Whether you’re going to a dentist for your bi-annual check-up or to get a filling, apart from brushing your teeth beforehand, here are 5 beauty tips for a visit to the dentist :-

1.  Lose the lipstick and lip gloss!

Like it or not, the dentist will be examining your oral cavity and their gloved-up hands will smear any lipstick all over your face.  As for lip gloss, the sticky stuff will most likely end up on the intra-oral dental mirror the dentist uses to check your teeth.  If it blocks their vision, they won’t be happy.

My Advice :  Don’t go bare-lipped because your lips may dry out.  Instead, apply a moisturising lip balm or lip cream which soaks into lips and doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue.

{Recommendations : Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm, Guinot Longue Vie Levres Vital Lip Care}

2.  Smokey eyes and going to the dentist do not go together!

Nowadays, it’s all about health and safety so every patient is required to wear unflattering safety tinted glasses to protect your peepers from the lights and water splashes.  Regardless of whether you keep your eyes opened or shut them tight, it can get kinda hot under the spotlight and combined with any nerves you may have, you’re gonna sweat.  What does that mean?  Your hot smokey eye make-up will turn into big panda eyes!

My Advice :  Give your eyes a break from all the make-up.  Curl your lashes and slick on an eyelash serum.

{Recommendations : L’Oreal Paris Lash Renewal Serum}

3.  Get rid of unwanted facial hairs ASAP!

The spotlight will be on the area around your mouth. This means that the dentist and their dental assistant will have an extreme close-up of that area.  Remove your ‘tache (I said remove, not bleach!!  Bleaching doesn’t make hair invisible!) and if you have been blessed with nose hair, trim it!!

My Advice :  I’m a big fan of threading which plucks hair from the follicle level and one day, I will get mine lasered off.  But as for now, facial hair removal cream is my best friend.

{Recommendations :  Nair Sensitive Precision Facial Hair Removal Cream}

4.  Dousing yourself in your favourite perfume is a no-no!

Who doesn’t want to smell good and show off their signature scent?  But let me tell you from personal experience that there’s nothing worse than being a dentist treating a highly perfumed patient.  The protective mask is pretty suffocating already and if you add in an unwanted scent in a small confined area (aka dental surgery), it’s very uncomfortable.  Remember, you want to keep your dentist happy!!

My Advice :  A light spritz of an eau de toilette to your wrists or a gentle spray of deodorant to your armpits is more than enough.

{Recommendations : Biotherm Eau Pure, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea EDT}

5.  Pigtail it!

You will be lying back on the dental chair so forget the high ponytails or loose buns because it will be uncomfortable to rest your head on them.  You can keep it loose but if be careful of it getting tangled up or even worse, having bits of your saliva and blood flying into it.

My Advice :  Embrace braided pigtails.  One to each side for fuss-free and extra cute factor.

{Recommendations : sausage loop pigtails, braided side ponytail}

Do you have any more beauty tips to add?  Do you like visiting the dentist?

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15 comments on “5 Beauty Tips For A Visit To The Dentist”

  1. Handy tips there! I normally don’t wear much make-up when I’m getting any kind of dental work done. Just the basic – mascara, lip balm. 😉

  2. Great tips! I usually don’t wear makeup when I go to dentist, just a thin layer of lip balm to keep my lips moisturized.

    My dentists doesn’t make me wear any tinted glasses though. I guess Italy’s behind on safety regulations, although I never had any water ending up in my eyes or problems with lights..

    • @gio, OMG! Italy!!! I can’t believe it! That’s a lawsuit waiting to happen! Maybe you can pretend something got in your eye and blinded you momentarily and then sue them!!! LOL

  3. YA! My lips get real dry and they feel like they’re cracking whenever the dentist’s been about his/her business in my mouth for more than 10 minutes. I want to lick it but that’d look so wrong and weird. But if I apply lip balm, the dentist would still smear it all over my face right?

  4. this post had me in fits ~ the good giggling kind!

    am guilty of most of the above! well my dentist is a handsome fella so…..i do try to look my best

    but yeah! those post-treatment/ cleaning panda eyes, smeared lipstick, ….all a bit much, if not downright gory!

    have since evolved to using lip stains for dental visits..

    so now my dentist STILL gives me the tissue to “wipe off your lipstick please”, but the “just ate cherries” tint
    doesn’t come off…..so ..vanity mission accomplished 🙂

    and great advice …. I will ditch the eyeliner hence forth! haha thanks for a great read 🙂

    • @marian, Yay! Love it when people get my sense of humour 🙂

      LOL at your lip stains! I have had a couple of patients that wear them too. Which one do you recommend? My lip stain doesn’t stain like that!!!

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