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Me :  (bites lip nervously) Uh…hi peeps!
You :  Where the heck have you been Ling?  Did you drown in a mountain of dirty nappies?  Why have you not updated your blog for nearly 2 months?  I demand an explanation NOW!
Me :  Well…
You :  Wait!  Before you start your endless ramble, what lipstick are you wearing?
Me :  This is the gorgeous Rimmel London #310 Back To Fuchsia Moisture Renew Lipstick.  So creamy and pigmented.
You :  I can see that!  It is a stunning colour!  Anyway, you were about to explain why you have been missing in Bloggie-land…

Me :  So, remember I told you back in mid-February that my Husband got sacked?  I was devastated and I cried for days worrying about our finances and future especially with a newborn baby.  Job-hunting was stressful and unsuccessful.  Nothing was happening.  We had this new beautiful baby in our lives and we were just sitting around feeling miserable waiting for “something” to happen and not appreciating this newfound free time where we were both not bound to our jobs (I am on maternity leave).
You :  Oh dear!  Life gave you lemons!
Me :  Exactly!  But then I remembered this famous saying by some wise guru…

when life gives you lemons

You :  So where did you go?
Me :  We scraped the bottom of our savings barrel and went to Hong Kong to visit my sister and then, headed off to Glasgow in Scotland – my hometown – to see the rest of the family.
You :  Niiiice!  But you could have at least told us, your loyal blog readers!!  Haven’t you heard of the Rules of Good Blogging Etiquette?

Rule #1 of being a good blogger

Me :  I’m so sorry!  But it was a completely spontaneous and extreme last minute thing!  Baby’s passport arrived on a Monday, we booked tickets on the Tuesday and left on the Thursday.  There were too many things to do.  And then whilst on holiday, I decided to enjoy every minute and live in the moment instead of glueing myself to my phone or my laptop.
You :  You could have at least updated us with a quick one-liner.
Me :  Well, actually, if you had been stalking me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, your powerful skills of stalkerism deduction would have informed you that I was abroad.
You :  Excuse me!!!  I have better things to do with my time than to stalk you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!
Me :  Oh…
You :  But…erm…to prevent this from happening again, let me follow you on these social media sites right now.
Me :  Yay!  Like me on Facebook here, follow @Xyling on Instagram here and tweet me @Xyling here.
You :  I bet you broke your Project 100 Pan on holiday!
Me :  DUH!  Of course I did!  But it’s not considered cheating when you’re on holiday.
You :  More words of wisdom from that “wise guru”?
Me :  Hehe, yes!
You :  What did you buy then?
Me :  I managed to get my paws on the YSL #52 lipstick which is sold out worldwide!!!  Anyway, I’ll show you my holiday haul once I get round to unpacking.
You :  Well, quit your jibber jabber and get back to unpacking and blog ASAP!
Me :  A reference to Mr T from A-Team?!  I like!!!
You :  Liiiiing!!!
Me :  Sorry Ma’am!  Going to blog now.  New post tomorrow guaranteed.  And reader survey results by the end of this week guaranteed.  Pinky promise.  *mwah*

2 comments on “A Much Needed Update On Where The Heck I Have Been!!!”

  1. That’s a great saying… hehe
    Hope the holiday perked u up! What a great time to go on a family trip, when you both are not tied to work. Not the perferct circumstances for your hubby, but worked out well anyway.
    Great to have you back!
    I haven’t blogged for about 2 months… my excuse is not great like yours though, I have just been lazy!!!! Better hop to it…

    • @Neeno – Sew Me Love, Holidays were great! Now back here is kinda depressing…but that’s why I have to blog – it’s my therapy haha.
      It’s also okay to take a blog break once in a while and be lazy! It’s good to recharge and get your mojo back 🙂 When I read your blog, I get Creativity Envy – I think it’s great how you can sew like a superstar and make your own dresses etc! xx

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