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Hi gorgeous,

I’m Ling, the Beauty Blogger / Editor of The Best Beauty Blog, which is currently based in Melbourne, Australia.  Whenever I get free time { what free time??!!! }, I can be found playing with the newest beauty products or watching Netflix or blogging away on this blog – sometimes, ALL AT THE SAME TIME!  #multitaskingFTW

If you have watched any of my YouTube beauty videos, you will know that I have a Scottish accent because…*surprise surprise*…I am Scottish Asian.  I only moved Down Under after I met and married my now-husband.

I also blog about motherhood and lifestyle at Ling Out Loud so you can read all about my story till you get bored there! 🙂

Being a beauty blogger, you would expect a sophisticated lady…but I’m nowhere near that!  In fact, I’m just your normal girl-next-door with a funny sense of humour.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog.  Don’t forget to subscribe and if you want to contact me about anything, go here or follow me for more regular but random updates on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

I also film beauty videos at Lip Stalker, a spin-off beauty Youtube channel which focuses on lip products and lip art and satisfies those with lip fetishes 😛

4 comments on “About Me”

  1. Hi, I really like your blog and I was wondering if you could give me some tips because I will be launching my first beauty blog soon and I would really like to get some help from someone with experience. My blog will be called Sophie Ann Beauty.

    Regards- Sophie 🙂

  2. Hi – I read your botox post and I love your before and after, what a difference, but you don’t look “botoxed” completely natural, but more vibrant, and more awake. I have never thought about getting fillers until today when I found out that you can botox your brows for a lift (I have naturally flat and uneven brows). You post helped me see that you can look “natural” after the procedure. You said that you have derma fillers, were they under your eyes or on your cheeks, or neither?
    Thank you so much for the detailed information! I know NOTHING about cosmetic type procedures and thought that in order to look younger you got a surgical face lift.. HAHAHA!! ANyways I am so excited to start looking into it and get them done! I will look a young 25 again… but better…
    Also, you stated that you and your friends practiced botox on eachother, and you wanted to practice on your mother? I figured you were in Med school, but it looks like I am mistaken. Can people just buy the stuff??? Cool

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