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This is not just a dramatic headline to capture your attention.  My brows were near suicidal after a disastrous brow shaping session until Face of Australia HD High Definition Brow Kit came to the rescue.  Here is what happened…  (this is not a long story short so have a cup of tea ready :P)

Usually every 6-8 weeks, I go to my Brow Threading Lady, but because I went through that difficult period in December { this one }, I neglected them and let them go bushy.  I also knew I was going back to Hong Kong so I thought I would just head into one of my favourite cosmetic stores – Shu Uemura – and get a Brow Shaping Session, like I do every time I go back – because it costs HK$250 and is redeemable on product.  Normally a win-win situation, but alas, not this time.

My brows - bushy, heavily pencilled, over-plucked half-brows!
Bushy brows beforehand || Heavily pencilled afterwards || Over-plucked half-brows

I didn’t realise till I removed my make-up at night to find that my brows had been over-plucked and half of them had disappeared!  WTF?  It had looked okay when I left because she had HEAVILY pencilled them in.  Not only had my brows been destroyed but like I mentioned already, the Sales Assistant who “assisted” me was rude and gave me no samples like they would normally do.  I asked to try the new Shu Uemura BB Perfector Cream and instead of removing my existent make-up (base, BB cream, powder) she dabbed a bit on my cheek and expected me to buy it?!!!  Anyway, I am going off in a ranty  tanty tangent so let’s get back to the brows…

I spent a couple of days swatching brow pencils to find one which would match my new red hair and eventually, I bought one to take back to Melbourne.  But because I am a beauty blogger who doesn’t like to use products until I photograph them, I didn’t use my new brow pencil and reverted to my old Brows Up one and I would pencil them every morning before work.

So last week, as I was getting back into beauty blog mode, I realised I had a huge stash of beauty products waiting to be reviewed.  Okay, they were all part of care packages so I am not under obligation to review them but I try my best to.  Anyway, that’s how I plucked (haha!) Face of Australia HD High Definition Brow Kit to photograph and try it…

Yes, this is FINALLY the review part of this post!

brow kit with tweezers and brush, FOA HD Brow Kit

Face of Australia HD High Definition Brow Kit is housed in a black sturdy case and upon opening, you will realise why it is called a Brow Kit because it comes with (almost) everything your brows will need :-

  • In-built mirror on inner lid
  • Mini slanted eyebrow brush
  • Mini tweezers
  • 2 shades of brown Brow Powders
  • Brow Wax

My over-plucked half-brows did not need the tweezers so I skipped that step.

The Brow Wax is supposed to act as the base with Brow Powders to layer on top of it – but my brows are happy just with the Brow Wax alone…followed by a gentle brush through with a spoolie (in my current over-plucked brow situation, this would have been great if the kit contained that instead of the tweezers but that’s my only little gripe).

defined brow, FACE OF AUSTRALIA Flaming Lava nail polish
Apologies for this close-up of my no make-up face! But say hello to my defined brows!
P.S. Red nail polish is Face Of Australia Flaming Lava

Because I used to have somewhat thick brows, I didn’t need to define them much so I am really a beginner at drawing in my brows.  I was a bit worried that I would be one of those girls with badly drawn brows but I am very pleased with the end result of Face of Australia HD High Definition Brow Kit – it’s easy to use and the shade that I was looking for.  Brow-tastic!!!

I just want to end this post with saying that I still love Shu Uemura.  I’ve had my brows shaped gazillion of times and this was the first time it went disastrous.  But if it hadn’t, I would never have busted out Face of Australia HD High Definition Brow Kit and loved it so much 🙂  Yup, there is always sunshine after the rain!  I am trying to adopt a positive way of thinking this year in my life which will be reflected in this blog and my writing, and so far, I’m getting there – with or without my brows!  LOL!

Back tomorrow with a brand new post – same time, same place!

11 comments on “Brow-tastic! Face of Australia HD High Definition Brow Kit Rescued Me!”

  1. I love this kit by FOA. I dare say it’s comparable to the Benefit Cosmetics one and only a fraction of the price!! I’m actually a convert and am using this now. Save my moulah. 😉

  2. I found this in Priceline the other day and it intrigued me… alas, I already have so many brow products.. it’s definitely on the to-try list!

  3. I’m looking for a good eyebrow kit and was wanting to try this one but I haven’t seen it around (maybe I am not looking hard enough)! I have however bought a MUA brow kit and I’m waiting on it to be delivered so I am excited 🙂

    • @Karen, Try Priceline, Big W or K Mart. So worth it for only $12.95 🙂 And I LOVE MUA!!!!!! Let me know what the brow kit is like 🙂

  4. Yay! It’s great to see an Aussie brand finally release an eyebrow kit, especially as this seems like it’s a good one! I’ll be trying this out if I don’t like the MUA one I’ve ordered.

  5. omg! that SA has horrible skills!!! >.<

    write a complain letter to SU about her service and skills? I think they'll take note, don't think they'll allow their SA to push people around with their lousy service haha, especially if they are a Japanese company!

    • @plue, I read your Illamasqua FB post – maybe I should do the same on the SU FB page??!! Or forget it – I should have taken down her name. GAH!

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