Sunday nights have never been the same since #bbloggersoz entered the Twitterverse.  The one hour Twitter chat just flies by!  It’s been a great opportunity for beauty blogging newbies to ask questions and note down words of wisdom from the beauty blogging gurus.  This week’s topic was how to gain readership.  Please remember that every blog is different – what works for one blog may not work for the other.  Here is the summary (not in any particular order) :-

1.  Social networking

Even if you write the best quality content, no-one will read it unless you participate in social networking.

Gain readership by networking on Twitter.

I find Twitter helps a lot, I interacted with a lot of beauty bloggers before I had the courage to start my own blog.

I think forums like these (i.e. #bbloggersoz) are a good place to introduce yourself to other bloggers and gain some readership.

It’s true, I have started reading more blogs from #bbloggersoz.

#FF is also such a good engine- am always finding great blogs recommended by my favourite bloggers

Engaging in social media is the best remedy for readership growth. Remember, I said ENGAGE, not ANNOY.

Do the occasional guest post or interview it’s beneficial for all parties.

StumbleUpon and Pinterest are great sharing tools, but share other bloggers posts, not your own.

2.  Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Pay attention to analytics, in particular search terms, see how people find your blog.

It pays to be clever with search engine optimisation. A lot of my traffic comes from referrals.

I make sure that my posts include keywords that get picked out in a Google search. I want to be top of any search.

Using keywords helps too. If people can’t find you on search engines it’s a bit of a fail

Think about words people might use in a Google search. Insert them early in your post so spiders can catch them.

3.  Commenting

Comment selflessly, honestly and thoughtfully without ulterior motive.

I find commenting on others blogs usually gets peoples curiosity up to come and look at mine.

Open discussion and reply to your readers comments/questions.

Replying to comments and answering reader questions is very appreciated.

I like CommentLuv because it allows me (and my readers) to keep up to date with what others have posted recently.

Don’t spam comment though!

How NOT to get followers: spam people with your links. If you put your link after an unthoughtful comment, I’ll delete it.

Do NOT go around leaving useless comments with a MASSIVE JOIN MY GIVEAWAY. That shits me.


4.  Blogroll / Link love

I’ve found that I have been gaining a lot of readers from my site by featuring on other bloggers’ blogrolls.

Referrals from more established blogs is a good way.  If they like what you do they’ll tell their readers about you.

If you do a link love post, don’t just write a four word sentence. Tell me WHY I should click that link!

I like reading Blog Link Love posts but if every blog posts the same links on the same day, it annoys me.

I dislike blog circles, I’d rather write my own link love post with links to posts that have interested me

Blog circles and cliques, particularly elitist ones annoy me. I don’t want to see you link each other 10 times a week.

I think the problem with link love circles is that it is generic. It doesn’t reflect the blogger’s own favourites.

5.  Layout

When I visit a blog for the first time and see cluttered layout and ads galore and it takes years to load, I dont bother hanging around.

Lots of ads, different fonts and crazy messy layouts will make me click the little X.

Your layout is important too. Make it streamlined, neat, not OTT.

I totally hate blogs which have music on them! STFU please!

OMG, blogs with music is my number one pet hate! Embedded music – kill it with fire!!!

An ‘about me’ page is the first thing I look for when stumbling across a new blog.

How about considering easy access to blogs via mobile phones. Some blog layouts aren’t suitable for mobile internet users.

Good paragraphing & spacing can make longer posts more readable, particularly on a mobile device.

I personally don’t like when bloggers who use too much text colouring, like it’s a rainbow.  Turn off!

No white on black text.

I think having a ‘search’ option and an archive on a blog really helps readers navigate old posts.

Remember to have a SUBSCRIBE button on your blog – email / RSS / GFC – and make sure your feeds work!

6.  Google Friend Connect

Google Friend Connect is a valuable readership tool. I find new blogs to read every time someone follows mine.

GFC also helps me remember the face behind the blog, helps me remember the blogger’s identity more.

I have got lots more readers from following people.

7.  Blog Feed

Avoid making your feed with previews only in Google reader. Blog readers generally prefer to read the whole post,not a preview.

I rarely click through on a preview only post in Google reader – I think it’s my number 1 pet hate.

8.  Regular Posting

If you don’t post regularly you can’t expect current followers to come back

Regular posting is important but I really dislike blogs with 10 posts in a day, EVERY day of the week.

I think at least three per week but love reading more. Too little and I tend to get bored with the blog.

I think 3-5 posts per week is ideal (from a readers perspective) as I read a lot of blogs.

There is no ‘ideal’. Blogging when you have something to say is better than forced posts. Readers can tell the difference!

9.  Content

I love blogs that show how items can be used.

I follow blogs with a variety of reviews, make up looks and tips. I want to feel like I’m learning something new.

I love blogs that aren’t too intimidating. I feels like I can relate to those bloggers.

I will unfollow if constant bad grammar/punctuation etc.  It takes no time to spell check.

Also sharing some of your personality/life – people want to know YOU not just what you think about a product.

Don’t just post PR press releases – dull

Blogging styles! Personally, I prefer witty styles over typical,serious introduction.

Dont talk down to people.  Nothing worse than a holier than thou attitude.

Get involved, stay on top of current trends but don’t rehash the same old posts, seeing the same thing on every blog is boring

I don’t often follow blogs that look really empty with posts containing a few sentences and a picture.  Where’s the effort?

Each week, I plan out my posting calendar. I try to make sure that every week is all killer. Good photos. Good copy.

With regards to filler posts, sometimes it’s nice to read a light fluff post, or just look at a pretty picture.

Filler posts can sometimes be your content winners. Often posts I just ‘chucked up’ have got the biggest hits.

10.  Giveaways

Hosting giveaways can gain readership…but do you want subscribers who genuinely like your blog or random followers?

I have giveaways every month. I like to give back to my readership. It can get lots of new followers or it might not.



This is all great advice to gain readership for your blog but at the end of the day, these two established beauty bloggers summed it up nicely with these tweets of wisdom :

“I think it’s important just to be patient. Building a readership takes time. So long as your vision is clear, readers will come.” – @youvegotnail

“The best way to grow readership is to be patient! Quality readers who interact and get involved are more valuable.” – @PlasticDiaries

Come visit this blog again on Thursday and you will find out what this week’s topic for #bbloggersoz is.

8 Comments on #bbloggersoz Summary : How To Gain Readership

  1. Sarah Kretchmer
    14/06/2011 at 8:36 pm (7 years ago)

    Fantastic summary! Thanks. This was exacatly what I have been dying to know – how to get more readers – and so far I seem to be doing a lot of the points. Hopefully I am being enaging and not being too annoying on twitter!! I guess the main point I need to take on board is to be patient…but thats the hardest!

    Thanks for your summaries each week. I get heaps out of them. I try to get on twitter but its not always possible to its great to know that I can still get the gist of what went on.

    • Ling Tung
      14/06/2011 at 10:58 pm (7 years ago)

      @Sarah Kretchmer, Thanks Sarah. I love #bbloggersoz and I have also learned a lot from it behind the scenes, so to speak. The summary is getting harder to write as there are so many great tweets out there. But so glad it is helping lots of bloggers out there 😀 YAY!

  2. Marusya V
    15/06/2011 at 2:18 am (7 years ago)

    great round up! Always nice to know what others think and to check if you are on a right track.
    Thank you Ling for all your work!

    • Ling Tung
      21/06/2011 at 2:52 pm (6 years ago)

      @Marusya V, No worries! Glad you benefit from #bbloggersoz 😉

  3. Vintage Makeup
    15/06/2011 at 3:35 am (7 years ago)

    Thanks for sharing! I think I actually do all of these already 🙂

  4. Kimmi @ The Plastic Diaries
    17/06/2011 at 6:17 pm (7 years ago)

    Last week was an especially great topic because it is such a difficult challenge to work out by yourself. I love #bbloggersoz because it gives me a chance to contribute on something I have spent many hours investigating.

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