NOOOOOO!!!  I broke my nail…and it’s in the nail plate, i.e. the pink part of the nail.  Boots Clear Nail Glue to the rescue!!!!!!!!!

Nail glue is an essential beauty product for me.  Whenever I go travelling, I make sure I pack it in with all the rest of my skincare stuff.  It enables me to glue the broken part together and allows my nail to grow out the split.  I know some people don’t care and they cut off the nail at the breakage point.  But you can’t get the pink colour back!  The nail remains pink as it is attached to the nail bed, but once this is removed, it grows out white.

Boots Clear Nail Glue can be purchased here.

Sometimes when I can’t find my nail glue, I resort to lash glue and even, Superglue!!!

How do you deal with a broken nail?

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  1. This looks great! I don’t bother unfortunately, I just file off at the breakage point and hope for a speedy growth! Hope your nail grows out quickly =)

  2. I probably have a sook and then try to cut off as much as I can then have more of a sook 🙁

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