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Every Piece Of Jewellery Tells A Story

On a daily basis, I wear four pieces of jewellery which comprises of three rings and a necklace – and unsurprisingly, they are all very precious to me and each have a very special story behind it.

engagement ring, diamond wedding ring

The Commitment Ring

This ring comprises of four little diamonds (altogether 0.25 carats) in a curved white gold band.  It was given to me by my now-Husband on the second day we officially became a couple.  It’s a permanent fixture worn on my middle finger on my right hand.  He bought it for me as a sign to show his commitment to me.  You see, I had been hurt in my past relationships and when I met him, I was not interested in guys at all.  I had been broken and I was sick of guys treating me like dirt.  But he assured me that he was for real; that he was The One I had been dreaming of all my life.  We met on 31st October 2009 and we officially became a couple on 27th November 2009 and 2 days later, I got this ring.

The Bunny Necklace

I always, always get compliments for this cute bunny necklace.  It is just adorable!  Because I’m Chinese, people wonder if I was born in the year of the Rabbit, but no, it’s not that at all.  I was born in the Monkey year.  Instead, it’s because the Hubby calls me “Bunny” as a nickname.  Yes, I give you permission to vomit!!  LOL.  It’s my first Christmas present from him.

The Engagement Ring

Less than 5 months of dating, he popped the question.  How could I refuse this beautiful 0.5 carat diamond bling?  He chose this himself so he done very well indeed.  After years of browsing online, I knew that I wanted a round diamond so I was very upfront about it when he hinted at what designs I liked.  How did he propose?  Read all about it here.

Of course, I know it’s not the BIGGEST and best quality diamond out there, but do I care?  No!  To tell you the truth, I was engaged before and I had the most beautiful top quality diamond at a huge 1 carat with a platinum band – the ring was stunning, but my ex-fiancé was a total jerk and didn’t know how to treat me right.  Back then, I was stupid and wanted to settle for Mr Right Now, but it’s not worth it, I tell you.  If there are any single ladies reading this and struggling with finding The One – stop looking!  He will find you!

P.S.  I still have my old engagement ring…I should sell it and buy myself a Chanel handbag or something!!  LOL!

The Wedding Ring

180 days after our initial meeting, we got married.  And all I got was this stunning diamond wedding ring which boasts 64 diamonds which encircles my finger.  I don’t understand women who don’t want to get married…  Hello?  You get to wear diamonds every day!!!  And a wedding ring stops random guys from hitting on you.  At least, that is my excuse for not attracting attention from the opposite sex these days.  Of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that I look like a frumpy housewife!

Over to you, what are the stories behind your jewellery?

5 Ways To Wear A Double Elasticated Hairband

I bought this double elasticated hairband when I was in Seoul in September 2009.  I love the design!  One of the bands is a single row of diamantés and the other band is in style of a Chanel link chain.  It’s so pretty but I’ve not actually worn it out before!!!  I know!!  I’m so bad!!!  I like to buy pretty things and never use them!!  Anyway, I was admiring it the other day and decided to play around and discovered 5 ways to wear a double elasticated hairband :-

1.  Normal hairband

Pulling back all my hair with a hairband is not my favourite look.  I am extremely self-conscious about my forehead because I have scars there from a car accident back in 1998.  I also hate my wrinkles!!!  I used to get Botox (because I used to do it at work and get it cheap at cost price in Scotland) but now that I’m in Australia, I have no idea how to get my hands on this magical wrinkle-free potion and I definitely don’t have enough money to get it done at a clinic.  ARGH!!!

2.  Hippy headband style

I see girls rocking this hippy look and they look HAWT!

Look at Michelle Phan – the No.1 YouTube make-up guru – she totally rocks the hippy headband!!!  (image taken from google)

On me, it just looks daft.  I think my head is too big to pull off this look!  I also need to have longer luscious wavy locks.

3.  Headband necklace style

I have never seen anyone with this look.  Have I created something unique?  Have I started a new trend?  Sadly, I think it’s more NOT than HOT!

4.  Necklace

It’s pretty cool to use it as a necklace with the right top or dress.  Dislike the diamantés catching and pulling my hair though – as can be seen in the photo.

5.  Bracelet

As a bracelet, the double elasticated hairband seems to work well.  I shall try and incorporate it into my outfits from now on.

Do you have a double elasticated hairband?  Did you like any of the suggestions?  Which is your favourite, if any?

Swarovski Hermine Bangle

I got some jewellery from the blue box jewellers!!!  Unfortunately, not Tiffany’s…one day, I shall MAKE Hubby buy me something from there!  LOL.  Instead, I got another Swarovski piece of bling – Swarovski Hermine Bangle

Swarovski, bangle, bling jewellery

Jewellery Description from the Swarovski website

Add an elegant touch to your look with this classic rhodium-plated hinged bangle. The clear crystal pavé lends a distinctive sparkle to your wrist on any occasion, at any time of the day.

Swarovski, hermine bangle, bling jewellery

If I was a bird, I’d be a magpie because I love all things sparkly!  Yes, Ling loves bling bling!  My wrists are quite small so I can just slip my hand into this bangle without having to use the clasp.  Don’t you think it really matches my wedding ring (refer to the 3rd photo above)?

Do you own any Swarovski jewellery?  Share share!

Red Beret

Did you know that the red beret is a military red beret worn by many military police, paramilitary, commando and police forces around the world?  Yeah, me neither!  I actually “borrowed” (read : stole) this red beret – made of oh-so-soft mohair – from my Mum, who bought it from TopShop.  Yeah, my Mum is pretty cool because she shops in TopShop!

I teamed up the red beret with a stripy top and instantly, I felt French.  Je suis chic!  With the Melbourne Winter round the corner, I am loving this hat for keeping my big head warm.

red beret
For shopaholic heaven, please check out TopShop’s website.

Swarovski Maskerade Pierced Earrings

My cousin from Hong Kong bought me this gorgeous pair of Swarovski Maskerade earrings as a wedding present.

Swarovski earrings
Jewellery Description from the Swarovski website

Modern, geometric elegance – this exquisite pair of pierced earrings offers a beautiful long silhouette and a fine jewellery look. The rhodium-plated circles symbolise eternity and are embellished with bezel-set crystals and clear crystal pavé. Combine the earrings with the matching pendant or bangle for a sophisticated look.


The earrings were packaged in the classic Swarovski dark blue box and there was also a certificate inside.

Swarovski, earrings, butterfly backs

The only turn-off about these earrings is the plastic earring butterfly backs – they just don’t do it for me.

Swarovski earrings When the light hits it at certain angles, they are really pretty and sparkly.  Now I just need to find an excuse to wear them out.

(And erm…wait a minute…why does that photo make me look like I have sideburns??!!!)

Equip Earrings On Sale

When I was younger, I went through a rebellious stage – who doesn’t? I went a bit crazy and got multiple piercings on my ears and my belly button. Altogether, I had 7 ear holes! My Mum was none-too-pleased! And worst of all, the 2 ear holes on the helix of my ear got infected and it was painful and grew into a large ball and I had to see a skin specialist in the hospital. The specialist advised no more piercings

After all that hoo-ha, 4 of the ear holes closes up and nowadays, I only wear one pair of earrings. I think that earrings can really brighten up an outfit. I like long dangly statement earrings because I tend to wear a minimalistic necklace of a bunny (gifted to me by my Hubby) and I need some bling to stand out.

earrings, sparkly, bling

Imagine my delight when I walked past Equip accessories store the other day.  My eyes always zone in for the Sales section.   I love bargains.

I found these gorgeous blingin’ earrings. Sparkly, pretty things. Originally, they cost $19.99AUD, but they had been reduced to $4.95. I snapped them up.  I think they will look good for this wedding I am attending next weekend.  Wait till I show you what I will be wearing!

If you want to look at their range, they have a website or go and visit your nearest store and pick up a bargain pair of earrings too.