Welcome to another edition of Beauty Bites where I show you little tidbits of the beauty happenings in my beauty blogging world.  Can you believe this is the 8th Beauty Bites post?  I have decided to number them from now on so I can keep track easily.

Nads Nose Wax Launch, Nads Nose Wax event

Nad’s Nose Wax Launch :  Last week, I was lucky enough to be wined and dined in Grossi Florentino (a fancy restaurant) courtesy of Nad’s.  I didn’t recognise any of the Aussie celebs there (I need to read more Aussie celeb goss!) but good thing, I plus one’d (yes, that is SO a word!) Ling from Pork Chop’s Nest.  The photo on the top left is a picture of me (duh!), Sue Ismiel (the lovely and friendly founder of Nad’s) and Ling 2.  And oh yeah, the Nad’s Nose Wax is an INTERESTING product, I tell ya.  Review to come soon…

Mirenesse Lip Bombs :  These highly pigmented liquid lipsticks are the bomb dot com.  It makes me feel extremely guilty teasing you here with them because I haven’t got round to taking perfect swatches of them yet to showcase on my lipstick blog.  I think I am turning into one of those annoying perfectionist people and I won’t blog it unless I have really good photos.

Becca Eye Tint in Vicuna :  Magazines. With. Freebies. Are. My. Kryptonite!  But this freebie from Madison magazine is simply THE BEST!  Vicuna is a light beige bronzey cream eyeshadow which is almost the same colour as my skin but gives off a pearlescent glow to my eyelids and best of all, it acts as a really good eye primer.  I guess it is similar to Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoos.  Anyway, buy it now if you are in Australia.  Madison is a good read too!

Revlon Inspires :  Remember my Revlon nail polish post from a few weeks ago?  Well, it doesn’t matter if you don’t!  What matters is that YOU can vote for me to help me WIN!  What do I win?  Nothing to be honest.  But I get the colours I chose to be sold in shops.  No profits nor prizes.  But YOU CAN WIN 1 of 20 Revlon Classic Nail Enamel™ prize packs!  – here’s the { link } but it only works on laptops or computers.  If you do vote for me, thank you VERY much from the bottom of my heart!  I am currently second LAST so I won’t hold my breath 😛  But it’s not over till it is over!  The contest will end in a week’s time so there is still time to get votes in 🙂

Thanks for reading and I do apologise for my sporadic blogs these days and when I do blog, it’s like bedtime already! Work and a needy Husband gets in the way of things!  Oh and if you are interested, I have reignited my personal blog and I am doing #30daysofsharing over there with funny stories about my Husband’s penis and not my pubic hair and very sad story about why I was feeling extremely down earlier on this year which I kinda hinted on this blog.  Anyway, thanks very much for supporting my blog 🙂

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