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Something weird is happening to me!!  I’m usually a big fan of bright boomtastic colours whether it be on my eyes, lips, cheeks or all 3 at once (drag queen alert!) – but I’ve turned!!!  I’ve started toning down my bright colours and embracing neutrals!!!  It’s scary!  I wonder if age is catching up because I have started appreciating the colour “brown” in make-up!!!

Anyway, whilst I ponder the ageing process, have a peek at this barely-there make-up look I have been loving…

I must say that my skin looks rather good here…and my eye has a twinkle (without the use of any coloured contact lenses BTW).  I think it must have been good lighting for “taking-photos-of-yourself” day.

Even for a barely there make-up look, I still happened to use 10 items of make-up!!!

Breakdown Of Products Used

Garnier BB Cream, FACE OF AUSTRALIA Gold Mine Quad


Garnier BB Cream in Light & Medium :  When I use Garnier BB Cream, I skip face primer because this is a lovely cream which glides on easily.  I’ve blogged about this before {link} – I mix equal quantities of both which creates the perfect shade for my NC-30 skin.  It’s great at creating a lovely radiant glow in real life…but in photos, it can look as if your skin is greasy…but that’s why you need the next product which is…

bareMinerals Mineral Veil :   Finishing powders set make-up  but also prevent unwanted shine and this one is light and seamless on me.

FACE OF AUSTRALIA Mineral Therapy Bronzing Pearls :  Fantastic product to create sculpted cheekbones.  When I use this, I skip blusher because this is sufficient.  LOVE it!


bareMinerals Multi-Tasking Face in Bisque :  It’s a concealer in mineral powder form.  I’ve been using this for a while but it’s just not quite there with its concealing powers for my undereye dark circles; but it blends beautifully.

FACE OF AUSTRALIA Eyeshadow Quad in Gold Mine :  All the colours complement each other and it’s not full of crazy shimmer.  I use the matte dark brown shade for my brows.

Smashbox Girls On Film Cream Eyeliner Travel Set in Sepia :  As blogged previously {link}

Jordana Pencil Eyeliner in Black :  The only black pencil eyeliner that can be used on my waterline without smudging like crazy.

Australis mascara :  I was sent this as part of a Trial Team.  I have somehow lost all my other mascaras!!!


Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra-Hydrating Lip Balm in Clear :  Reviewed here {link} and I love it muchly.

Ciccone Cosmetics Lipstick in Oceanus :  This is the one I reach for out of the entire collection which I blogged about before {link}

So whaddya think?  Feel free to shower me with many compliments so that my head will swell up and I will love you all forever!

22 comments on “Barely There Make-Up Look”

  1. Love this look, Ling!!! Perfect for summer (although Aussie seems to forget its SUPPOSED to be summer now!)

    Oceanus is such a gorgeous colour and is one of my favs too <3

    • @Adeline Er, Thanks babe! And LOL, you’re right – what happened to Summer??

      I love Oceanus…but I’m going to check out Sportsgirl’s lippies now – you have enabled me 😀

  2. Ok, I will make your head swell. Yes you look great! No seriously you do! Love that it has just the right amount of colour without washing you out, even though it’s a “barely there” look. Well done!! Welcome to the “light” sides shall we say? hehehee

  3. Ling, I swear you are lying about your age. You just look so young!! C’mon, tell us what year you were REALLY born in…

  4. Aww Ling!! You’re so cute here!! 🙂 I don’t think the age is catching up!! I personally love neutrals too and I’m like what… 18? LOL. You remind me of Pearl Tam here from Youtube! ^_^!!


    • @Tram, <3 Thanks gorgeous!!! And seriously, I have always classified "browns" for old grannies (sorry brown-lovers) and I've only just caught on!! And ooh, Pearl Tam?? I gotta Google her 😀

  5. lol i was momentarily wondering why you had 2 garnier BB creams, then i read the paragraph XD that’s definitely a barely there make up 😀

  6. Great neutral look Ling! I use to swear by neutrals but now I lean towards the dramatic eyeshadows/lipsticks…I’m going to go by your logic and say my aging process is in reverse. LOL! The mineral bronzing pearls have such a gorgeous finish.

    • @Stacey, Thanks Stacey – it sounds like my logic isn’t making sense!! LOL. But then again, my make-up skills are REALLY bad so I need to learn more from you and your colourful looks!

      And those bronzing pearls are UH-MAZING!!!

  7. LOVE! You skin looks so dewy and fresh and young. I’ve never been able to create a dewy look. I always feel so shiny and greasy, lol.

  8. Jealous of your good complexion! Mine’s just littered with nonsense like pimples, spots, scars. Sheesh. =( But I get those ‘good lighting’ days too! Haha! That, and some foundation makes me look like I have good skin. Lol.

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