blood, split head Hello beauties, blog posting this week hasn’t exactly gone to plan because if you stalk me on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram, you will know that I head-butted a table corner whilst taking lipstick swatches!!  LOL.  Yes, literally, blood, sweat and tears go into my beauty blog!!!  { full story here } 

Anyway, I thought I’d do a quick Beauty Bites post till I can put my blogging hat back on *wink*…

Never Again to $13 Haircuts :  I got my haircut.  I asked for a HALF INCH TRIM and well…I look like I got hacked by Edward Scissorhands on a bad day!  It’s so ugly that I don’t want to post a pic!

Revlon swatches, Revlon Bewitching swatch  

Nail Polish Love :  I have been rocking Revlon Bewitching – a lovely deep rosy red creme.

beauty blog intern

I Heart My Blog Intern :  Gigi, my Blog Intern, is currently sunning herself in Cairns for a wee break – but before she left, she cleaned up my Beauty Room AND washed my make-up brushes.  What a star! 

spots on my back

I Have Cystic Back-ne!! :  HELP!!!!!!!  I don’t know how or what…but yesterday these pesky red pulsating zits formed on my back!!  Fellow back-ne sufferers, what do you use to cure this???

Sexy Zombie Lips :  In case you aren’t following my other beauty blog, Lip Stalker, go check out my new Zombie lip art video if you are a Zombie for Halloween tomorrow 🙂

Hope to get back to normal tomorrow and blog a lot so speak later 🙂

14 comments on “Beauty Bites #10 – Bewitching, Blood, Back-ne…”

  1. benzac ac (water based acne gel) works a treat! my all-time favourite, as it not only contains 0.5% bonzoyl peroxide (=draws pus out, disinfects) but also glycerine (=moisturising)! mind you, it is VERY drying in the beginning and i almost chucked it out for making my usually super oily skin peel with dryness… but once my skin got used to it, i couldn’t live without it anymore! it has even erased some fine lines! i think it could work very well for you if you only applied it directly onto the zits, rather than the entire back…? have you tried it in the past? i usually get it from terry white, but would imagine that other drug stores have it, too.

    • @amorette, Thanks for the heads up. I haven’t got any Terry White chemists near me but will keep my eyes peeled. I started using some Clearasil zit zapping solution on it and the redness has gone down…but some of them are still raging. Gurrr….I hate back-ne!!!

  2. i need a ‘Gigi’ too!

    hope your head heals soon so you can wash your head. i have to wash my hair everyday too. can’t stand the greasy feeling.

    have you tried to murder those back pimples with tea tree oil? it smell bad but it’s a great pimple killer!

    • @coco, Everyone needs a Gigi I tell ya! Train Pretty Girl to become a Gigi 🙂 Tea tree oil is a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that? Maybe because I hit my head…LOL

  3. Ouch! Too bad about the haircut – if you want to feel a little better, I had a worse experience recently. My long term hairdresser (who’s usually excellent) decided to cut one side of my hair about an inch shorter tan the other, and at the front too! Luckily met people can’t notice it, but if I point it out…. !

    Tell us more about your intern – what does a blog intern do, and did you advertise or did she approach you? I’m curious! 🙂

    • @Sarah, Um…why did your long term hairdresser do that for???

      Anyway, yeah…Gigi is actually my housemate…so I have bribed her with cupcakes and beauty products so she can help me out with bloggy stuff. It’s quite overwhelming all this blogging stuff so instead of getting snowed under, I concentrate on what I do best – which is blogging…and she can do all the crappy jobs I hate. It’s a short term thing…but if money permits, I will definitely get another blog intern to help me out again. They are really worth their weight in gold 🙂

      • @Ling, well she is very good BUT you must keep an eye on her, if you let her chat too much she gets distracted and she forgets how my hair is styled (i.e. some months ago it was layered, now I no longer like that, but she forgot and started layering one half and I was like “AAAAARGH!” inside!). It will grow back but I have to be more vigilant (she charges 1/3 the price of my previous h/dresser so I want to keep going there!).

        Ooh that is so convenient that your intern is your housemate – available 24/7 haha! 😉

  4. I use my clearasil foaming face wash on a loofah to clear up any spots on my back 🙂

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