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Hello everyone!

It’s been over 8 weeks since I last blogged.  I’m not a very good baby blogger am I?  It’s just that sleeping, sucking my thumb and kicking my Mummy’s belly all day is a lot of hard work for me! 😛

Anyway, my Mummy and Daddy have been neglecting me!!  Instead of spending time with me and watching me kung fu kick my Mummy’s belly, they have been filming a Gender Reveal Video!!  *rolls my eyes*

They think they are so creative…yeah, wait till I pop out and show them what creativity I can come up with 😛

I am kinda glad that they are doing a Gender Reveal though because I will popping out in around 7-8 weeks time (if I am punctual but I might surprise everyone with an earlier / later date so don’t underestimate me!) – and I DON’T WANT NO UNISEX CLOTHES AND TOYS!  I want real boy / girl stuff so there 🙂

Just watch the video…  Gosh, my Daddy is sooooo cheesy!!!!


Did you guess correctly?  Now I am praying that my parents give me a fantastic name – I do not want to be called Bunty all my life ya know!

*yawn* Time for another nap…

Baby kisses from a Baby Blogger xxx

2 Comments on Baby Kisses From A Baby Blogger #3

  1. Beauty Snippets
    27/10/2013 at 9:24 pm (4 years ago)

    Aww, this is so sweet!! So happy for you 🙂