Month: October 2014

Types of Sunscreen & Product Recommendations in Australia

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Whether I’m in (my country of birth) sunny Scotland (*insert sarcastic giggle* because when is Scotland ever sunny?) or (my current country of residence) in Australia, I make sure that I slap on some sort of sun protection every morning because I do not want :-

1) wrinkles
2) pigmentation
3) skin cancer

Yes, some people associate ‘sun’ with ‘tan’ and they LOVE baking in the sun but no, not I, sir!  Don’t get me wrong though, I love sunshine as it is uplifting and makes me happy but I’ll go slap on sunscreen and sit in the darkest shade, thank you very much.

In case you’re not a skincare boffin, allow me to give you a mini sunscreen lecture along with product recommendations…


Lovely New Goodies from Imperial Leather

Imperial Leather Bodywash and Anti-Bacterial Handwash

After blogging about the Cure Natural Aqua Gel which triggered a memory I have of my Dad, I thought it was only fair to share a story about my Mum.  When I think of Imperial Leather, I think of my Mum.  She is a creature of habit so when she finds a product which works, she sticks to it.  She LOVES Imperial Leather soap.  That’s the only thing she uses in the shower and she also uses that to wash her hands too.

Anyway, new Imperial Leather goodies recently landed on my beauty radar – Imperial Leather Bodywash and Anti-Bacterial Handwash – and let me tell you, they smell divine.


Review & Swatches : MUA Ever After Matte Palette

MUA Ever After Matte Palette

For today’s blog post…oh wait…let’s all do the…

*Friday happy dance*

…for 5 minutes first!

And then, let’s continue with today’s post…

Remember I picked up the MUA Ever After Matte Palette on my travels back home to UK this year?  I finally cracked it open a couple of weeks ago.  It was cheap as chips at only £4 so should you buy a ticket to UK to buy this baby?  Read on…


What’s New at Essie?

essie nail polishes, essie australia

When this colourful new Essie collection landed in my mail, it immediately brought a big beaming smile to my face!

You know it’s gonna be a good Tuesday when the most difficult decision* you have to make today is – What colour should I paint my nails?



hand foot & mouth disease

In case you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you will be glad to miss out on hearing me whinge but I’m currently suffering from #HFMD – Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease…courtesy of baby girl Bunty who has a deadly attraction to all germs!  “I see germs.  Put it in my mouth!”


Five French Favourites featuring Uriage, Nuxe, La Roche-Posay, Gatineau & Bioderma

best french skincare products

Today’s letter is brought to you by the letter F.  Yes, it is Friday.  F yeah!  And also, I have Five French Favourites { featuring Uriage, La Roche-Posay, Nuxe, Gatineau and Bioderma } that I am really excited to share with you.  Clearly, the French do it best – French fries, French accents (mais, oui, eet eez zo zexyyy!) and French skincare – ooh la la!!!


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