5 beauty products I tried but didn't like

As a beauty blogger, I try a LOT of products.  Some I share with you on the blog almost immediately!  Some I forget to share about because I have baby brain forever…  And some I never share because I don’t want to be a Negative Nancy writing negative reviews and I only want to share with you awesome beauty finds.

That said, I decided to try something different and instead of sharing my new fave products { I have so many new faves! }, I thought I’d share with you 5 beauty products I tried but didn’t like.

Note :  I didn’t like them but it doesn’t mean that they are not worth trying.  Just because they didn’t work for me, it doesn’t mean they won’t work for you.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation

My sister actually bought me this foundation.  This was raved all over the blogosphere so I had high expectations and wanted so hard to fall in love with it….  Alas, it did not sit nice on my skin and I didn’t like the gel texture.  I stashed it away in my foundation drawer and brought it back out to play with again a few months later and I STILL did not like it.  It just wasn’t for me and my skin.

Lancome UV Expert GN-Shield BB Complete SPF 50

lancome bb cream

These were PR samples and I remember feeling extremely lucky to try the Lancome BB creams before they were launched but I did not like them largely because the 2 shades that they came in were totally not suited to my Asian yellow skintone – one was greyish and the other was too light.  It’s hard to test a BB cream on my face when the colours are not a close match.  But when I tried to blend it on my hand, it didn’t blend easily so that was another no-no.

swatches of lancome bb cream

Lancome have now discontinued this BB cream and changed it to a new XL-Shield version so maybe it is much better in terms of colour matches and blendability ( << is that a word?? )

Chanel Le Blush Creme De Chanel 63 Revelation

Chanel Le Blush Creme De Chanel 63 Revelation
I bought this from US, sight unseen, before it launched here in Australia.  And it was a bloody disappointment.  The funny thing is, I haven’t even used it because I am so bloody disappointed in it.  I was hoping this Chanel cream blush would ooze glamour and sophistication and cheer me up but it didn’t.

There’s nothing special about it.  No embossed design.  The colour isn’t unique.

That said, I was raging with pregnancy hormones when I bought this so I was a hormonal bloated whale the last time I saw this.  Now I have no idea where this blush is so I can’t even dig it out to use the damn thing because maybe I might like it now…???

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Eye Serum

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Eye Cream

This was a PR sample.  And it’s not entirely true that I didn’t like it.  It’s just that they never work for me!

Basically, I am prone to milia every time I use eye cream or eye gel or eye serum.  I get milia on my lash line ALL THE FREAKING TIME.

Anyway, I passed this to my Mum and she LOVED it because it cleared up the dry itchy patch she had on her right ( or was it left? ) eyelid.  In fact, I have since repurchased a bottle of this Jurlique Advanced Eye Serum for her because it is her one and only Holy Grail eye cream.  Yup, it reached HG status for her!

So even though it didn’t work for me, my Mum LOVED it.

Nude By Nature Professional Brush Kit

Nude By Nature Professional Brush Kit

Eagle-eyed readers may remember that I bought this from Priceline a few months ago.  I should have known it was a bad sign when one of the brushes came out of the box looking dog-eared.  Sighs.

The brushes aren’t doing much for me.

I’m passing this to Bunty – my 21 month old bub – for her mini makeup kit, hehe.

If you’re looking to buy makeup brushes from Priceline, my advice would be to go for the Real Techniques brushes.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading a different sort of post today.  Let me know in the comments if there are any products that you have tried but didn’t like.  Or if you liked any of the products that I didn’t like.

10 comments on “5 Beauty Products I Tried & Didn’t Like”

  1. A concealer that has been massively raved that I’m not that big of a fan of is Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer! I find that its just gives you a very light coverage, and if you put heaps on then yeah, it defs would give you more coverage but I dont like to pack on the concealer under the eyes!

    I did enjoy reading your post today though, not everyone is going to like all beauty products!

    • Oh yes, I have read so many rave reviews about that Maybelline concealer. The only off-putting thing about it is the sponge applicator. I’m currently using the Maybelline Better Skin Concealer which is great for masking all my imperfections 🙂

  2. Interresting to hear about the Nude brush kit, I think it’s a best seller at Priceline! I agree on the Bourjois gel foundation. I used to love it but realised it was way to oily on my skin and transferred all over the place!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. Please do more posts like this one!! I really want to try a Bourjois foundation but now I don’t know which one to try! I liked using the Jurlique eye cream but I didn’t really see anything too different compared to a more affordable eye cream.

    • Thanks for the lovely support Kat! 🙂 I’m going to try more Bourjois foundations – there must be one that will work on my skin!

  4. Still thinking of trying out that Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation. I wanna know personally if it will suit my skin.

  5. Sad about the Nude brush kit, I’ve been eyeing it off! This post is a nice reminder that just because something is raved about online, by lots of people, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you.

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