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The reason for the awkwardness?  Well, you can jog your memory { here } on how I acquired the Lelo Smart Wand and laugh at me again for my naivety.  Yes, I did think it was a very odd shape for a back massager but look at the luxurious box it came in.  I didn’t think it was anything dodgy until a lot of people commented on it when I posted a picture on Instagram (which was deleted swiftly as soon as I found out!)  I was just extremely embarrassed and mortified for my lack of knowledge on such gadgets 😛  And this review is going to be slightly awkward as it will be full of un-intentional sexual innuendoes – you have been warned!

Lelo back massager, Lelo

In case you didn’t know, Lelo is a Swedish brand which sells intimate lifestyle products (read : sex gadgets) like vibrators.  And this Smart Wand is a multi-functional gadget.  It was presented to me as a back massager and even the box shows women massaging their backs…but when you turn it on, it vibrates like a…well…vibrator!!!  LOL.  Yes, it is also a “powerful external vibrator”!  Naturally, my Husband was dying to test out this particular function!!!

Anyway, all of my female colleagues wanted to see the Lelo Smart Wand and test it out…on their backs!!!  There were plenty of giggles all around due to its phallic appearance!!!  They all said, “Wow, it’s huge!” – something all guys wanna hear for them, not the Lelo! 😛  We all agreed that the back massaging function is actually pretty good because you can make it vibrate in different speeds (slow gentle rhythm to full-on quickie mode) to whatever rhythm satisfies you.  The length and curvature also make it easy to reach the tricky areas on the back and the head is just a good size to penetrate and relieve tension in sore back muscles.  (I laughed when I re-read this paragraph!)

As for the other function of being a “powerful external vibrator”…let’s just say it was “interesting”!!!  And I shall let your imagination go wild with fantasies that sound like something from Fifty Shades of Grey { watch my video & you’ll see a cameo appearance of Lelo }

It’s also rechargeable, comes with a velvet pouch bag and makes a great gift for birthdays (over 18’s), Bachelorette Party or newlyweds at under the $200 mark!  Apparently Lelo Smart Want has been shortlisted for the Good Design Award at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas – impressive huh?

Apart from purple, the Lelo Smart Wand also comes in black or white.  What is your colour preference?  😛

18 comments on “An Awkward Review of Lelo Smart Wand”

  1. Erm… lol that reminds me of that SATC episode where Samantha wanted to return her back massager and she became a vibrator expert to all the women shopping for ‘massagers’.


    • @Ling, That’s what my girl-friend said….but I didn’t watch SATC so didn’t even know what a back massager / vibrator would look like 😛

  2. Ha ha ha i’ve so been waiting for this review. Ha ha ha too funny. I think you did a great job on highlighting its “back massaging ” features. hee hee hee.

  3. HAHAHA! I remember that night!
    Sounds like a great product for back massaging though!

    I should save up and purchase one for my mum! ^_^ LOOL……… holy cow, that sounded heaps weird.

  4. Oh hahaha! How awkward! I absolutely wish I had been sent one of these 😉 for back massaging purposes!!! 😛
    In all seriousness though, because of what it is, it’s hard to really make any comment at all and have it not be awkward!
    I think I’d actually like something for my back, and it comes in such a fancy box!!! 😀
    Good job! xx

  5. How on earth did I miss this post?
    Giggling much more than I should be whilst I pretend to be working 😛

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