If you haven’t seen this atrocious advert for the LYNX Body Buffer, watch it now.  It is trashy and so un-funny…and what the heck is going on with Sophie Monk’s HUMUNGOUS lips?!!

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Anyway, the Beauty Blogging Boy (i.e. my Husband) was looking for a new shower cleaning tool for his body and for a while, he played with my Kuu Konjac Sponge, but then he got bored with it because he doesn’t do soft spongy textures and likes the roughness of a shower puff.  And so, I went to my local Priceline and bought him the LYNX Body Buffer.

In my female opinion, the LYNX Body Buffer looks like it was designed to scrub woks…like those steel wire cleaners.  But the Beauty Blogging Boy loves it because it looks a lot manlier than those flimsy white or pink shower puffs.

One side of the LYNX Body Buffer is used for scrubbing (don’t say ‘exfoliating’ because that’s a beauty term for girls :P) and the other side is designed for lathering up with shower gel (it’s just a normal shower puff in black).

As you already know, the Beauty Blogging Boy is a beauty blogger with a few words and grunts, so writing a review is out of the question.  Instead, I had to squeeze some answers out of him…

Me :  What do you like most about the LYNX Body Buffer?

BBB :  It has 2 sides.  Makes me clean.

Me :  Do you prefer it to normal shower puffs?

BBB :  Yes because it looks manlier.

Me :  Would you buy it again?

BBB :  Probably yes. 

Me :  There’s no such thing as probably yes or probably no.  It’s either yes, no or probably.  Please answer properly.

BBB :  Yes.

Me :  Does it clean your balls properly?

BBB :  You tell me…

Me goes over to inspect them and Me can confirm that BBB’s balls are indeed clean!

Okay, you got me…I made the last part of the interview up 😛  But yeah, apparently the LYNX Body Buffer doesn’t hurt the boy bits like I thought it would…and cleans them well.

LYNX Body Buffer is around $7 and can be found in Priceline.  The Beauty Blogging Boy is a satisfied customer with clean balls!  Stay tuned for next week’s review on his new favourite shower gel.

What does your man use in the shower?

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4 comments on “Beauty Blogging Boy Reviews The LYNX Body Buffer”

  1. LOL, i found that advert really amusing.. it’s just so… stupid? XD idk, maybe my sense of humor is retarded. I’ve heard this does work pretty well! I wonder if it does better than our products? XD

    • @jennifer huang, Yeah it was very stupid!!! I tried to laugh…but I kept shaking my head LOL. And maybe I should try it on my body…?? Or maybe not because he’s rubbed it all over his balls 😛

  2. Hahahaha oh Noah! Your answers are classic XD typical boy answers haha I reckon the bunny would be the same too hahahah

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