Fancy a reasonably-priced, scent-free, natural pink moisturising lipstick?  Look no further because I recommend Bourjois Sweet Kiss Shine in 73 Rose Scintillant!  I was anti-lipstick till recently and now I can’t enough of them!

Bourjois, rose scintillant

Lipstick Swatch

Bourjois, rose scintillant lip swatch
Bourjois, rose scintillant arm swatch


  • Uber-cool packaging with a transparent lilac plastic casing which slides open up by pressing the side metal button
  • Glides on lips with its creamy formula and does not dry it out
  • Doesn’t have that “I’ve got lipstick on” feeling
  • Subtle sheer pink which enhances my natural lip colour and adds a bit of shine
  • I believe in beauty blogging terms, it’s MLBB (My Lips But Better)


  • Nothing

Bourjois Sweet Kiss Shine in 73 Rose Scintillant gets a kissable 10 out of 10 from The Best Beauty Blog!

What lipstick are you wearing?

7 comments on “Bourjois Sweet Kiss Shine In 73 Rose Scintillant”

  1. Sweet..thatz the thing to tell about this colour and it looks fantastic on your lips 🙂

  2. Really really liking the look of that lipstick. I didn’t use to pay any attention to Bourjois but now I’m starting to love them more and more!

  3. Looks lovely! The packaging sort of reminds me of the Dior High Shine i think it is?

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