baby bump 24 weeks

Hello again!

It’s been a solid two months since I last spoke to you all…  But I have been busy!  I have been busy growing and turning my Mummy’s belly bump into a nice bowling ball 🙂

At first, she thought it was all kinds of awesome…but then the 10kg extra weight has been dragging her down and making her feel extremely tired.  So then I upped the ante and did a new trick to amuse her – I HAVE BEEN KICKING HER REAL HARD so that she can see her belly flick up and down.  She LOVES this new trick and spends every night coaxing me to kick her so she can see her belly move.  LOL.  She says it’s like having a wee alien.  Yeah, well…wait a few more months till I emerge from her va-jay-jay because I’ll show her that I am INDEED a wee alien!!

Anyway, my parents’ family and friends keep speculating what sex I am.  It annoys me so much when they get it wrong.  Like, duh, isn’t it blatantly obvious that I am a …………………!!!  { that was censored by my Mummy!!! }

Oh well, I’m off to curl up, suck my thumb and snooze before my Mummy wakes me up and demands me to kick her belly.  I think I prefer my Daddy already…he just whispers silly jokes to me, tries to tickle me and showers me with kisses *hehe*

Chat again soon.

Baby kisses from a Baby Blogger xxx

2 Comments on Baby Kisses From A Baby Blogger #2

  1. happyeverafterbride
    30/08/2013 at 12:48 pm (4 years ago)

    This series is brilliant! Baby is already sounding and acting like a little Ling!
    Love that everything's going so well so far.

  2. Ling
    02/10/2013 at 7:42 pm (4 years ago)

    @happyeverafterbride, Haha, yes, I will make sure he/she blogs from day dot! 😛