Hi ladies, how was your weekend?  I had a weekend of mixed emotions :-

I Was So Happy!!!

I was at my first #MBBE – Melbourne Beauty Bloggers Event – which was held at Miss Fox, a glamorous beauty salon on Little Collins Street; kindly organised by Ponikuta who did a fantastic job.  All the ladies were dolled up and looked gorgeous.  We were pampered with mini mani’s, hand massages and mini makeovers.  We were fed with too-pretty-to-eat cupcakes and watered with Pimm’s cocktails – UH-MAZING! We were all inspired by Kate Morris from Adorebeauty’s talk.  It was a great evening.  Thanks for all the hard work you put in Val!

If you want to see more photos of #MBBE 2011, then head to our Facebook page or click on this link.

I Was Shocked!

I discovered that I was a Finalist at the Beauty Directory Awards for Star Beauty Video for this video.  I was so shocked!!!  I can’t remember but I must have submitted my video (because no-one else would :P) and to be shortlisted…woweee!  Kicking myself for not attending the awards ceremony in Sydney, but yay, what a pleasant surprise!

I Was Still Am Stressed To The Max! 

In case you didn’t know, the blog died over the weekend.  I nearly died too.  Some stupid server person with no authorisation messed up some files…and now, at least 30 unpublished posts and published comments which were made from 8th November onwards are missing FOREVER!!!  *cries*  I put in SO much work and it’s all gone!!!  I apologise for all the confusion, but it wasn’t my fault.  My only fault is not changing my password and not performing regular back-ups myself.  Anyway, let’s move on and not dwell on this…

I’m Freaked Out

So…it’s not technically the weekend anymore…but I just found out that someone googled me with the words “lingtung wrinkly ling” and spent over an hour on my website and browsed 41 pages.  Is that creepy or it is just my imagination?  Are you reading this??  That’s mean!  I’m not wrinkly!  So there!  And if you want to ask me anything, you can email me directly or use the Contact form.  But then again, if you’re an ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend, keep stalking me silently.

Anyway, enough about me and tell me about you and your weekend!  Please forgive me and the lack of posts for the next few days as I try to find the energy to rewrite my lost blog posts and fix the blog from behind the scenes.  There are missing plugins and whatnot.  Thanks for the support!!!  And speak to you all soon!!!!  

25 comments on “A Weekend Of Mixed Emotions”

  1. Wow, sounds like you have been on an emotional rollercoaster! I’m really sorry about your blog worries, you’re making me want to go and update all my passwords right now, the thought of losing all that work is just horrid!

    Congratulations on the other stuff though, both being a finalist in the star awards and joining the exalted ranks of the MBBE are both big reasons to celebrate. 🙂

  2. Wow what an interesting weekend! I always seem to have similar things happen to me, whenever something incredibly amazing happens, something awful happens immediately afterwards to destroy my mojo. That sucks about losing all your posts, hopefully you can get back on track. Congrats on becoming a finalist as well 🙂

    • @Megan, Thanks Megan 🙂 Sometimes my weekends are dull as and sometimes they are full of drama!!! But yeah, mojo is down…sighs…but yay to being a finalist 😀

  3. Congrats on becoming a finalist babe, well done!
    And ummm… yeah, that google search IS freaky. And sorry to hear about your blog troubles. Hope everything is fixed soon. xo

    • @Lilit, Thanks hun 😀 And yeah, Google stats are indeed freaky as! As for the blog drama-rama, it totally drained me. Now I can’t blog anymore hahaha. But damn them for losing my unpublished posts! Thanks for the support though 🙂

  4. So sorry about your blog, Ling. I do hope you get your ‘mojo’ back, and I’m sure you’ll have wonderful posts as always. AND Congrats on being a finalist! Hope you win!!! (^.^)

  5. hahaha i love your writing, i always enjoy reading your posts *-* so i’m very sorry for your missing posts – i guess it took so much time and efforts making these all..
    and of course congrats to you! way to go my dear! :3

    ShuShu ♥

  6. Three things:
    1) Congratulations on being a Finalist! You are such a great youtube personality so it’s fitting!! YAY! 🙂

    2) Sorry about the blog blip! YUCK! That’s really stinky.

    3) Okay, sorry, but I LOL @”lingtung wrinkly ling”! WTF? That is creepy (but still a little funny -what are they thinking?)!!

    • @Samantha, Three replies :

      1) Thanks lovely!!
      2) Agree it’s stinky…but such is life, right? 😉
      3) Creepy but funny…and they obviously think I am wrinkly!!! LOLOLOLOL

  7. It’s really a weekend of mixed emotions from what I read here. My heart goes out to you on your lost posts and comments. I really can imagine how I would feel if similar things happen to me. *hugz to u*

    Haha… I’m just like you in the case of looking at my stats and seeing how people stumble onto my page. The keywords used to get to the blog sometimes really baffles and tickles.

  8. I giggled all the way through this post! Not because it was funny, but sometimes we have one of those weeks when everything goes horribly wrong. HUGS!

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