Cute things are usually small.  True or false?  If you answered true, then you have just agreed that I am cute!  MUHAHAHA!  Because I am a shortie!  I am small.  It means I am cute!  Yes?!  Okay, okay, I’ll stop because you need to check these cute little adorable babies out – Avon Color Trend Mini Eyeliners!!!

Avon eyeliners

One of my colleagues is an Avon lady so I’ve pored over their wee brochures countless times but never bought anything because money has been lacking, recently.  Boo!  But I couldn’t resist when I saw these little beauties at $2 AUD each and snapped up the entire collection – black, blue, green and gold.

Let’s get realistic here and accept that these are just handbag handy items and not long-lasting, pigment-yielding HG eyeliners.  Avon Color Trend Mini Eyeliners are the size of my palm and they are simply adorable!  And I’m a sucker for anything adorable.  Le sigh!

Have you bought anything from Avon lately?

8 comments on “Avon Color Trend Mini Eyeliners Are Adorable!”

  1. I did, buy some Avon stuff from my very own Avon lady, lol. They’re having BOGO sales, so I just had to, lol. I forgot what I bought though, but I’ll do a post on those when I get them 😀

  2. I used to be an avon lady! I’ve been thinking about getting back into it! but sadly if I’m an Avon lady i can’t review there items! damn conflict of interest!

  3. oh, i haven’t actually used any avon product in ages. Thanks for the review though (: nice swatches!! i use eye shadow as alternative to using the proppa things XD

    CMPang x

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