Today, I bring to you another product review from the Botanics Of Australia (boa) range – Protective Face Cream SPF 15 – which was sent to me for review purposes.  Now, before any non-Aussie readers click away because they don’t think they can buy any product from the boa range, I bring you good news.  You can buy Botanics Of Australia (and more Aussie brands) products from the Fashion Addict website.  (BTW, I was not paid to tell you this and I haven’t tested their online shopping service so…)  Anyway, now that I’ve got that off my chest, let’s crack on with the review…

rosalina hydrosol

What Botanics Of Australia Say

A rich moisturiser with the addition of sunscreen filters to help protect against premature skin ageing. A must if you spend time in the sun.

Helps prevent the signs of ageing caused by sun exposure and smooth the complexion whilst hydrating delicate skin without being heavy or greasy.  Protects your skin from harmful UVA & UVB rays.


My Opinions

The simple packaging of boa Protective Face Cream SPF 15 is similar to the Detoxifying Face Mask I reviewed a few weeks ago – pink squeezy tube.  Already a plus because it avoids the unhygienic finger-dipping tubs.

The cream is rich but sinks in well after 3-4 minutes and doesn’t leave behind a tacky feeling.  As my face is on the dry side, this cream kept me reasonably moisturised throughout the day.  It didn’t make my skin feel extra soft and supple though.

I love the sun but despise what it can do to my skin, i.e. pigmentation caused by the sun.  As I already have some sun spots and freckles, I am paranoid and I feel that SPF 15 is not adequate – so when I am out in direct sunlight, I need to up the SPF with an additional sunscreen.

I’m an honest reviewer so there is one more thing which I should mention and that is the smell.  It’s a soapy smell which I personally feel is too overpowering.  It’s a shame because it’s otherwise an affordable and great SPF day cream.  However, everyone has different perceptions to smell – I don’t like it but my Husband thinks it smells nice.  Guess who’s going to be finishing off the rest of this product?

Buy boa Protective Face Cream SPF 15 if you’re looking for an affordable SPF-containing day cream, but make sure you smell it first to see if it will delight your nostrils!


Product Ingredients

For product-ingredient readers’ eyes only…(to me, it’s a bit of mumbo-jumbo, but one day, when I have time, I shall decipher what these ingredients really mean :P)

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