One of my girlfriends blessed me with sexy Brazilian by Kayser lingerie for my bridal shower last year in June.

Brazilian by Kayser lace and mesh chemise

lingerie, Kayser lace and mesh

Keeping in line with the sexy, flirty and fun essence of Brazilian underwear, the sexy lace and mesh chemise is a delight on the eye and feels great on the body.

Brazilian by Kayser lace Tanga underwear

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As sexy lace underwear the Tanga definitely impresses! It is the best of both worlds, in terms of the bikini and the G-String. Incorporating the slim band and sexiness of the G-String and the comfort and fit of the bikini, the Tanga is very versatile.

Yes, you read correctly, I got this for my bridal shower.  LAST year!  The labels are still on them because I still haven’t worn them yet!  I’m a closet Bridget Jones’!  I like wearing my old greying and fraying bras and knickers, LOL!  And the name Brazilian by Kayser suggests that I should go and get a Brazilian before I can wear this!!  Haha, but you never know…tonight could be the Husband’s lucky night!  Wink, wink!

For more info, please check out the Kayser lingerie website.

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