Month: July 2013

C for Clinique, CC Cream & Chubby Stick Intense!

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense, Clinique CC Cream

Today’s Clinique makeup porn is thanks to everyone who kindly voted me to be one of their Clinique It Girls!  🙂  I got my paws on a couple of their recent releases – Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream and Clinique Chubby Stick Intense – and thought I’d share some pretty pictures of the products and my personal thoughts with my beauty blog readers…


Online Shopping Addict Alert! My Haul from Hairhouse Warehouse during Click Frenzy

Hairhouse Warehouse online shopping review

A few weeks ago, there was this crazy 24 hour online shopping event known as Click Frenzy.  I had no intentions to buy anything so I thought that there was no harm with a bit of online browsing…BIG MISTAKE right there!  Because I shopped up a mini storm when I jumped onto the Hairhouse Warehouse website which were doing some rather AWESOME deals – check out my haul…


Fab Five Friday #1 – Nuxe, Clarins, David Babaii, L’Oreal Paris & GC

Fab Five Friday

To welcome you all back to another blog post after a wee hiatus due to Return of Pregnancy Sickness – the Sequel (let’s not make it a trilogy please!), I have decided to start up a new weekly series called Fab Five Friday where I showcase 5 fabulous beauty finds.  Sound awesome?  Read on for this Friday’s Fab Five featuring products from Nuxe, Clarins, David Babaii, L’Oreal Paris and GC.


Violet Box Review : Another Beauty Box Subscription in Australia

Violet Box 2013, Violet Box June, Violet Box July, First Violet Box, Violet Box contents, what's inside Violet Box

June 2013 was a HUGE month for me…  I was still suffering from all-day sickness but working full-time and trying to conceal my pregnancy at work.  I was nervously counting the days till the CVS testing I had to undergo to confirm the viability of the pregnancy.  I was crying with emotion when I saw our bubba leap up and down on the ultrasound at week 12…moments before the CVS needle injected into my placenta to extract fluids for the DNA testing.  I was stressed off my nut waiting for the results, but also worried that the CVS could have harmed bubba (1 in 100 chance of miscarriage – DOUBLE the risk of amniocentesis).  I was crying with joy and then vomiting from crying in the staff toilet because I received the fantastic news from our genetic counsellor at work…and then I had to go back to work and act all normal and cool when I was screaming with joy inside.

In amongst the crazy month of June, I received a surprise care package in the form of the LAUNCH BOX of the FIRST EVER Violet Box, the newest beauty box subscription in Australia…and I must say it was a fantastic temporary distraction from all the stress I was undergoing…  I know I’m a month late, but let’s have a look inside to see the contents of the first Violet Box (but if you’ve already seen it on other beauty blogs, just pretend you don’t know and play along…)


I Popped My NARS Cherry with NARS Exhibit A!

NARS Exhibit A, NARS blush, coral blusher, NARS blusher, best blush

Until last week, I was an almost 33-year-old NARS virgin!!!  I know, I know…and I call myself a beauty blogger?!!!  Anyway, fret no more my fellow beauty addicts because like I mentioned in my previous post, I have finally popped my NARS cherry with an amazing blush – ladies and er…ladies (men don’t wear blush, right??), I give you NARS Exhibit A.  Let’s all have a moment of silence to appreciate this blushing beauty…


My Baby Bump

my baby bump at week 15

LOOK AT THE ABOVE PHOTO CAREFULLY!!!  This is called a BABY BUMP at 15 weeks and 6 days.  NOT to be confused with a food baby.  NOT to be confused with flabby belly.


And this photo is the best flabby belly / food baby I could find of myself.  Notice how the flab flops down and doesn’t stay up like a baby bump.

I am just making sure you notice the difference so that you never do what some people did to me previously…


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