When I was single, I used my eyes to flirt a lot.  I had the sparkling big eyes lined with the sexy kitten flick and I would flutter my long luscious lashes to capture the attention of my victim.  Okay, that’s not entiiiirely true…  I have short stubby Asian lashes so when I bat and fluttered my lashes, I looked as if I had something in my eye!  LOL.  Anyway, if you have been naturally blessed with short lashes like me, then hakuna matata – don’t worry – because we can always fake it with false eyelashes.  Who do I go to for my faux lashes?  ARDELL lashes.

About ARDELL (taken from their website)

ARDELL has become the world’s leading brand in faux eyelashes because it has stayed true to its mission in wanting to give women a way to have beautiful, unforgettable eyes.

ARDELL offers several lash styles to fit a consumer’s mood, personality and lifestyle. They have become must-have, preferred beauty enhancers for millions of women, including makeup artists and Hollywood A-listers. When women everywhere want to feel confident that their eyes have a total look that’s alluring and the ultimate in beauty, they turn to ARDELL Eyelashes and enjoy the compliments.

I was sent 4 sets of ARDELL strip lashes to review on The Best Beauty Blog.

ARDELL Invisibands Demi Pixies Black

ARDELL lashes

Photos of ARDELL lashes

  • These ARDELL lashes were my favourite out of the 4 sets.  They had an invisible band with varying thickness of lashes gradually getting longer at the outer corner of the eye and a sexy flirty curl.
  • Dramatic yet natural at the same time.
  • I felt like a sex kitten wearing them!!  Purrrrr!!!

ARDELL Invisibands Wispies Black

ARDELL lashes

Photo of ARDELL lashes

  • These lashes were lusciously long and looked really natural
  • But they somehow made my eyes appear smaller and more almond-shaped

ARDELL Runway – Thick Lashes Daisy Black

ARDELL lashes

Photo of ARDELL lashes

  • If you’re looking for full-on glamour-rama, look no further because these lashes were made for a glamour-puss!!  Miaow!!!
  • Warning : may look a bit drag queen-ish

ARDELL Fashion Lashes 111 Black

ARDELL lashes

Photo of ARDELL lashes

  • These would be my every-day fake lashes.
  • They were of an every-day length – not too long, not too short
  • I’m sure if I wore these every day, people would think they were my real lashes…sigh, if only it were true…
My Opinions On ARDELL Lashes

At first, I was a bit iffy about ARDELL strip lashes as they are made from sterilised 100% human hair.  It just sounded a bit icky, but I soon forgot about that when I realised how natural they looked on my eyes and how ARDELL lashes blended in with my own short stubby ones.

I also liked the fact that the bands on the lashes were not rigid and had some flexibility – which made it easier to apply and very adaptable to different eye shapes.  The lashes are also reusable when removed carefully after use.  However, I wish the lashes came in a clear plastic case for easy storage reasons.

ARDELL lashes do not have lash glue provided.  They recommend LashGrip Eyelash Adhesive.  I was not sent this lash glue for review – but I just used my own lash glue.

The quality of ARDELL lashes are excellent at a very reasonable price.  I definitely recommend them.  There is a wide range of ARDELL lashes for all occasions.  For more information, please check out their website.

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  1. I really like the 111’s on you, they look beautiful and natural! Ardell lashes are lovely, and if you get the chance to try the 110’s you should. They are my go-to for brides. Very natural but super pretty 🙂

    • @Sara-May, Thanks for the recommendation – will definitely check out the 110’s. I wish I had worn Ardell lashes at my wedding. AND I wish I had known you then so I could have had your expertise help!

  2. They look great! You look like a sex kitten with those flirtacious eye lashes haha!

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