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When it comes to buying deodorants, it can get really confusing because there are many different types, shapes, sizes and ingredients.  Many people think that deodorants and antiperspirants are the same thing, but they’re different.  Deodorants work by neutralising the smell of the sweat and antiperspirants work by clogging the pores so they cannot release sweat.  There is also controversy surrounding aluminium in antiperspirants which may be irritating your skin so just be aware of that {wikipedia}.

As for me, I currently have 4 types of deodorant in my stash :-


1.  Natural crystal deodorant stick

Pros : Made from mineral salts, contains no aluminium chlorhydrate, alcohol-free, prevents sweat and smell
Cons :  Must be used straight after showering while skin is still damp otherwise it is ineffective, unhygienic applicator but at least it can be wiped
What I Say : My favourite type of deodorant as it works against B.O. and it’s “natural” but it can get unhygienic
Brand Featured : My Husband gifted me Smelly-No-More.  Need I say more??  LOL!  This is the only thing which makes my armpits not stink.

2.  Aerosol spray deodorant

Pros : Masks sweaty smell with their fragranced smell, most hygienic and can be shared with others
Cons : Easy to breathe it in while spraying which can choke up throat
What I Say : Choose your sprays carefully because some may contain ingredients which may irritate your skin and some have headache-inducing scents
Brand Featured : Soft & Gentle Extra Fresh in Lotus & Watermelon smells fresh but it contains aluminium chlorhydrate.

3.  Cream deodorant

Pros : Feels like I’m moisturising my armpits which can be soothing post-shaving, dries fast
Cons : Applicator can get unhygienic
What I Say : Much prefer this to roll-ons
Brand Featured :  Rexona Women Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant smells okay but does not keep me fresh for 48 hours as claimed – I start sweating and smelling after 12 hours.  There’s something about the hole-y applicator which kinda freaks me out.  I don’t like hole-y things like holey-sponges and hole-y cheese.  This item was sent for review.

4.  Roll-on deodorant

Pros : Nothing I can think of
Cons : Unhygienic to the max!
What I Say : YUK!
Brand Featured : Garnier Mineral 48 Hr Deodorant is not my cuppa tea!!!

I’ve had my say on deodorants.  How about you?  What do you use? 

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  1. I have used smelly-no-more before as I have excessively sweaty pits! They seem to last ages, don’t they? I hate those roll-on deodorants too as they make my underarms so sticky and uncomfortable. =( The only stuff I have not tried would be those spray deodorants but since you mentioned the hazard of it being able to choke up your throat I think I’ll pass! =p

  2. Hi…that is my problem since I live in Melbourne…so where can I buy the first one, Smelly no more??
    I´ll be very grateful…
    Thank u!!

  3. Okay, im not alone! Ever since i had my second child 3yrs ago, my armpits have had a mind of their own. I use Secret clinical. Its the ONLY thing that works for me. Yaaaaaaaay! But just like u, i hate the holes. They are gross! But i wipe it off, and remind myself that at least Im funk free!!!!

  4. Hehe, I love Smelly No More! I remember you saying once that you use it too. I love that someone shares the love for that deodorant! Most people I know have never heard of it!

  5. I use the crystal deodorant and don’t just use it after a shower . I rinse it with water each time I use and rinse after use to keep it clean and I never smell bad when using it at all .
    Also using essential oil blended natural deodorants help .

      • @Ling Tung, Ling , I try to keep it clean just with water because if I use soap or detergent natural or not , it might change the look of the product . This crystal has later me for ages ! I also recommend essential oil scented deos that are completely natural since I don’t want to distribute chemicals into my system .
        Thanks Lin !

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