Me washing face with Clearasil

This is the final instalment in a sponsored series of posts brought to you by Clearasil.  So it’s been over 4 weeks since I started using Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins & Daily Extracts Daily Wash morning and night and the verdict is…

I REALLY LIKE IT!!!  Gets two enthusiastic thumbs up from me!

Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts Daily Wash

My dry / sensitive skin is super fussy and it will throw a tanty if it doesn’t like a skincare product but I had no problems at all.  Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins & Daily Extracts Daily Wash is creamy, nourishing, smells great and it has helped get rid of the breakout on my chin / jaw region!

The only thing that I didn’t like about it is that it cannot be used around the delicate eye area – which is a shame because I love to apply cleanser all over my face including the eye area especially when I’m giving my face a good wash in the shower.  However, I forgot about this on a few occasions and my eyes didn’t sting at all.

Anyway, with such great results for my skin, Clearasil challenged me to have to the confidence to go out without make-up on and I gladly accepted.

no make-up Ling for Clearasil

I had a day off work and took that opportunity to go out au naturale…

Lunching at Food Republik in Box Hill

First up, I had a lunch and shopping date with a girlfriend – who is a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blogger.  I told her that I had no make-up on and she almost didn’t believe me because she said my skin looked great.  Yay!

Haircut from Barbi Kim, Box Hill

Later on the day, I went to get my haircut.  As usual at a hair salon, you are seated in front of a mirror and you are forced to look at yourself.  I took a good long look at myself (as the haircut lasted for an hour) and thought… Yeah, not bad for no make-up!  Shame about the eyebags though!

So yeah…that was my exciting day out sans make-up and it was quite liberating!

Anyway, I saved the best for last because here’s an exciting giveaway where you could win a Style Wardrobe Audit (worth up to $300) to help you improve your confidence and look your best when out and about!!!

All you have to do is answer this question :

Would you consider going out without make-up?  If yes, what would you get up to?  If not, why not?

This giveaway is open from now till 15th July 2013 5pm AEDST for Australian residents only.  The most creative answer will be selected by Nuffnang.  For full T&Cs, click here.  Good luck everyone!

UPDATE : This giveaway is now closed and the lucky winner is Niva T.

28 comments on “A Day Out Without Make-Up & Your Chance to Win a $300 Style Wardrobe Audit Giveaway”

  1. You have fantastic skin babe!!

    I never wear foundation (laziness) only mascara on upper and lower lashes, and mascara as a liner too (using a business card, trick I learned from YouTube) and blush occasionally.

    I go without makeup usually on Sundays when I’m only popping out in my trackies to get groceries.

    I have recently bought some liquid foundation, but have not yet had the opportunity to use!

    I need mascara to open up my eyes otherwise I look ill. lol.

  2. I scratched my eye recently, and to give it a chance to heal properly, I have been sans makeup for a couple of days. Putting makeup on every day is part of the fun of being a girl. I love deciding whether I’m doing a simple makeup look with a bold lip, or a smokey eye with a nude lip, or going for a prettily flushed pink cheek and luscious lashes girly look.

    I completely forgot I wasn’t wearing makeup and no one recoiled in horror when I was out and about, running errands, doing the groceries, chatting to people, queuing in the post office and hanging out with my son on school holidays, so I guess I could do it more often! The trouble is that I just love makeup so much that I like to wear it, whether I “need” it or not!

    I definitely “could” go makeup free more often, and I probably “should”, but I just don’t know if I “would”!

    You, however, obviously have that whole Glow thing going on – looking gorgeous! xx

  3. Sure would go without makeup.. why not?
    Sometimes I run around to work etc without makeup. I just get used to it as I do not have to look at myself. No monitor reflection at myself here. LOL
    And I am totally fine with me. There are times I often wonder why I hoard so many beauty items. But I have started to do the basics for work. BB, blush, lipstick. 🙂

  4. You do have great skin! Now I’m older, and dare I say it, more comfortable in my own skin, I often go without make up. But I wouldn’t feel comfortable going out to dinner, or on a date without it – would feel kind of naked! It’s amazing though, sometimes people say I look healthier without make up, so I don’t worry as much as I used to if I don’t get time to slap it on. I think sunscreen is the most important thing – have to keep wrinkles and cancer away!

  5. With pale lashes and brows and skin that blushes easily, I wouldn’t consider going a day without makeup – the least being mascara, brow pencil and a sweep of tinted moisturiser. I’ve also been testing it and I’m taken more seriously at work when there’s some “war paint” in play.

  6. Indeed you have a beautiful skin! At the house most times I don’t wear make up but when I go to work I wear make up but just as little as possible. It is also comfortable to feel my own natural skin 🙂
    Thanks for the post and your excellent blog!

  7. I don’t think I’m brave enough to go totally make-up free, although I have cut down on the number of products I slap on lately! I find that when my skin is clear I can get away with just a few dabs of concealer instead of full foundation-face. I love playing around with make-up, though! It relaxes me and it’s such an enjoyable part of my daily routine. I’d have a lot less fun if I were to go make-up free; I adore it too much!

  8. I go without makeup all the time! Sometimes even to work! (And I work in a cosmetics company!) I’ve noticed that the less makeup I wear or the more I don’t wear makeup.. The better my skin! A good skincare routine like the Clearasil one is essential! So now I feel confident to do all sorts of things sans makeup. Go to work, go to pole, go shopping, visit friends. I’m now comfortable in my own skin to go out in public with a bare face 🙂 plus my friends say that they like my freckles 🙂

  9. Just received this range in the mail last week so I’m really excited to give it a go now given your results! I would absolutely LOVE to go out without makeup .. sometimes I look in the mirror and think I really can do it but somehow I still feel too selfconscious without at least a thin layer of some sort of coverage providing product. The rest I can do without but it’s just my base that makes me most conscious. If I have decent skin then I’m sure I could confidently go sans makeup. When I finally muster up the courage to go without makeup, I’ll try to do that on a more regular basis when I’m not doing anything particularly exciting such as running errands etc.
    Going to try out the Vitamins & Extracts range for sure tonight in the shower!!

  10. I prefer as minimal make up as possible so all I do is to pencil my brows with a slight dab of BB cream and off I go to work on weekday mornings. But there are certain days, when I am feeling down, getting all dolled up with full make up does make a good pick-me-up! Or when I have a date with my boy, I’d take the effort to put on a simple yet natural light make up.

  11. Love your skin!…I’m jealous 🙂

    I would consider going out without makeup on Halloween…less likely to freak the locals and might even score some lollies!

  12. Hell yea! Natural is always best. I love to feel comfortable in my own skin and conquer the world just the way I am! We’re all beautiful so we should cherish our natural days just as much as our glamour days!

  13. I’m not afraid to leave the house without makeup, I am what I am, and if people don’t like it, then look somewhere else!

  14. I often go out without makeup. I also don’t wear it to work but the most outrageous thing was when I was 18 after having Uni all day I had to go out with friends clubbing and I was just too tired and could not be bothered and went out with no makeup. I regret that big time as I just felt out if place.

  15. I rarely go without makeup! Self-loathing teenage stage in full swing dammit! Haha I only ever go without makeup if I absolutely have to.. For example getting lashes and brows done or if I’m too sick to care. You have ammmaaaazing skin Ling!

  16. Id go paintballing cos no make would stay on your face after running aroundlike a maniac for a few hours

  17. I wish I had the ‘courage’ to go without makeup but at the age of 44 I don’t think I can change the habit of a lifetime. Everytime I have been ‘caught out’ by someone dropping in they have asked me whether I am unwell. This is not what you want to hear!!

    I know that I have great skin for my age but need the definition that makeup gives to my face. I have very little pigmentation so probably don’t really need makeup to even out my skintone, but I feel so much better when I have my ‘face on’.

    Sometimes when I am at home and know that I am having an at home day I will go without makeup, but if I need something from the shop I will make my hubby or children go and pick it up rather than go out without makeup on. None of them understand my phobia but are generally happy to pop out for me – they just roll their eyes and sigh 🙂

    I love how makeup can transform my face and make even my most tired eyes look bright and awake. Why would I want to look old and tired?

  18. I usually don’t wear make up
    It makes my skin feel yuck
    It makes face feel like
    It’s covered up in muck.

    I stay at home, I go to town
    And all about the place
    Without a scrap of make up
    Anywhere on my face.

  19. I actually haven’t worn makeup since high school & have only just considered wearing it again – I bought some BB cream but haven’t used it yet. What I get up to – well, everything! Work, family, friends…even getting married!

  20. When my skin is calm, I have no problems going without makeup and would prefer it since I have a tendency to usually feel like I have too much on when I do wear makeup – regardless of how little I wear.

    But I do occasionally get the ol’ ultra angry cystic acne that leaves a huge scar, and I have to throw some cover on it (and the rest of my face for balance). Really wish there was a way around that!

  21. I go out without makeup so often, you’d doubt I’m even a beauty blogger. Not even tinted moisturiser. Let the ski trip breathe with; so what if you have to see my red nose? 😛

  22. I try to take one day off every week. I have rosacea (not glamorous) and sometimes, it seems, anything can set it off.

    Plus, there’s the whole kiss off factor my husband enjoys not experiencing too 🙂

  23. If I have an event or function to go to on a weekend, of course I’d “put on my face” to look my best but otherwise, I like to keep it simple and go sans makeup to give it a rest!

  24. I’m usually wearing makeup when I leave the house, except for late night grocery runs and at the gym. My face is pretty red from all my current acne and previous acne scars, such that I feel self conscious every time I’m out and not wearing makeup. It’s much better now though, as I previously could not bear even the thought of leaving the house without makeup, anxious of the judgemental looks I could receive from others. I do hope that my skin will one day be clear enough that I feel secure enough to leave the house sans makeup.

  25. I only put makeup on for special occasions and if I’m going out with my hubby or friends. I love the natural and fresh feeling of makeup-free face.
    I don’t believe that going out without makeup is a make-down! Everyone should be confident that our natural look is good enough and make-up is only going to enhance the goodness of our features! To all my sisters out there, you’re all beautiful!!!!! Alicee xx

  26. Oh yeah, make-up free, sure! Only if it were a fancy dress party and masquerade masks were a costume necessity!

  27. I used to think that it would be too overwhelming to head out without any makeup on, but then I cast my thoughts back to highschool where I didn’t wear a drop of the stuff most days! I’ll admit that if my skin is well behaved I don’t mind heading out fresh faced (and I love that it makes my night time routine just that bit faster so I can hit the hay!) but if I have blemishes I prefer to conceal them so I feel a bit better about myself! Guess that is why a top cash wash is all important, huh? 😉

  28. only if i am going to quick shop but normally i need at least foundation i suffer with my skin because alot acne and been in accutan treatment for year now the acne stop but still have some scar i lost confidant with my skin this why i need at least light covering to feel confidant about it i wish if i can go out without makeup 🙁

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