Month: August 2013

My New Toy… (38mm girth & 12 inches long!!)

being pregnant might be all kinds of sexy...

WARNING : This post may contain words of a sexual nature…

Being pregnant might be all kinds of sexy for some people…  But for me, it’s a BIG FAT NO!  The last thing I feel these days is SEXY!  I’m carrying an extra 10kg in weight, walking around with a big bowling ball and feeling so moody, hungry and tired ALL THE TIME!!  And let’s not talk about how under pressure I am to exude that “pregnancy glow” when my skin has gone on a crazy flake-out…and as for that “thick luscious pregnancy sexy hair”, mine is as limp as that Miley Cyrus VMA performance!

So in order to amp up the sex appeal factor, I got myself a new toy…  It’s sizzling hot and smooth with a girth of 38mm and around 12 inches long… 😉  Can you guess what it is?


Beauty News : Shu Uemura Price Drop in Australia

shu uemura australia, shu uemura products

Haven’t you heard already?  My all-time favourite beauty brand Shu Uemura has recently had a major price drop in Australia – with up to 40% off across half the range!!  Wowee!

As you may remember, I usually stock up on Shu Uemura products when I go to Hong Kong because it works out to be cheaper there.  But now with no plans to head to Asia in the foreseeable future and with the reduced prices, I can just get my Shu Uemura fix in Australia – YAY!

Let’s take a look at the lower prices…


Say Hello To My New Handbags!

SABA handbag, SABA leather handbag, leather handbag, SABA Annex

I’m interrupting my usual beauty posts with my new handbags today…

Yes, I have been shopping again…!

First up, I have the SPLURGE handbag which was from SABA…  You know it’s SPLURGE-y when it comes wrapped in a dust bag and the shop has a branded cardboard bag (instead of plastic fantastics) and the price tag of the bag is in 3 figures!!  *gulps*


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