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Sources for images include Chanel CC Cream swatch from and Rachel K, iFiona & Chanel websites

With many beauty brands jumping on the BB Cream bandwagon these days, Asia has already moved on to the next letter in the alphabet.  Enter CC Creams!

What does CC Cream stand for?

CC Cream stands for Colour Control or Colour Correction (OR Color Control / Correction, without the ‘u’ in colour, if you are using non-UK English!)

What is CC Cream?  How does it differ from BB Cream?

CC Cream is basically a more refined version of BB Cream which promises more skincare benefits than a BB Cream.  It treats and covers uneven skin tones more effectively and blends with skin tone better than BB creams that sometimes appear too light on certain skin tones.   Apparently, CC Cream is less oily than BB Creams with a lighter texture.

What brands have CC Creams?

At the time of writing, there are only a few brands :-

1.  Rachel K CC Cream – made in Korea; available in Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia – mainly in Watson’s, I’m told…and ebay! { Read my review of Rachel K Neutral CC Cream }

2.  Chanel CC Cream – made in ???; available in China and seen in Hong Kong duty-free airport…and ebay at extortionate prices 😛  Contemplating getting a friend to buy it for me…except I wasn’t that impressed with Rachel K CC Cream (oops, sorry…save it for the review!)

3.  iFiona Moist Color Control CC Cream – swatched this in Sydney Chinatown! There were 4 types there – Original, Anti-Acne, Moist and V-Line. The formulas were rather runny and sadly, too pale for my skin tone so I didn’t buy any.  They were $25 each or 2 for $40.

4.  Others are bound to pop up sooner or later

Anyway, I actually read about CC Creams LAST YEAR but for some reason, everyone thinks its a NEW thing 😛  I read it here first and that is dated June 2011!!!  OMG, we are SO behind!  I wonder when Western brands will take not of the new CC Creams.  😛  Anyway, stay tuned for Monday’s Rachel K CC Cream review.

Have you heard about CC Cream yet?  Were you a BB cream fan?  

P.S.  When this blog post goes live, I will be in Sydney for the Beauty Bloggers Utopia weekend and shopping away at IMATS – if you want to see what I get up to, follow me on Twitter @xyling.  And I’ll be back on Sunday night just in time to finish up my Rachel K CC Cream post for Monday 🙂

P.P.S. Happy 60th birthday to my Daddy – The Best Dad in MY WORLD!!!!!!  He’s a father to 7 kids (I’m the eldest of 7!) and he’s worked so hard to raise us all!  Miss him loads and wish I was back in Scotland to celebrate with him but instead, he told me to go have fun in Sydney and he’ll come see me in Melbourne soon!  Sweet!!!  Love you Dad (not that you read my beauty blog but still :P)  xoxo

15 comments on “Asian Beauty : CC Creams – What is it?”

  1. OMG CC Cream?! And it’s only available in China at first? (I thought if it’s only available in China then it would be something that is not genuine.) But after googling it’s available in Taiwan just now and it’s a product that suits asian girls. Now I feel 100% relieved LOL. It would be a great product for Melb’s summer time replacing the primer with SPF. I will ask my mom to check out Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) duty-free’s Chanel counter. (Cause in the past, MAC’s BB cream is only available in duty-free as well, that other than the airport it can be get in TST’s duty free. So I will ask my mom to check that out 😀 )

  2. I really don’t think there is much of a difference between bb creams and cc creams >_< i mean there are a lot of bb creams with different benefits/mix up if you get what i mean. i think cc creams are just a variant of bb creams but labelled as cc creams to catch the attention of the market. well just my hinest opinion haha.

  3. I’ve never heard of CC Creams but i’m not a fan of BB creams to begin with. I’m not sure what it is, but i’ve tried about 3-4 now and they always make me break out :c

  4. That’s very interesting however I am a bit reluctant to products that are designed to fix too many problems in the same time, I personally don’t believe in bb creams and I am very critical about these new cc creams. When I’ll write my post about this subject I’ll make sure to link back to you. Keep up the good work and congrats for the 2 years of blogging!

    • @Livia, I totally get what you mean because I cannot see the “miracle healing properties of BB Cream”. And yes, please feel free to link back 🙂

      Thanks Livia 🙂 2 years of blogging and I still love it YAY!

  5. Hi Ling your CC cream post really excite my sister to go and purchase it. Ive heard Rachel Kay is available at Guardian.

    For the asian skin like us we need to have that kind of cream as it is neutralize our skin in hot and humid weather.

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