Welcome to another edition of Beauty Bites which is basically snippets of my beauty-filled life mixed in with a splodge of Instagram – you better be stalking me @Xyling!

red peplum dress, forever new red dress, peplum dress

1.  I Heart Peplum!

I have a thing for red dresses so I was super duper happy to find a red peplum dress in the Forever New sales section – only $30!!  Don’t be deceived by the photo.  It’s a super slimming magic mirror.  In real life, I look like a sausage but I will starve myself tonight to fit into the dress for tomorrow 😛  “What’s on tomorrow?”, you ask – see the next picture!!!


2.  Beauty Directory Star Awards 2012

I am super excited because tonight, I am flying to Sydney with Norlin from Baubles, Bubbles & Bags to attend the Beauty Directory Star Awards 2012 tomorrow morning.  Last year I got shortlisted for the Best Beauty Video category but didn’t attend, so when I got invited this year, I was like, I MUST GO!  I have no idea whether I am shortlisted for an award but I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed 🙂

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect, DIY gel mani

3.  Nutra Nail Gel Perfect is a #NailFail!

So I tried this DIY gel mani and the instructions were simple enough…but I somehow ended up with a messy streaky non-shiny finish and the photo above is after TWO attempts!  The Champagne colour didn’t particularly suit my yellow Asian skin tone either so I gave up.  Sorry Nutra Nail, it’s not you, it’s me 🙁

4.  Face Mask In A Cup & I am Ling the Thing!

I was testing out a Face Mask In A Cup (which I think is genius for pamper nights in with the girls!) which is clay-based.  I got peckish whilst waiting for the clay to dry and found that I could barely open my mouth to eat a cookie…until I forced my mouth open and the clay mask started to crack and I started resembling Thing from Fantastic Four.  The resemblance is uncanny, huh?!  Anyway, my skin feels great and replenished.


5.  #BeautyBloggerProblems 

I’m always suffering from #BeautyBloggerProblems.  It might be Mo-vember but even the tiniest bit of ‘tache can show up on my lipstick swatches for my Lip Stalker blog.  And don’t get me started on having a full-time job which zaps the energy and the sunlight out of beauty bloggers!!  I tried taking some foundation pics under artificial lighting…and surprise, surprise – it looks artificial!!!  If anyone has any recommendations of affordable artificial lights suitable for beauty bloggers, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!  New blog post in 2 days 🙂  Meanwhile, feel free to stalk me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

11 comments on “Beauty Bites #11 – From I Heart Peplum To #BeautyBloggerProblems”

  1. Hot dress! I would never had suspected that it was Forever New – what a great find!

    And I’ll definitely give that mask a go. Cracks = good, right? lol

    • @Libby, Excuse me, while I have a FANGIRL moment!!!! You are Libishki?!!! Shock, horror, faint!!! Ahem, I believe I have been silently stalking your food blog since forever when I moved to Melbourne 2 years ago!!!

      Anywaaaaaaay, hope I don’t weird you out 😛 But yeah, super hot red dress find in Forever New! I starved myself to wear it for ONE blogging event yesterday and today I let myself go at Taste of Melbourne! LOL.

      Face masks are a girl’s face BFF!!

  2. I have heard negative stuff about the Nutra Nail 🙁
    And yes please how to take a picture of foundation? I really want to do one for the Shu.

    • @Ling, Oh no! I thought I was the only Nutra Nail Noob!!!

      Picture of the Claw plus your new foundation plus your beautifully made up face = PERFECT PIC!

  3. Hilarious post Ling, loved it 🙂 (in a good way of course!)
    Curious to try the Face masks in a cup – where did you get them from? Do you feel like they’re any different substantially to normal face masks? Thanks hun! xx

    • @Helen, Hehe thanks Helen! I got the Face Masks In A Cup from PR but I read on blogs that it came in some beauty box recently. Do they feel different to normal face masks? For me, yes! Because I have a LOT of sheet masks and not many clay based masks. But I guess if you have clay masks already, it is just similar. Sorry if that wasn’t helpful…gosh…I call myself a beauty blogger????!!!

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