I bought this double elasticated hairband when I was in Seoul in September 2009.  I love the design!  One of the bands is a single row of diamantés and the other band is in style of a Chanel link chain.  It’s so pretty but I’ve not actually worn it out before!!!  I know!!  I’m so bad!!!  I like to buy pretty things and never use them!!  Anyway, I was admiring it the other day and decided to play around and discovered 5 ways to wear a double elasticated hairband :-

1.  Normal hairband

Pulling back all my hair with a hairband is not my favourite look.  I am extremely self-conscious about my forehead because I have scars there from a car accident back in 1998.  I also hate my wrinkles!!!  I used to get Botox (because I used to do it at work and get it cheap at cost price in Scotland) but now that I’m in Australia, I have no idea how to get my hands on this magical wrinkle-free potion and I definitely don’t have enough money to get it done at a clinic.  ARGH!!!

2.  Hippy headband style

I see girls rocking this hippy look and they look HAWT!

Look at Michelle Phan – the No.1 YouTube make-up guru – she totally rocks the hippy headband!!!  (image taken from google)

On me, it just looks daft.  I think my head is too big to pull off this look!  I also need to have longer luscious wavy locks.

3.  Headband necklace style

I have never seen anyone with this look.  Have I created something unique?  Have I started a new trend?  Sadly, I think it’s more NOT than HOT!

4.  Necklace

It’s pretty cool to use it as a necklace with the right top or dress.  Dislike the diamantés catching and pulling my hair though – as can be seen in the photo.

5.  Bracelet

As a bracelet, the double elasticated hairband seems to work well.  I shall try and incorporate it into my outfits from now on.

Do you have a double elasticated hairband?  Did you like any of the suggestions?  Which is your favourite, if any?

12 comments on “5 Ways To Wear A Double Elasticated Hairband”

  1. They mostly look great and very creative (it helps that the model is very pretty). I found number 3 to be especially entertaining x

  2. I love the look of these headbands. But for some reason, on short hair, it doesn’t seem to work!

  3. hehehe, like it! i prefer the look wearing the hairband like a hippie :3

    ShuShu ♥

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