontcha know?! 🙂


The Asian Female Ageing Process

Asian meme, Asian female meme, Asian women meme

BOOM!  I LOL’d so hard when I first saw this Asian meme…but it’s SO true!!!

Happy Friday y’all!  My weekend doesn’t officially start till tomorrow afternoon as I am doing a Saturday shift but still…Fridays make me HAPPY!!!

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