Month: June 2013

Coral-icious Make-Up

Coralicious Make-Up

First of all, I just want to say another big THANK YOU to everyone who left me lovely messages after hearing of our awesome news in my last post!!!  I can’t stop smiling!  And to top it off…does anyone remember I had that work-related stress issue?  Well, I got good news yesterday and that has been resolved too!  *pops open non-alcoholic champagne*

Anyway, a few weeks ago I was feeling bit under the weather with so many stressful things on my mind…so what better way to brighten up my day than take photos of pretty make-up with pretty colours?!  So I gathered a number of coral coloured goodies and went all paparazzi on them – very CORAL-ICIOUS!!!


Revlon Photoready Primer + Shadow + Sparkle

Revlon Photoready Primer + Shadow

There are so many drugstore gems and awesome make-up sales at the moment that I feel it is my duty, as a friendly beauty blogger, to tempt you all to buy more make-up to fill up your stash!  With all Revlon products slashed to 50% off at Chemist Warehouse – GET IN QUICK! – keep an eye out (har-de-har!) for their new eyeshadow offerings – Revlon Photoready Primer + Shadow + Sparkle.

Allow me to give you a quick lowdown on Revlon Photoready Primer + Shadow + Sparkle before you race out to shop…