help : clear skin, clear skin supplements

Before my sister T flew back to UK, she became my beauty blogging guinea pig.  One of the things I got her to trial was help : clear skin, a food supplement to get rid of spots and blemishes.

It was really easy.  Just add the sachet of powder – which is packed full of pimple-busting nutrition, such as Praventin and Lactoferrin – to any hot or cold drink and drink up every day.  T said it didn’t taste of anything, which is great!  There’s nothing worse than yukky-tasting supplements.  And after 4 weeks, her trial of help : clear skin was over.

As you can see from the Before & After photos, her skin shows signs of improvement with less zits and less blemishes.  Amazing, huh?

If you want to try help : clear skin yourself, head on over to where they are doing a special offer at the moment.  Or if you’re in Hong Kong, it’s stocked in Sasa – one of my favourite stores!

P.S. – This was a PR sample.  I didn’t use it because I like to pop my pimples instead.  The photos are not photoshopped.  And I would just like to point out that my sister also uses other zit-busting lotions and potions so the results may or may not be from the trial alone.

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