Hello Friday!  Hello February 2013!  And hello to all my lovely readers – if you are still there 😛  As you all know, I went on an extended beauty blog break due to health issues and I just want to let you all know that I am definitely in a better place than I was a few weeks ago.  Some days are harder than others but I am trying not to dwell on the past.  Thanks for showering me with all the lovely messages – I know who my real readers / blog friends / online friends are – see the list of names in my previous post.  Anyway, do you want to know what I got up to during my beauty blog break?  Yes, I went to Hong Kong but I did a lot of other things too!  If you don’t want to know, click away 😛 but if you do, here are 30 things that happened during my beauty blog break :-

virgin atlantic, virgin atlantic airways, virgin aeroplane

On the way to Hong Kong with my Mum and Sister

01.  My Sister and I went nuts at the beauty counters at the Duty Free bit in Sydney airport.

02.  Basically, we slathered on every expensive lotion and potion we could find!  The Sales Assistants at Duty Free are so not-in-your-face and we could browse freely at La Mer, Chanel, La Prairie, etc.

03.  I bought 2 YSL coral cream blushes – one for me, one for my Sis.

04.  We vowed  never to fly Virgin Atlantic again.

05.  The Virgin Atlantic flight attendants for our SYD-HK flight were DAMN RUDE and one of them rolled her eyes at my Sis when she asked for another packet of pretzels.

06.  The second packets of pretzels were for me because I was DAMN HUNGRY and there were only 5 mini pretzels in the packet anyway!

07.  I had sticky feet during the flight because another flight attendant dropped a glass of sticky shizz all over my fake Croc thongs (yes, I travel in style huh?)

08.  I can handle bitchy flight attendants but I cannot handle sitting in a 9 hour flight with a TV screen which was situated not in front of me…but diagonal to me!!!  WTF?  We were a row of 3 sitting behind a row of 4, hence awkward TV screen placement!

09.  And to top it off, the kid sitting behind me repeatedly kicked my seat and slammed his food tray back and forth.  I swear it was worse than turbulence itself!

10.  I gave the kid’s father the evil eye but he ignored me just like he ignored his kid.  I should have grown some balls and said something.    Alas, no balls grew.  Anyone got a Guide To Growing Balls to lend me?

Chanel CC Cream, L'Oreal Shine Caresse, Etude House, redhead, Hong Kong

In Hong Kong

11.  My first meal in Hong Kong was roast goose and rice PLUS won ton noodles in soup PLUS iced lemon tea.

 The first beauty product I bought was the highly anticipated YSL Glossy Stain dupes, L’Oreal Shine Caresse.  I actually bought 2 at first to test them out.  They are fab!  So I bought a couple more!

I had Yum Cha 3 times and I got really sick of it!  (I am actually off to Yum Cha tomorrow but I’m there for the company, not the food hah!)

I had an EXTREMELY good hair day on the day I was planning to go to the hairdressers!  Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Anyway, I turned into a redhead!  Yay!  I love it.  Although my towels are stained red and looks like I’m auditioning for Stephen King’s Carrie (if you’re not a horror fan, you won’t know what I am talking about…but basically, Carrie has a period scene.  ‘Nuff said!); not to be confused with the newest Carrie Diaries, the pre-SATC Carrie.  (Incidentally, has anyone watched that yet?)

I treated my Mum and Sis to a pampering reflexology foot massage session after all the crazy shopping we did.

I threw a hissy fit when I realised that I didn’t get the HK$6000 grant that every Hong Kong citizen got in 2012 because my Cousin / my Dad did not hand in my completed form last year!  Both of them do not accept any responsibility for this so I have no-one to yell at!!!

 Not that I would yell at my Dad because I don’t see him often with me living in Australia and the rest of the family in UK… But I did kinda yell at him when he got lost taking me to this Korean make-up store – Etude House – and we ended up walking down the longest street which sold smelly pets and stinky tofu!

I also couldn’t yell at my Cousin because she was in Bridezilla mode and my Sister was the moany bridesmaid who didn’t want to wear a pink dress!!!

But yeah, I attended my first Hong Kong wedding and it was a rather extravagant affair.  My Cousin hired like 20 photographers or even more!  There were over 400 people at this wedding.  My Cousin-In-Law comes from an ultra-rich family.  No, I was not jealous.  At.  All.  Honest!  Ahem!!!

21.  My Mum made me see a Chinese Medicine Doctor to see if there was a reason why I had poor health last year.  Funnily enough, the dude was called Dr Ling!!!

22.  Dr Ling said I had a fat tongue!  Gee thanks!  I was given all this Chinese herbal shizz to drink.

23.  I also got some acupuncture for my chronic back problems… which actually hurt more afterwards than it did beforehand!  Hmph!

24.  Like last year’s Hong Kong trip, my Dad took me to eat snake soup.  Apparently, it heals something or other?!  But I secretly think it increases libido because I saw the look exchanged between my parents!!!

25.  I got my brows done at Shu Uemura but damn, the snooty Sales Assistant there was super rude to me and even after I purchased something, she did not give me any samples – like they usually would do!  Damn them, I am a loyal customer!!!!

26.  And before I knew it, my wee holiday in Hong Kong was over.  Cue a tearful farewell at the Airport as I have no idea when I will see my family again.  Sighs.  I haven’t seen my 3 little brothers for over 2 years now!!!

27.  Anyway, on the flight back to Australia, I felt like a princess seated in Premium Economy!  Seriously don’t think I ever want to fly Economy ever again!  And no kung fu kicking kid was seated behind me.  WIN!

28.  My fellow passengers must have thought I was a nutter because I could not stop shrieking with laughter when I watched American Pie : The Reunion where there was a scene with a penis in a pot!!  And then I watched Magic Mike twice because I fell asleep during the first showing!  Who knew six-packs would make me sleepy?

TGI Fridays, pink clarisonic mia

Back In Melbourne

29.  I was super happy to be reunited with Hubby.  I think he was even happier because he was VERY pleased to see me…if ya know what I mean 😉 … and we had a lot of catching up to do…if ya know what I mean!!!  *sneaky giggles*  And after all the energetic catching up, we recharged by eating galore!

30.  I was itching to get back to beauty blogging but jet lag and laziness got a hold of me!!  But I actually filmed TWO beauty videos – Clarisonic Mia Review and Red Lipstick in 5 Different Ways.  I also found out I became a Youtube Partner – GO ME!  I have no idea what it means but hey.  Anyway, I can’t film any more videos at the moment because silly me left my video camera charger in Hong Kong!!!

So what did I buy in Hong Kong?  Come back tomorrow and I will show you my beauty haul.  What have you been up to during my blog break?  Did you find a new beauty blog to read?  Have you broken your New Year’s Resolutions?  Tell me everything – I miss a good goss session 😛

23 comments on “30 Things That Happened During My Beauty Blog Break”

  1. Oh…LOL at number 29. No I don’t know what you meant.
    Also i wanted to try the Clarisonic for ages! I’ll waitttt for the review.
    I’m gonna have to figure out what to wear for tomorrow. See ya.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time in HK and I’m glad that you had a great time. Yeah I agree some HK sale person are very snotty and very persistent in selling something you aren’t looking for.

  3. Hahaha, I literally laughed out loud at 29… and yes I get what you mean! haha. So cute, Ling!

    I can’t wait to see what goodies you brought back!

    And hurry and do a review of L’Oreal YSL stain dupe, pleeeease!

    • @missy, 🙂 hehe, I am so naughty 😛 And did you see my haul? And yes, must get the YSL dupe post up soon! I need to take photos of them!

  4. glad that you are back! all happy and energetic!

    man, if you ever come to Malaysia, i bring you to my fav shu store and introduce you to my awesome-mest SA to date! she does my brow nicely, never hard sell me, and even if i just go there to do my brows, she would give me samples to try if she thinks it suits me and if i am in need of it. my sister is also her loyal customer too! 😛

    the next time you encounter rude people, must tell them off! you paid for your seat, just like everyone else did, there’s no reason for you to go through such ridiculous things 😉

    • @plue, Plue, I NEED to go your Shu Uemura brow lady – read my post tomorrow and you will see photos of my over-plucked half-brows! Gurrr!!! Have you tried anything new in SU lately? I am trying to grow my collection but I just keep repurchasing my fave items…

      • @Ling, I haven’t tried anything new from them yet! The horror!

        But that’s because they aren’t releasing my favourite item ever, BLUSH for like god knows how long… I think they did, but my SA told me she doesn’t think it’s unique enough for me to own, since I own too many blushes for my own good, so yeah, no new toys for me from SU!

        • @plue, That’s so true! The SU Blushes are nothing amazing to make me want to buy. The packaging for them are really not lust-worthy. If they had a pretty design, I’d be all over them 😛

          • @Ling, exactly my thoughts! I would have bought them in a heartbeat if the packaging was unique, even if the colour isn’t.

            I always look forward to their Xmas collection, but these years they have been coming out with eye/ lip palettes which I don’t like >.<

  5. hey ling! good to have you back, your holiday sounds amazing. wish i could go to hong kong, but alas, this year’s itinerary strongly features my hubby’s hometown, seoul, which i am really excited about too actually.

    anyhoo! i was intrigued by your snake soup comment – did it have any aphrodisiac effects on you? my father in law once confided during a family dinner that apparently, it is a VERY stimulating treat, and that he has it as often as he can afford….?

    • @amorette, SEOUL??? Can I come?? I LOVE SEOUL! The shopping there is amazing and the beauty stores *swoon*. I went there in 2009 and loved it!

      PS – Yes, the snake soup is apparently VERY stimulating for men’s trouser snake! LOL! But for me, nahhhh!!! Didn’t excite me enough to sext my Husband lol

  6. welcome back, glad to hear that you’re doing well and it sounds like you had a great trip. Can’t wait to check out the hauls!

  7. Welcome back baby cakes. So happy to see you had a lovely time away. Sounds like you are recharged and ready to smash 2013 in it’s face. Go get it girl.

    • @Madam M, Yay!!!!!!!! We need to catch up soon!

      P.S. Emma told me that you have moved to another counter so I will have to come and stalk you there 😛

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