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Za Cosmetics is a popular drugstore brand in Asia.  When I was in Hong Kong earlier this year, I bought Za Cosmetics True White Plus Two-Way Foundation in shade 22.  And yes, the hot metallic pink case was indeed the deal breaker.  I am running out of my Holy Grail Shu Uemura foundation (surprisingly, I haven’t blogged about it before so I must get a review up before it runs out) so instead of repurchasing it like a normal person would do, I have been cracking open all the foundations I have hoarded in my collection to see if they are any good.  Yes, dear readers, expect more foundation reviews in the near future as I am officially on a Foundation Frenzy!!!

What Is Two-Way Foundation?

First up, let me tell you all what two-way foundation is.  Don’t worry, I had to google the meaning too!  😛

I used to think that two-way foundation means that it is foundation and powder in one.  But it actually means that you can apply this foundation powder compact with a dry or wet application, i.e. 2 ways.

Dry gives a heavier coverage and matte finish; whereas wet gives a lighter coverage as the foundation is thinned down and gives a touch of radiance.  It depends on your skin type and what type of finish you like with your foundation.

Now that I’ve got that out the way, let me show you how I look with dry and wet applications with Za Cosmetics True White Plus Two-Way Foundation and tell you which one I prefer…

Za Cosmetics True White Plus Two-Way Foundation : Dry Application

Coverage is truly amazing because with a few swipes of the dry sponge, my freckled-face was concealed and I looked like a younger non-freckled version of me.  I was well pleased until I had a closer look and realised that it was TOO HEAVY to the point where it looked cakey.  Also, once the foundation settled, my pores were highlighted…to the point where I looked like I had big holes in my face and it almost triggered the tryptophobia inside me.  (Read more about my tryptophobic beauty finds here)

In conclusion, the dry application of Za Cosmetics True White Plus Two-Way Foundation is definitely not for dry-skinned ladies like me.

Za Cosmetics True White Plus Two-Way Foundation : Wet Application

Za Cosmetics foundation review

Now for the wet application, you can make the sponge wet and dab on the foundation.  But we all know wet sponges attract bacteria like an Australian beauty blogger to the nearest Priceline so instead, I came up with my own genius way of wet application.

First, I applied the foundation with a dry sponge and then I went crazy with my Uriage Thermal Water and sprayed it all over my face.  Using my fingertips, I gently massaged the ultra-hydrating water in with the foundation all over.  This results in a lovely and light medium coverage, concealing freckles and pores.  And there was no cakiness.  Woop woop!

Dry vs Wet

Two-way foundation, dry & wet foundation

Well, it’s a no-brainer.  I like it wet!  (Ooh, that sounds a tad dirty :P)

Beauty Buzz

What’s it called again?  Za Cosmetics True White Plus Two-Way Foundation (what a mouthful!)
Where can I buy this?  In Asia…oh wait…that’s a tad controversial according to a reader’s comment from my last Asian Beauty post {read here} so I can definitely say Hong Kong because that’s where I bought mine!  I think Za Cosmetics is made in Taiwan and their products can be purchased in Malaysia and Singapore too.  Please correct me if I am wrong!
What’s the damage?  RRP : $115 HKD
Sell it to me in 5 words  Get wet with Za Cosmetics!  (I suck at this :P)

Have you tried anything from the Za Cosmetics range?  What else would you like to read about on our Asian Beauty Series?

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    • @emmabovary, It’s amazeballs!! 🙂 And you have pretty soft youthful skin which doesn’t flake!!!

      P.S. How was the Bioderma make-up event on Saturday? I totally missed out 🙁

  1. i always thought 2 way foundation = foundation + powder too! i was told how to use it – first apply with wet sponge and use a powder puff to puff down your face. ended up with quite cakey face but back in the day matte look was everything and i thought that’s how it should be!

    ok, it’s from my aunt and i’ve learned i’ve been getting a lot of wrong advises from her!

    • @coco, LOL, your aunt sounds a bit out of touch 😛 But that is the same as one of my aunties – she said never apply foundation past your chin so basically, don’t blend it into your neck!!! WEIRD!!!!!!!!!

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