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The Little Black Dress (LBD) is an essential in every girl’s wardrobe because it is a dress for all occasions and never goes out of fashion.  I have a small, but trustworthy collection of LBD’s which I know I can wear whenever I have my “I have nothing to wear!” moments.  I never get bored of my collection of Little Black Dresses because I find different ways to jazz it up and I’m going to share that with you today.

Here are 5 ways to jazz up your Little Black Dress :-

Lady Gaga, little black dress

#1 Gaga-fy

Anytime you’re stuck wondering how to make a boring black dress more exciting, think WWGD – What Would Gaga Do? – and proceed to Gaga-fy your LBD to your heart’s content.

#2 Spice Up Your Hair

Instead of wearing your hair in its usual style, spice it up with something new.  Think like a Gossip Girl and impress with your tresses and you’ll be surprised at how it can change your entire look while wearing your favourite Little Black Dress.

#3 Bring On The Bling

Choose some gorgeous pieces of jewellery to wear and transform to glam immediately.  You can choose classic pearl beads or full-on blingin’ earrings or whatever tickles your fancy.

#4 Belt It Up

Adding a belt can help cinch in your waist and also, add a splash of colour to break up the black.

#5 Colour Pop

Who said you have to wear all black when you’re wearing a Little Black Dress?  Inject some life into it with colour.  It can be coloured stockings, red stilettos, a bold blue clutch – the list is endless!  Just be careful not to overdo it.

Do you have any more tips on how to jazz up a Little Black Dress?  

13 comments on “5 Ways To Jazz Up Your Little Black Dress”

  1. Hahaha WWGD 😛

    What you said! That’s how I’d jazz up a black dress. For me, it’s usually different cardies, wraps, bling and shoes.

  2. Ling!!!

    Seriously, you are too cute!! Love your five steps (especially your color pop because those tights are phenomenal)! And Gaga-fy is hilarious! Thanks!

    xo, sam

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