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Welcome to another Beauty Bites post where I show you bits ‘n’ pieces of my beauty lifestyle.

1.  Beauty Blogger Uses Chopsticks To Eat Grain Waves
I was dolled up ready to do a beauty video when I got kinda hungry, so in order not to mess up my nails and lipstick, I ate Grain Waves with chopsticks!

2.  Nail Polish Of The Week : FACE OF AUSTRALIA Once In A Blue Moon
The FACE OF AUSTRALIA Pretty Pastels Collection should be in shops soon so don’t forget to buy one or two or all of them!  { see my Pastel Nail Art }

3.  Sunshine Selfie
Last weekend, I got a massive dose of vitamin D from the lovely sunshine.  But what happened to the weather this week Melbourne???  Anyway, don’t forget to slap on sunscreen every day.  My HG sunscreen is Invisible Zinc ESP SPF 30+

4.  I Washed My Make-Up Brushes
I was so proud of myself for washing every single make-up brush I owned that I snapped a piccie of it…and then I unpacked my Sydney luggage and realised that I had new additions to my make-up brush collection (will blog it soon) so I have more brush washing to go.  Le sigh.

5.  Meet My Intern
LOL, I have successfully twisted my housemate’s arm hired an intern for my blog.  She has been doing all the background bloggy stuff like sign for my parcels, open my packages, SEO and all that jazz.  Yes, I told her the password to my blog so if you notice “funny” posts that don’t sound like it is written by me, do alert me please 🙂  and I will fart in her face when she’s sleeping at night MUAHAHAHA!!

6.  Lipstick Of The Week : Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine BG 957
I have found my perfect MLBB (my lips but better) shade!  { read and see more pics here }

7.  Sanctum VIP Night
The lovely Ling from Pork Chop’s Nest invited me along to Sanctum, a beauty salon in Templestowe, where we both got mini facial peels from LA CLINICA, a Melbourne based organic brand that I blogged about previously.  Anyway, Ling is running a LA CLINICA Giveaway right now so what are you waiting for?  Go enter here.

Thanks for reading!  Let me know if you like the new format with one photo collage or if you prefer separate photos for each Beauty Bite.

9 comments on “Beauty Bites #9 – Grain Waves, FACE OF AUSTRALIA, Shu Uemura, LA CLINICA”

  1. Hahahah eating grain waves with a pair of chopsticks! Smart one! Loving the FOA pastel nail polish collection and must get my hands on some yellow ones. What?! Intern! Lucky you! I really need to either quit my day job and do blogging full-time (even though I already am) or hire my minions to do that. As in my kids. :p

  2. This cracked me up. 😛
    I can’t believe you ate grain waves with chopsticks, now that’s dedication!

    Love the intern, that’s how you know you’ve made it to the big leagues!

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