Blogging and social media come hand-in-hand these days.  This week’s #bbloggersoz touched on this subject and I am sure we all unanimously agreed that social media has helped us all in many ways – it promotes our blogs and helps us to network with other bloggers and readers – which positively encourages us to blog.

Please note that the #bbloggersoz summary is slightly different to my co-host Celeste’s post today as I wanted to break it down to the different social media platforms available and see which ones were relevant to beauty blogging.  With regards to my blogging experience, Twitter and Google Friend Connect has helped me the most with interacting and networking with other bloggers.  Traffic-wise, I get the most from Bloglovin’ (even though I rarely interact there), swiftly followed by Twitter and rarely, Facebook.

There are so many social media platforms to choose from these days and here’s what the other beauty bloggers had to say…


I think that new bloggers should be encouraged to join Twitter –  lots of friends to make and plenty of resources available.

I think Twitter is more interactive and a better way to get to know other bloggers outside their blogs.

I prefer to use Twitter. Facebook page doesn’t have the personal touch.

Twitter has definitely helped my blog. I had Twitter before a blog and so my first followers were people from Twitter!

Most of the blogs I read have come through twitter referrals, especially followfriday #FF.

Without Twitter, I would be missing out on these #bbloggersoz discussions 😉 So glad that I have Twitter!


I don’t think it’s necessary to have a Facebook Fanpage.

I find my real life friends follow my blog through my facebook page. A lot of them don’t really read blogs or follow twitter.

I linked my FB page to Twitter, post updates on FB, which is then posted to Twitter. This way, both sides get the update.

Google +

For me, Google+ is still a little too buggy for me. Am going to give it a few more months.

I don’t know how google+ performs as social media.  Google is stingy giving out public access at the moment.

I think Google+ needs a bit of tweaking but I think it will be the next new big social media platform. – This is my prediction so watch this space!!!


I’ve just started using Pinterest, seen a lot of blogger photos on there, I have one and its driven a bit of traffic through.



Just realised that majority of my traffic today came from Bloglovin o_o people actually read my blog from there? I’m surprised!



StumbleUpon can help spread the word of your blog but also of all your friend’s blogs too.

I think StumbleUpon is past its prime.

I think Stumbleupon works/worked better for tech blogs where people understand the concept.  Less so for lifestyle blogs.

Re Stumbleupon. I don’t ‘get’ it. But I do notice, when I get bump from it, my traffic skyrockets.


Every blogger should know that social media is very important for a successful blog.  From this #bbloggersoz chat, the majority of the beauty bloggers agreed that Twitter is a must-have as it is interactive.  Bloglovin’ and Pinterest seem to be great sources for traffic.  Facebook is a bit hit-and-miss.  StumbleUpon is perhaps past its prime for beauty blogs but still going strong for tech blogs.  As for Google+, yours truly predicts that it’s going to be the next big thing – but whether it’s going to benefit your blog is anybody’s guess.

Regardless, I think that @paris_b summed it up the best by tweeting these wise words of wisdom :

I think we don’t need too many social media platforms for our blogs. Just one or two active ones will do the job well enough.  Too many social media platforms means spreading yourself too thin and spending too much time on them – time better spent blogging 😉

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  1. Vintage Makeup
    13/07/2011 at 12:33 am (6 years ago)

    This is really interesting! I love bloglovin lol

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