There are many ladies out there who look stunning with freckles; sadly, I am not part of this group of freckled beauties.  I acquired my freckles (such a nice name to disguise what they really are – read : sun spots!) after ignoring SPF for years and when I arrived in Australia in 2009 with its blazing sun rays, my face just went crazy and within weeks, I could play “connect the dots” on it!  I piled on the SPF lotions and potions which did indeed help prevent another freckle explosion but I needed help in lightening the existing sun damage.  And this is the exact message I conveyed to Rebecca Powne, founder of Be In AWE Skincare, during a skin consultation which concluded with a recommendation of Be In AWE Lightening Serum.

Before you read on, it’s important that you sit back and relax because it is a very long post today with my review on Be In AWE Lightening Serum and an interview with Rebecca herself.

What Be In AWE Say

Be In AWE Lightening Serum is an intense formula created to help reduce the appearance of skin discolouration, including freckles, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, sun spots and melasma.  It is formulated with encapsulation technology of β white in a liposome vehicle for excellent stability and delivery, Niacinamide at 5% and Liquorice extract; with the added benefits of Indian gooseberry, Gotu kola and Sage extract.  β white is a unique patent pending ingredient which does not act solely on tyrosinase like many other lightening ingredients.

My Opinions

Now, you may be wondering why I, a self-proclaimed sun-spotted skincare freak, don’t have a “whitening” product in my normal skincare routine, even after my countless trips to Asia where there are abundant whitening skincare products on the shelves.  This is because I am very skeptical about products and their claim to “whiten, brighten and lighten”.  (It is also the reason why I hate whitening toothpastes but that’s just the dentist in me!)  Sometimes I will read beauty blogs with reviews on “whitening products” and again, I read it with one closed eye because I (forgive me for saying this) don’t believe the blogger regardless of whether they have received the product for consideration (it’s not about who’s selling out; it’s just that I don’t believe products can whiten skin except if bleach is involved – again, blame the dentist side of me!)

So, as you can imagine, when I started using Be In AWE Skincare Lightening Serum, it would have to work wonders to win over someone like me.  I diligently applied 2 small pumps every night all over my face under moisturiser.  Of course, it would be more effective if I used it in the mornings as well, but life as a beauty blogger is difficult when there are a pile of products waiting to be reviewed and only one face space!

As a serum, it works well with my dry/sensitive skin.  My skin felt hydrated and smooth and it soaked in nicely.  The only thing which might be off-putting is the smell – which surprisingly, fussy-nosed me didn’t mind but my husband didn’t take to the smell of all the natural oils – but it’s still not as bad as The Cockroach Cream.

But the true test is whether it lightened my sun spots… After over 4 weeks of usage, I can say that I have noticed a slight difference.  As you can see, I took Before and After photos and photos were not altered in any way except cropping.  And admittedly, the light and angle in the photos are slightly different.  But you can see that the pigmentation isn’t as strong and is fading out especially up nearer my eye area.  Although it is hard to show this in my photos, my face does look brighter, in general.  My skin colour is still the same – I haven’t gone from NC-30 to NC-15, but I have noticed fading – which is indeed a miracle in my eyes!  With long-term use, who knows what it can do to my “connect the dots” face?!

For more information on the product with a list of ingredients and stockists, please head on over to their website.  Meanwhile, check out the lady behind these products – Rebecca Powne.

Interview With Rebecca Powne, Founder Of Be In AWE


Hi Rebecca, please tell The Best Beauty Blog readers a bit about yourself.

I have worked in the health and beauty industry for close to twenty years. I have a passion for natural medicine and skin care ingredients. After completing a B.A. Ayurvedic Studies (Indian Medicine) in London and backing it up with a B.H.Sc Clinical Dermal Therapies, I felt I was finally ready to see my dream come to fruition. It is the culmination of these two backgrounds and my love of skin physiology and pharmacology which has resulted in the Be In AWE range.

Tell us what inspired the Be In AWE range.

To be honest, I was constantly disappointed with the skincare products I had found, mostly due to the marketing of so-called amazing products which never lived up to their claims.  I created Be in AWE because I wanted a true “cosmeceutical” skincare range that really delivered results.  To do that, I worked with some of Australia’s leading formulators to create a skincare range that combined my passion for Ayurvedic principles with my beliefs in western medicine. It’s why I named my company “Be In AWE”—AWE stands for Ancient Wisdom Encapsulated.

That’s AWEsome!  (chuckles at own joke)  Moving on, how are Be in AWE different from the plethora of other skincare lines?

Such a great question! It really concerns us to know what harmful ingredients are in some skincare products, and how people are putting these products onto their skin every day. We are very passionate about having a skincare range that delivers visible results, in the most natural and effective way possible.

For example, as you may know, ingredients are always listed with the ingredient that is highest percentage in the product at the top of the ingredient listing. If you look at any of our labels you will see our “active” ingredients are not found at the bottom of our list, in teeny amounts, they are found at the top of our ingredient lists—because they are in quantities that will actually create results.

But don’t confuse “active” ingredients for harmful ones.

Be In AWE use a 100% natural preservative system, but in order to do so, our packaging had to be specially designed. Our range is packaged in airless bottles; to avoid contamination and maintain the integrity of our delicate formulas, and Be in AWE do not use cardboard packaging because, frankly, we know it is simply thrown away after purchase. Our bottles are completely recyclable, with no metal parts. So you can see our skincare range not only delivers what it promises, but does so in a way that is best for you, and for our environment.

What does the future hold for Be In AWE?

We are very excited about our future!  We are in the process of expanding nationally and extending our professional training programmes and we have many new products currently undergoing formulation and testing for introduction next year. In fact, we will be introducing a Cleanser and Retinol peel into our professional clinical range in early 2012.
We will always stock our clinical range through professional skin care clinics and beauticians, because if you are serious about results, you should always seek the professional opinion of an industry expert. However, in the near future we have plans for an exclusive Ayurvedic bath and shower range, which we hope will be available nationally.

That is exciting indeed!  Thank you for your time.

For more information, please head on over to Be In Awe website.

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  1. Great review & interview Ling! I don’t believe in skin lighteners either, but have been using this other one – also a chemically free one. I myself have not noticed any difference because I didn’t do a before & after photo (and yes I bought the product myself), so can’t really do a review on it can I? But, my sis has said that my skin looked brighter from the last time she saw me. That was about a month before she saw me again. So the product must be working? BUT, having said that, and seen the effects on your skin, I might give the one from Be In Awe a try! 🙂

    • @Norlin, Thanks for your lovely comment Norlin. And yeah, it’s hard to notice changes in skin without photographic evidence…and also, if your sister noticed, then that’s a great sign!!! And what are you talking about? I have never noticed skin pigmentation on your face!

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